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What is sex - expert answers to frequently asked questions

What Is Sex?

- This guide to ‘what is sex’ aims to answer the most frequently asked questions about sex in a simple and short way (although yeah, the whole article is like an essay). I’ve tried to define what each thing is and then give some pointers for how to do them more consensually and safely. [...]

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Sexual Health Services Bish

Sexual Health Services

- Learn more about sexual health services for all ages in the UK. What they are, where they are, what they do and what going to a clinic is like. [...]

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Guide to relationships. Drawings of diverse range of young people in front of a heart

Guide to Relationships

- In this guide to relationships: we'll look at what we mean by relationships, limits, how you should be treated, romance, trust and break ups. [...]

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symbols of different reactions we can have during sex. Stars. Lightening. Stop sign. Zzzzz. Stars.

How We React During Sex

- How our bodies might react during sex can be different for different people and at different times. Read more about why this is important to talk about. [...]

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making him accountable for abuse - advice for a reader

Making Him Accountable For Abuse

- Advice to a reader on how to go about making his abuser accountable. There are no details of abuse or assault, but take care reading this anyway. [...]

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what can i do when they lose their hard on. Advice on how to handle losing an erection when drunk

What Can I Do When They Lose Their Hard On?

- “So, when boys i have gotten with have been drunk, I’ve noticed it’s been tougher for them to get/stay hard. Is there anything I can do in that situation to make it less awkward or to help them maintain their erection because a lot of the time they get embarrassed by it.” [...]

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