The video guide to being a man

The Video Guide to Being a Man

Here is the video guide to being a man. I also have a blog post about this but a lot of people prefer my boring voice for some weird reason.

As you can see I’m also in this one, so it’s like I’m a famous YouTuber like Hannah Witton

If you like videos generally (I know a lot of you do) you’ll be pleased to hear that I have videos! Just head over to my YouTube channel or click around on the website or search for videos.

If you like this video guide to being a man there’s more in an article I wrote here, including some practical advice on how to be more better at being a man and how we can help other men.

And if you like that you might also like this post about how to decide on what your gender is

You might also be into this one about putting mates before dates

And you may also like this one about the whole #MeToo business and some practical things you can do

Thanks for reading! I will try and make more videos I promise (they are really hard to do and I had soooooo many tech problems trying to make this one. I cried, got angry, threatened to throw my laptop out of the window — so clearly I am also a donut).

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