Can You Help BISH?

Thousands of young people visit here everyday to get answers about sex and relationships. To keep helping those young people I need your help with funding and promotion. […]

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how to talk to teens about porn (but don't panic, they are probably not even watching it)

Porn For Parents

People worry a lot about young people watching porn. The most important thing is to keep a conversation going. […]

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how to talk to teens about sex. Sex talks are really about listening. Also don't just do one talk, little and often is the way to go.

Sex For Parents

How to talk to teens about sex. Some practical tips from a sex educator and trainer which also looks at why talking about sex can be difficult. […]

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I've written "Can We Talk About Consent - A Book About freedom, choices, and agreement." It's about how to choose your perfect pizza, what to watch on TV, who plays in goal, politics, rights, and yeah also a bit about sex. The illustrations are beautiful and hilarious.

Out in January but please.....