Consent and Sex – Can You Help?

Here’s a consent and sex guide that I’ve made for social medias. Can you help me share it?

There’s so much on this website about consent and how to have consensual sex but I thought I’d create a consent and sex guide for my readers who prefer things to be a bit more visual. Hopefully this total will go as viral as the tea and consent video because I think that video is total rubbish. Can you help me out by sharing the hell out of these images for me?

As you can see above I’ve posted it on instagram but also on and facebook. and tumblr. I thought I’d give myspace and bebo a miss this time. If you could go to your social medias and share share share, like like like I’d be really grateful. There’s so much shitty sex education out there and by sharing this you’ll be helping to get (what I think is) better stuff out there. So please please please help!

You could also share some of the other stuff that I’ve made about consent and sex.

Here’s a video about how to be good at sex (which is all about consent)

There are also:

What kind of sex do you want to have

Consent, Innit

Power and Consent

Sex Talk and Communication

How Consensual Sex Feels

Is it Consensual If We Were Both Drunk? 

Thank you so much! I get a lot of readers here at Bish but people don’t really share stuff on the social medias (because it’s sex) so if you could be brave and do this for me that would be lovely.

© Justin Hancock, 2017

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