Are You Pregnant? Probably not

A video guide from me telling you why you are probably not pregnant from mutual masturbation and humping.

I’ve written countless blogs about it, I’ve answered loads of questions on here, I’ve tried to set so many people’s minds at rest. Want to watch me explain it? With my boring voice and bad hair (I go to a different barbers now, yay Barber Streisand). You’re welcome!

I had sex I'm worried I'm pregnant

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9 thoughts on “Are You Pregnant? Probably not

  1. I and my boyfriend made out on 30th of march this year. Neither did he penetrate nor ejaculate. But he was on the top and we weren’t even rubbing genitals. We were just naked . So i think once or twice his part might have touched mine. My periods are super irregular. I am really stressed out. I skip periods even for 3 months. So i can’t even predict. I am really worried. I have been reading in many articles which is really confusing . Yours was a something I got a bit relaxed but still that anxiety is there. So please respond if there is any chance

  2. Hello, Sir. Thank you very much for your explanation. I am indeed very freaked out for two weeks now after my first dry humping with my boyfriend. I even took plan B pill 2 days after we did it. But may I ask if there is actually a case(s) of pregnancy because of dry humping? Thank you!

      1. I just did a home pregnancy test (19 days post dry humping and the result is negative! Thank you very much! Now, I’m going to relax more and hopefully my period will come soon.

          1. Thank you. My period came 1.5 hrs after I got the negative pregnancy test. I now really get it when everyone says that stress level really affect periods. I know it’s hard to relax in such case, like my case also last time, but seriously, you have to relax!!

  3. Sir me and my future wife were dry humping on underwear and I cum or say I came a little away from her vagiana and she wasn’t wet too and she is not having her period 3 months like it was before only doing this thing can you just tell is their anything serious about pregnancy

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