The Book

Note – this is just for young people, this is not for educators. For the practitioners version/licence you need to head over to my website for practitioners Bish Training

A lot of people like my advice here but as a sex and relationships educator it’s a bit frustrating for me to be honest.

Good Sex Ed is about making it relevant to people and helping them make sense of this stuff for themselves. I never give lectures to people when I’m in a classroom but just making stuff for a website, that people come and read, feels a bit like that really

So that’s why I created this activity book, so that it wasn’t just me filling your heads with information and advice. It’s about asking you some questions to help you work out how you feel about yourself, sex and relationships.

As well as some really important worksheets for you to fill in there are also some really silly activities. There are all your favourites from activity books (apart from a crossword — it was too hard): join the dots, wordsearch, spot the difference, follow the line, colouring-in, and a board game.

So unless you want to write on your phone, I think that it probably works better to print this out. Buy now for just £3. If you’re feeling flush you could pay for more than one and then I can give some freebies away to readers who can’t buy one.

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