what is gooning? (image of a gooning cave)

What Is Gooning?

Here’s an explainer of what gooning is, why people do it, what some of the problems might be, and some sensible advice about it […]

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What is Queer Sex

What is Queer Sex?

What is queer sex is a simple sounding question but there isn’t one easy answer for it. Anyway, I get asked it so here’s how I respond. […]

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what is vanilla sex?

Vanilla Sex

Sex is is not always hard, fast, intense, rough, or kinky. Sometimes sex is slow, soft, gentle and deeply relaxing. This kind of sex is called vanilla sex, and a lot of people really love it. […]

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Rough sex

What is Rough Sex

Sex isn’t always a gentle, kissy-kissy, hand-holdy, flowers in meadows, magical soft focus, lovey dovey thing. Sometimes sex is hard and intense. A lot of people have, what is called, rough sex. Some some studies are showing that it’s pretty common with young people. So this article is about what rough sex is and why […]

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What is kink? An expert sex education guide for beginners

What is Kink?

Here I explain what kink is, why people might like it, why people might not like it, and how it can be done safely and consensually. Quite a few people have been asking me to write about this. […]

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tips for no nut november

Tips for No Nut November

Learn more about No Nut November, how you can do it without being a dick, and some tips on how to get through a long long month! Also, advice on why you might not want to Destroy your Dick this December! […]

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what to do when sex is awkward

What to do when Sex is Awkward

Apparently, sex can be awkward. Like, well awkward. Also, it can be massive cringe! Right? Who knew? So here we’ll find out why, why it’s not actually a bad thing, and what to do when sex is awkward. […]

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How to Meet Our Needs

Before we can think about enjoying sex or having the kind of sex we want we should think about how we can meet our needs from sex first. It’s important. […]

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how to enjoy sex more

How to Enjoy Sex More

There are a lot of crap articles online about how to enjoy sex more, so thanks for clicking on this one. A lot of sex education and sex advice actually makes it harder to enjoy sex, so here’s some advice that I think will actually help you. […]

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What is sex quiz

What is Sex Quiz

You all haven’t been reading my ‘What is Sex’ post enough, so I’m testing you on it to make you feel bad. […]

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consent and the law

Consent and the Law

I get asked about this a lot so here is a guide to consent and the law (in the UK, although it will be similar elsewhere too). Take care reading this if you are a survivor of a sexual assault because I talk about the technical aspects of sexual offences in a little bit of […]

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What is sex - expert answers to frequently asked questions

What Is Sex?

This guide to ‘what is sex’ aims to answer the most frequently asked questions about sex in a simple and short way. Although yeah, the whole article is like an essay. I’ve tried to define each thing and then give some pointers for how to do them more consensually and safely. […]

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why do people have sex?

Why do people have sex?

So this is some homework for you. Think about all of the different reasons that people might have sex with someone (though solo sex totally counts as sex too). I’ve listed a few things below but just spend a few minutes thinking about all the reasons. […]

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Worry about fantasies

Worry About Fantasies

I often get questions from people who worry about fantasies they are having. Here’s some advice about how to cope with your worries about fantasies and how to explore what they may mean. […]

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There are lots of reasons for having solo sex - but how often do we do it because we might enjoy it? Here's why and also how.

Solo Sex

There are lots of reasons for having solo sex – but how often do we do it because we might enjoy it? Here’s why and also how. […]

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Dry humping. What it is and how to enjoy it more

Dry Humping

Dry humping is extremely popular with my readers here at Bish. Here I explain what it is, why it’s so popular, how to make it (even) safer and how to enjoy it. […]

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Should I have sex? BISH

Should I Have Sex?

‘Should I have sex’ is for you to answer. Here’s some stuff to think about so that you are less likely to regret it if you do do it. (Remember, the law says you should be over 16.) […]

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how to have sex - the bish guide for the first and every time

How To Have Sex

How to have sex and how to make it good, especially for the first time. It should feel nice, not painful or uncomfortable. […]

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Sex and the Law

Sex and the law. Under age sex, consent, rape, sexual assault, outside sex, porn, abortions, confidentiality, marriage… Boring but very important. […]

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Booze and Sex

Sometimes drunk sex can be good, but it can also be rubbish, unsafe, unwanted and can lead to mistakes. Learn how to handle it better here. […]

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