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You can ask bish about sex and relationships questions here but please read this first


This is not for emergencies
If you need answers in a hurry Ask Bish is not for you. If you are in the UK please click here to find a sexual health service near you. Or you can try the Ask Brook service or Childline. If you are worried about online abuse or a video/image of you has leaked you can report it via CEOP.

I can’t answer all questions
Any questions that I answer will be answered publicly and published on here. Click on ‘Your Questions’ in the menu.

It’s confidential
I won’t tell anyone who you are if you’ve sent me your name. (Though when your message comes through I can see your IP address). If I think you’re at really serious risk of harm I will need to try and get more information about you and refer you to a local service that will try to keep you safe.

Tell me a bit about you
I’m not going to make any assumptions about who you are, so if it’s relevant you may need to tell me a bit more about you so I can give you a good answer.

I’m not a medic and I’m not always right
I’m not giving any medical advice (I’m not a medic) but I can give general advice and information. I can’t accept any responsibility for anything that goes wrong as a result of my advice. Soz

Please please search the site for your answer first!
Please read through the website to find an answer to your question before asking me.

I can’t tell you if you’re pregnant or not, please stop asking.

Here are the risks of pregnancy from having sex once.

As you can see, the average risk of pregnancy for one sex (with the penis ejaculating inside the vagina) is 3.1%. It is even more unlikely that you (or someone else) are pregnant from masturbation, pre-cum and dry humping. But I can’t tell you whether you are pregnant or not and I won’t answer. For more about this please click here or click the image above.

Where are the answers?

I post the answers here or sometimes I post audio answers here.

I love feedback!
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