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Advice on how to make sure that foreskin slides over the penis properly.

I am 25 and still a virgin, but getting married soon. my foreskin wouldn’t retract when erected. but if I retract it before erection, it hurts a lot when the penis gets erected. would it impact my sexual life? is there any solution for that?
Hi and thanks for your question

I’ve pasted my section on the foreskin from my piece about the penis below. Below this I’ll give you a bit more advice which relates to your question.

Sexual body parts HOW FORESKIN WORKS


If foreskin doesn’t roll back easily then it could get damaged during sexual intercourse. If it is tight, try stretching the foreskin forward and then backwards as far as it will go, hold it for a few seconds and then let go and repeat. It might help to do this in the bath or shower as the warm water will help to stretch the skin. Little by little over a few weeks the hole (prepuce) will get bigger and so the foreskin should slide over the glans more easily.

Only do this if it is comfortable and be careful that it doesn’t get stuck (try and move it back straight away or go to a doctor). For more about this go to Norm UK. If in any doubt see your doctor, who may prescribe a steriod cream to loosen it or recommend circumcision: removal of the foreskin.

(The loosening of foreskin during puberty is a gradual process as the penis grows and through masturbation during adolescence, for a study on this click here)

If you have foreskin it is important to clean under it regularly to stop dick cheese (also known as smegma) building up.

So your foreskin can retract over your glans (the end of your penis) when soft but not when the penis is hard (when the penis is bigger). As you’ve found, it’s not a good idea to retract the foreskin and then get an erection. This can be painful but it can also get trapped under the ridge of the glans, which can be dangerous. So please don’t do this again!

Some people have been able to loosen their own foreskin. (For example read this excellent blog on one teenager’s successful attempt to do this, also read this from Norm UK). You could try loosening the foreskin a little bit when you have an erection. It might help to do this in the bath as the warm water can help to soften the skin a little bit.

  1. Think of something sexy to get an erection (ideally in the bath)
  2. Push the foreskin forward to loosen it
  3. Push the foreskin back as far as it will go (without it hurting) and hold it there for a few seconds
  4. Repeat steps 2 and 3 a few times.

If you do this on a daily basis for a few weeks you might find that the foreskin can go further and further back. Eventually you might find that the hole at the end of your foreskin will be big enough to slide all the way over the end of your penis when it’s hard. Make sure that you do this gradually, don’t rush it and don’t do anything that hurts.

If you’re in any doubt about this at all please ask your doctor (or a urologist) first.

Hope this helps


7 thoughts on “Ask Bish Foreskin

  1. I am 18 and I have noticed now that my foreskin doesn’t goes back ,so i tried to push back the foreskin slowly as much as it can go and now after 2-3 days of this the skin seems to go back further. The process is slow but it effects.

  2. When i get an errection my penis does not go upp it bends like a gasoline can tipp. Is that bad, what should i do?

  3. When i get an errection my penis does not go upp it bends like a gasoline can tipp. Is that bad, what should i do?

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