how to feel JOY BISH

How to Feel Joy

Joy is both the absence of feelings that prevent us from feeling happy, but also the ‘increased capacity to be’ emotion. Here’s how to feel joy. […]

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how to feel shame bish

How to Feel Shame

Shame is the ‘I’ve done something wrong emotion’. Or at least it should be. As with all emotions, shame can be incredibly useful. However, it’s an incredibly difficult emotion to feel, so people might just turn away from it and refuse to learn from it. We might call this ‘being shameless’. […]

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how to feel a bit better

Feel a Bit Better

We all struggle a bit sometimes with our relationships, our relationship with ourselves, and sex. Here’s a, research proven, way to feel a bit better. […]

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how to worry BISH

How To Worry

Learning how to worry can be really valuable for us and the people / world around us. This guide is about why this is and how we might do it. […]

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how to be sad

How To Be Sad

For a lot of reasons, sadness is hard to do. It’s sad to be sad, and who wants to be sad? Well actually it’s really important for you to learn how to be sad. It can really help you, everyone around you, and the world around you too.  […]

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how to be angry - BISH

How to be Angry

Anger has a very bad reputation. However, if you can learn how to be angry better it can really help you, everyone around you, and the world around you too.  […]

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Although it’s important to understand where we do and don’t have power and privilege, it’s also important to learn about solidarity. […]

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Learning About Racism Resources

As the uprising in America, and solidarity protests around the world continue I thought I’d put together a few podcasts, books, TV shows, and documentaries about racism. As you know this website is aimed at everyone over 14s so I’ll try to make these appropriate for the same age group. There are so many and […]

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the world stress and you BISH

The World, Stress, and You

The other day I wrote about how we can deal with our stress. However we can’t just rely on making ourselves less stressed. Now doing self-care is important, but it won’t change the stuff that affects our mental health the most. […]

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how to deal with stress

How to Deal With Stress

I’m writing this during the coronavirus, which is stressful for all of us. This is on top of all the other stresses that happen to us in our daily lives, so this article is a ‘how to deal with stress’ for all times as well as these times. […]

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how to ask

How To Ask

The best way to learn how to ask is to think about consent and the other person. Do they want to be asked? What is it you’re asking and who are you asking for? […]

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picture of a lock with a heart shape - how to love yourself

How To Love Yourself

Learning how to love yourself is a difficult but important thing to do. In this article we’ll look at different ways of doing it that might make it easier, together with some practical advice about how you can do it a bit more. […]

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choose a chocolate bar

How to Choose a Chocolate Bar

It can hard working out what we want, particularly from sex. Read this about how to choose a chocolate bar. I it might help you have better sex. Note – this is all about choosing food, so if you are struggling with how you feel about food at the minute give this a miss. Also […]

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what's your gender?

What’s Your Gender?

If you’ve had some basic sex education you might have been taught that there are only two sexes and two genders and that men have to behave one way and women another. Wrong. It’s a lot more complicated than that. […]

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what's your sexuality - the bish guide

What’s Your Sexuality?

There are lots of different kinds of sexualities out there but what’s your sexuality and how do you work it out? Well, like most things, it’s complicated. […]

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How to be a man

How To Be A Man

A guide on how to be a man for International Men’s Day on November 19th (introducing the masculinity doughnut). […]

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How to support someone - really try to get into their head and understand it from their side

How to Support Someone

It can be really hard seeing someone having a hard time. We want to help, but how do we do the right thing when we try to support someone? […]

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how to do self care

How To Do Self Care

Self care is about learning to look after ourselves in the same way we look after others. It’s important that you do it, for you and for others around you. […]

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Big up you. A fist bump emoji saying that it's okay to big yourself up

Big Up You

Think about your best bits and the bits you’d like to have. Allow it. It’s not arrogant to be positive – so big up you yeah? […]

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So, sexualities ... how to explain.... There are straight peeps, gay peeps, lesbian peeps, bisexual peeps, questioning peeps, queer peeps and asexual peeps. There are also just 'peeps'.


Queer, Straight, Gay, Asexual, Lesbian, Bisexual and Questioning: all explained simply. Also why some people love labels and others not and how people understand their own identity. […]

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