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Eagle-eyed readers will know that I have a short survey that people can fill in to tell me about what they think about the website. I’ve had a few responses since I relaunched the website (mostly from the youngs). Here is representative sample of the kinds of things people have been saying.

I’ve taken a few quotes from the survey and have responded to them too.

What people like about Bish

I like how it is super educated and everything is true and the website is run by someone who is very upfront about it in a natural way and someone who is fully trained about sexual health and knows a lot about it etc. Like in sex ed it was like boring and blunt and scary it was like “do this you get preggers” “put the condom on the banana then bobs ya uncle and fannys ya aunt” XD you know. But this is like fun and chill but also super informative and educational.

Awwwwww that’s nice. If any teachers are reading this you can head to my site where you can buy some Sex Ed resources. Also you might want to check out my Bad Sex Ed Bingo.


I love how you don’t take to one side and are very unbiased i also like things that you stress like how sex is not penetration as now i have a deeper understanding of how to please myself and others equally

This is so lovely thank you. So much sex education and advice is based on the idea that sex = penetration when a lot of people really don’t like it. The struggle is real. Well done you for learning how you can please yourself and others more.


also really like the calm discussion of societal expectation vs reality that plays into most of the posts

For real that’s what makes sex, relationships and how we feel about ourselves so hard! I think the societal expectations is around 50% of the problem for people.


Everything. I wish I read it 30-40 years ago.

Although it’s mostly people in their teens and twenties that read this I’m so happy that older folk find it useful too.


I liked the way it used relatable language and scenarios, and covers every topic!

It is comprehensive, and supportive.

Awwww thank you both


Colourful, truthful, no ads all over the place and very simple and easy to read. I understood everything and it was all very informative without being awkward or uncomfortable.


Bish give a rational answers and didn’t make me more stressfull, also I could easily understand everything here.

I’m glad it didn’t stress you out more. I think a lot of people visiting Bish are a bit stressed out (pregnancy worries, masturbation concerns, penis size, relationship difficulties) so it’s good that it can calm some folk down.


The non-judgemental, unassuming, understanding, carefully written nature of the content.

It’s written in language that is normal and not posh or anything

Awwwww. I love that you think it isn’t posh – that’s a big compliment!


One person really hated the site though.

Everything! Have you spoken to any teenagers recently? Im quite literally shocked… this is only a minor improvement on the educational tools used in victorian era! This is not the way to talk to them, I’m struggling to understand most of the information provided, its relevance… and the lack of actual information!

I do speak to teenagers quite a bit. I’m sorry you are literally shocked. I don’t know what else to say. Sorry.

What could be improved

I am a Muslim, so perhaps you could expand your site, in collaboration with progressive, liberal religious leaders, to include religion-specific advice (not just Islam).

Hmmm…I know this is for the UK, but maybe talk about other religious communities and how sex is perceived in in those cultures and why that may have good or bad effects…bah, what I mean is, perhaps you could discuss other cultures rather than just a West-centric view of sex/porn/masturbation/sexy things 🙂

I think this is really useful feedback, thank you both. I often lump religious values in with talking about our values generally (values being what we are taught and learn from an early age about what is and isn’t right, ethical, moral or good). I don’t want to preach about my own values but if anyone wants to write something for Bish about their own values around sex and relationships stuff I think people would love to read it. I have been thinking about writing a post about what different religions say about sex and relationships but as you say, am I the person to do that? Let me think about it for a bit?


More videos!!

Yeah a few people have asked for more videos. They take me ages to make and it’s so boring! But I promise to try and make more. You can see all of the Bish videos at the my YouTube channel here.


Nothing. Too good.

Nothing! You’re wonderful!

Not much your site is amazing

I have not found any flaws in this website.

Man i don’t think much can be improved i love the site the voice and tone is flawless i love it man so much useful info keep it up ! 😉

You guys!!!


You could improve Bish to the better with more fast responses, beside that everything is great.

Yeah sorry I can’t answer every question. I can only really answer questions via the website and if I keep answering the same question over and over again then people might get bored and I will anger the google gods (who will smite with me their algorithms). So if you could search the site to see if I’ve already answered your questions that would be great.


promote more!

This is the one thing that I’ve always really struggled with. Bish is on facebook, twitter, instagram and YouTube but people don’t like sharing my stuff. When I’ve spoken to the youngs in real life they tell me that it’s because it would be embarrassing to share sex type stuff on their social medias. If anyone can help me with this I would be really really grateful.


in text citations

I think this is a good idea. I’ve tried to cite sources in recent posts so that everyone knows that I’m not just making all of this up.

Make Bish Better!

If you would like to write for Bish or have any ideas about how you can make Bish better you could join Team Bish. Or if there’s anything that you think I should write about send me a message via the website or on one of the many social media platforms I use. I need your help around things like:

  • letting me know if I’ve got something wrong
  • telling me if a post I’ve written needs to be improved in some way
  • what’s topical and what I should write about right now
  • memes I really should retweet (pronounced me mes right?)

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