can you break your penis? The Bish guide to penile fracture

Can You Break Your Penis?

Although there is no bone in the human penis (I’m only doing Sex Ed for humans here I’m afraid) you can break your penis.

What is it?

It’s called ‘penile fracture’ (top tip for the squeamish, don’t google image search that). When it happens the person with the penis reports a popping sound, an immediate loss of hard-on, swelling and lots of pain. This is one of those things that you really should go straight to a hospital to have treated. So if you break your penis please don’t ask Bish about it first, just head to a hospital because they may need to act quite quickly to treat it.

What happens?

As you will already know from reading this Bish article, a hard on happens when blood rushes into the corpus cavernosa, which consist of tightly packed blood vessels. They fill up like a sponge and press against a wall of tissue which surround them making the penis hard.

penis fracture is when the tunica albuginea gets damaged during sex - Bish

A penis fracture is when the wall surrounding these blood vessels gets damaged – the tunica albuginea. Ouch.

How does penile fracture happen?

According to this paper  “Penile fracture typically occurs when the engorged penile corpora are forced to buckle and literally “pop” under the pressure of a blunt sexual trauma.” Blunt sexual trauma here means that the penis has hit something hard, or has been sat on, or bent by hand. Hard dicks are pretty resilient and can take quite a lot of thrusting and bending and prodding, so thankfully penis fractures aren’t that common. However it is pretty serious when it happens so I guess this is why I get asked about it a lot (I get asked about it a lot).

How to prevent it happening?

Even though it’s pretty rare you might want to think about how you treat your penis (or one of the penises/the penis in your life).

During entry sex

Some positions for entry sex are thought to be more likely to cause penis fractures. An example of this could be where someone is ‘on-top’ particularly if they are bouncing up and down. There’s a chance that the penis could slip and and then as their body comes back down they could sit on the penis, or the penis could hit a hard bit of their pelvis or the bit between the anus and vagina/balls (known as the perineum, or the gooch).

So you could avoid this position if you are worried about this, or ask your partner not to be super vigorous. You could communicate this during sex by putting your hands on the other person’s hips or legs to indicate how much you want them to bounce. Perhaps if you use a lot of lube then if the penis does hit a hard bit of someone’s body then it may be more likely to slide rather than have a heavy contact – however too much lube might mean there is more chance of the penis slipping out.

During wanking

Easy now! If you are a tight-fisted wanker then you may want to think about calming that down a little. If you do like a firm grip just try to be careful not to bend or twist the penis too much. If you are masturbating into something, like a pillow, or mattress, or a sex toy, try to ensure that the penis is aligned properly so that it doesn’t get too bent. Maybe also use a condom and some lube for this so that you are sliding rather than bashing your penis. There are some alternative masturbation ideas here.

To hide a hard on

Hard-ons can be embarrassing sometimes – especially in Sainsburys – but be careful about hurting yourself to make the hard on go away. Some people kind of bend or snap their dicks and that has caused penis fractures for some people. So please try to calm that down too. If you want to hide your hard-ons I have more better advice for you about that here.

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  1. I would say it depends on how you do it. I personally have many sex toys, my newest one has like 15 vibrating settings in it and it has levels of suction that squeeze tight. I’ve been masturbating for many years now, it’s the best way to learn what you personally enjoy. Well everyone enjoy some experimentation with your selves!

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