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About this website

BISH is a guide to sex, love and you for everyone over 14. It’s for people who are (or are thinking about) having sex and relationships. Hopefully it’s for all genders and sexualities (even asexual folk), people with disabilities, backgrounds, beliefs and values. It’s got a UK vibe so we say ‘snog’, ‘fancy’ and ‘shag’ a lot.

I started this website in 2009 but only really added lots of good content from 2011 ish. I set it up because I thought young people needed better sex and relationships advice online – as I got more hits I got more into it.

People find it by googling their questions. 93% of people. The website has helped way over 10 million people and at the moment about 7000 people visit every day. It’s not a teaching resource, it’s where young people go for the answers they can’t ask questions about in class.

Academics, practitioners, and at least one celebrity doctor think this website is really great. More importantly young people love it. You can read more about what young people and professionals say about the website here. 65% of visitors to the survey said it was very helpful. I report on this to my funders on a regular basis. 

Funding comes from Patreon, where fans of BISH give me cash every month to work here.

The right wing, transphobes, and people who are against sex education, birth control, abortion, and sex worker rights really hate this website. They make up a load of stuff about me / the website all the time. Just so you know. 


My wonderful Patreon subscribers help pay me to run this website. Now it’s my only source of funding. If more people subscribe I will also be able to spend more time on it myself or to employ a team of people to write / create content for me. If you can afford just £1 a month please consider signing up to support. This is one of the leading sexuality education websites online in the world and I need to be paid to work on it. So if you can help I’d be really grateful. If Patreon is too much faff you could also chuck in a one off donation via PayPal.


BISH doesn’t really mean anything (I guess it used to stand for ‘Best Practice in Sexual Health – the ‘Practice’ was silent). Sex and relationships is complicated and I don’t want to over simplify it but I do want to try and be short, snappy and to tell it like it is – that’s what Bish ‘means’ I guess. It’s not the Bish you see at Urban Dictionary (bish is like a softer more friendly version of the word bi**h and it also features in a really great Kendrick Lamar song, we like Kendrick, but this website came first).

About me – hey!

My name is Justin Hancock

Yes, my name does have the word cock in it. Lol! I do all the posts (apart from the guest bloggers), answer the questions, do the drawings and the really badly animated videos. I wrote this bit and this bit.

I’m a qualified and experienced sex educator

I’m a qualified youth worker and sexual health trainer. I’ve worked with young people since 1994 and I’ve been doing sex and relationships education since 1999. You can see my linkedin profile here if you want to see the kinds of work I’ve done. As you can see I’m one of the leading experts in the field of sex and relationships education. I’m also now a member of the World Association for Sexual Health.

As well as doing this online I’ve been working with actual people in real life. I’ve mostly worked with young people in sexual health services, running confidential drop ins for people wanting condoms, advice, and information. I did that for a total of 11 years. I’ve also worked in youth clubs (when they were a thing) in schools, colleges, and unis.  

I do this for adults too!

So me and my mate Meg-John Barker write about this kind of stuff too. It’s aimed at a slightly older crowd than this website, so it’s probably a bit more advanced. If you’re interested you can check it out at megjohnandjustin.com or you can buy our book ‘Enjoy Sex (how, when and IF you want to)‘.

Teaching and Training

This website is not meant to be used in the classroom, and it shouldn’t replace really good relationships and sex education. If you are a teacher and would like some really great resources please head over to my website for practitioners bishtraining.com

In person I teach a broad range of subjects: the usual condoms and STIs stuff, gender norms, sexual bullying, porn, love, relationships, consent, good first time sex, sexual readiness, self-esteem and even lessons on dealing with failure. I’ve run sessions in PRUs, colleges, secondary schools (state and leading independent schools), youth clubs and even in a castle (true fact). I also run training courses for practitioners who would like to teach young people about this stuff. Again, more details at bishtraining.com

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© Justin Hancock, 2022

Around 100,000 young people per month get their RSE from BISH. It competes with big media companies selling ads, digital platforms harvesting intimate data for profit, and the right. This website is crowdfunded by wonderful people like you, can you become a Patron today?

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If you want to teach about this stuff, don’t just show people a website – that’s kinda boring! Check out my very popular RSE resources at bishtraining.com

Justin Hancock has been a trained sex and relationships educator since 1999. In that time he’s taught and given advice about sex and relationships with thousands of young people in person and millions online. He’s a member of the World Association for Sexual Health. Find out more about Justin here


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