How To Seduce Someone

For hundreds of years people have been looking for advice on how to seduce someone. Here’s the best advice.


Seducing someone is about trying to convince someone to do something that they might not want to do. Instead try to treat people consensually and let them make their own minds up.

Because people should only have to say ‘no’ once.

People should only have to say 'no' to you once

And, in fact, they shouldn’t need to say ‘no’ because people can say no with their bodies too

People can say no with their bodies too

If you want to ask someone out in person here’s how to do it consensually

How to ask someone out. Do they want to chat? Say something nice. Would they like a date? Give them your number. If they don't want to talk to you, walk away. They don't like you.

If you’re old enough you could also try doing online dating and you could send someone a nice message.

But if they don’t reply to you, they don’t like you. 

If you’re not for them, they’re not for you

If you do go on a date then here’s how to enjoy them (and to make sure it’s consensual)

And if you have sex (whatever kinds of sex you both might enjoy) here’s how to make sure it’s consensual all the way through.

If someone has more power than another person it can be harder to do things consensually. If you have more power that is on you.

How we can deal with power in relationships by effective consensual communication

Often, for hetero folk, the man will have more power than the women. This is just one reason why

Why are women called slags and men lads?

If this all gets you down, don’t worry because there is no ‘The One’

There are so many stories about 'The One' like the Knight in Shining Armour

And what we are taught about romance in movies and telly about love is total bullshit.

And dating can be super hard so remember to look after yourself and give yourself a big up now and again.

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