Being Friends Board Game Bish

Being Friends Board Game

Play the Being Friends Board Game on your phones with your pals and learn how to be a good and nice friend along the way (whilst also showing that you are better than them).

This Being Friends Board Game is an idea that my mate came up with for the Bish Activity Book (available here for just £3)

I don’t really have to explain how to play a board game to you do I? I guess I was thinking that you could download the 4 images of the board for your phones and line them all up so you can see the whole game. You can also head to one of my many social media pages and see the images there. Insta, Twitter, Facebook

Being Friends Board Game - Bish

As you roll around the board (or even if you just look at it with your eyes) it might get you thinking about what makes for good friendships. I wrote this so you can see that I have some ideas about what being a good mate is about but do you agree? For more advice about how to do relationships of all kinds, check out my Brief Guide to Relationships.

Being Friends Board game - first image

I think that one of the main things about being a good mate is that we try to be as consensual as possible with them. So the things like: sometimes checking in before posting something on social media about them, or; not pressuring mates to do things if they don’t want to.

Being Friends Board game Page 2

I also think it’s important not to treat mates worse than you might treat people that you are interested in having romantic times with, or people you fancy. I think sometimes people put dates before mates and I don’t think that’s cool, but you might disagree.

Being friends board game page three

And I also think that it’s nice to have that mix of being there for them (pragma) as well as nice fun times (ludus) – more about this here.

Being friends board game page four

Sometimes being a mate is about being supportive and sometimes it’s about being gently challenging though that dank ass Drake meme was dank. PS I don’t know what the words ‘dank’ or ‘meme’ mean, a millennial told me to say them.

If this has given you a bit of something to think about in terms of your relationships you might want to check out my relationship graph to help you work out what is going well and what is going not so well.

It would be great if you shared this on the social medias, to get people talking about how important friendships are. Come on, it would really help me out and it’s not even about sex so it wouldn’t be weird for you.

If would like the whole Activity Book that this came from but don’t have £3 (or don’t have access to online paying for things) you can contact me via the contact page and I’ll send it to you.

If you are a practitioner and want to use this with other people, you have to buy the more expensive one with the correct licence and higher resolution — sorry, not sorry about that.

© Justin Hancock, 2018

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