BISH Calendar 2024

BISH Calendar 2024

Here’s my first ever calendar for BISH. I’ve been wanting to do this for ages and have finally got round to it.

The download links are at the end of the page. Here’s a preview of the whole thing.

There’s no catch. As you can see, there are no ads. It’s a nice free calendar for you to download and print.

How to use it

I was thinking that you could use it for yourself. Stick it up in your bedroom and use it to track your periods, or how your days are going, important dates, counting down the days to the snooker world championships (just me then). Speaking of snooker, you could do what Ronnie O’Sullivan does and put a smiley, or sad, or neutral face on everyday, to help you track your mood. Obviously you might need someone to print this off for you, but you could also keep it on your phone I guess?

Really this is aimed at people who work with young people. So if you’re a teacher, put one up in your classroom. Or if you’re a youth worker, put one in your youth project, or your office. If you work in a sexual health service, you could put them up there. You could also just print off hundreds of them and give them out for free (if you want a 300dpi version get in touch).

Support BISH

Printing off the calendar is also a way to promote BISH. (Remember that it’s aimed at everyone over 14, so don’t promote it to younger audiences, they just won’t get it.) As you probably know, it’s just me here and I need all the help I can get to make content and promote it. I’m good at the first bit, but not as good at the last bit.

"Just wanted to say thank you so much for your legendary website which has changed - improved - mine and I'm sure many others' lives" Feedback about BISH

You could also consider other ways of supporting BISH. BISH is only made possible by my supporters. If you can chip in anything from just £1 a month you’d be supporting inclusive, trusted, anti-fascist, online relationships and sexuality education free and free of ads. There are other ways to support the project too, so head to the Support BISH page to see what you can do.

You should be able to see the calendar below. Or you can just click the download link for the BISH 2024 Calendar here.

Thanks so much for your support this year! Let’s have a great 2024.

Comment below if you like. I moderate all comments before they appear, just so you know!

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