Have your say about relationships and sex education – (make it better)

14 – 18 year olds! Have your say about relationships and sex education in the UK in this really quick survey. You have until Sunday 18th February to get your answers to me, so be fast!

From September 2019 schools in the UK (particularly England) are going to have to offer more Relationships and Sex Education. As part of that the Department of Education are asking everyone to give their thoughts about the future of sex and relationships education in school.

Obviously young people are a really important bit of that and the Department for Education are asking people who work with young people (like me) to ask them directly what they think. So, let’s do this. You have until Sunday 18th February 2018 to get your responses to me (they extended the deadline).

Click this survey and tell me (anonymously) what you think about your RSE (and PSHE) and I’ll send them what you say. It’s just 5 questions but answer as many as you can (I didn’t write the questions — you can tell right?). If typing is not your thing why not record your answers on your phone and send that to me? Do that via bishtraining at gmail dot com. If you want to send your responses directly to the DoE you can click here — you have till 12th February to do that.

If you’re stuck for what to write then Brook wrote this guide for you to give you some ideas. I also wrote a few ideas for teachers and parents at my other website here. You could also click around on this website to give you some ideas of what is/was good or bad about your RSE.

If you are working with young people in person over the next week here is the letter from the Department of Education so that you can do your own focus groups.

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