BISH is a guide to sex, love and you for everyone over 14. Here’s what people say about it!

“Good guides to relationships, sexual health & wellbeing are hard to come by, but when one comes along we MUST support!” […]

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Dr Ranj Singh

“I’ve ended up flicking through the articles for more than an hour answering nearly every single question i have ever had about sex.” […]

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A Young Person

If you need help in person click here to find out about sexual health services. You are welcome to ask me questions if you like (I like questions, particularly about relationship stuff) but please do have a look at questions I’ve already answered and the rest of the site. I also have an activity book to accompany BISH.

Important posts

What is sex - expert answers to frequently asked questions

What Is Sex?

- This guide to ‘what is sex’ aims to answer the most frequently asked questions about sex in a simple and short way (although yeah, the whole article is like an essay). I’ve tried to define what each thing is and then give some pointers for how to do them more consensually and safely. [...]

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Sexual Health Services Bish

Sexual Health Services

- Learn more about sexual health services for all ages in the UK. What they are, where they are, what they do and what going to a clinic is like. [...]

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Guide to relationships. Drawings of diverse range of young people in front of a heart

Guide to Relationships

- In this guide to relationships: we'll look at what we mean by relationships, limits, how you should be treated, romance, trust and break ups. [...]

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BISH is a guide to sex, love and you for everyone over 14. It’s for people who are (or are thinking about) having sex / relationships. It’s for all genders and sexualities, people with disabilities, backgrounds, beliefs and values. It’s got a UK vibe so we say ‘snog’, ‘fancy’ and ‘shag’ a lot. In case you’re wondering, it used to stand for Best In Sexual Health. Read more about BISH.

Latest from BISH

should I join the bi community

Should I Join The Bi Community

- 'Should I join the bi community? Everyone is more enthusiastic about it than me but I just want to be bi by myself. Does that make me a "bad bi?"' [...]

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How to Meet Our Needs

- Before we can think about enjoying sex or having the kind of sex we want we should think about how we can meet our needs from sex first. It's important. [...]

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Don't share your phone password with your partner - finger on phone password with a cross over it

Don’t Share Your Phone Password With Your Partner

- You know how in these articles I say things like, ‘on the one hand this’, ‘perhaps consider this’, and ‘it’s more complicated than that’. Well not today dear BISH fan, today I’m going to tell you what to do, or more accurately what not to do. Don’t share your phone password with your partner. [...]

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If you’re teaching about this please promote BISH to your (14+) students (here are some posters for you to print), but this website is not designed for classroom RSE teaching. Head over to my website for practitioners for resources or check out DO… RSE for Schools.

If you want some more advanced advice for adults check out the work I do with Meg-John Barker at we have a podcast, a book, zines, and blogs. It’s for over 18s. –>

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