Your Feedback on BISH

I thought I’d share some feedback with you about what young people said about BISH in their recent responses to my survey. I’ve also got some nice quotes from other people who work sex and relationships advice, education and research. If you want to give your feedback about BISH you can do that here, or you […]

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Who do you follow on social media

So you know how there are people who are famous on social media, like: Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, MySpace, Bebo, etc? Well, a lot of these people are famous in talking about sex, relationships, sexuality, gender, which is obviously what we’re all about here at BISH. […]

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What You Say About Bish

Eagle-eyed readers will know that I have a short survey that people can fill in to tell me about what they think about the website. I’ve had a few responses since I relaunched the website (mostly from the youngs). Here is representative sample of the kinds of things people have been saying. […]

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#TalkForAMinute – Relationships

An idea so that it’s not just Bish talking for a change. So here’s an idea – rather than me going on and on about sex, love, you and all that stuff – why don’t you have a go? So I created this kind of challenge idea #TalkForAMinute. You choose one of these topics below […]

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