what we know about monkeypox


There’s a lot in the news about Mpox (which used to be called Monkeypox) at the moment, so here’s a quick guide to what it is and how to protect ourselves from it. There’s one (very chill) pic of some symptoms in the article. […]

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how to convince people to get their vaccine

How to Convince People to Get Their Vaccine

As we’re now vaccinating younger people (hello!) I thought I’d give you some advice about how to convince people to get their vaccine. The vast majority of people are getting their vaccines (where available) but we can always encourage more. […]

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how to talk about safer sex

How to Talk About Safer Sex

It’s super important to talk about safer sex, just as it’s important to talk about what we want and need from sex. Safer sex is something we should all be bringing up more often. We should be paying attention to reducing risks before, during, and after every sexual encounter. […]

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a guide to safer sex and covid 19

Safer Sex and Covid-19

We’re going to need to think differently about safer sex for some time. Thanks COVID-19. So this is a guide to how to have safer sex from this coronavirus as well as the other things we usually need to think about.  […]

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lubricant, or lube as the cool kids call it


Lubricant helps to keep things wet, and for many kinds of sex wetness is important. So this post is all about lube and whether you need it or not. Also what kinds you can use and where to get it. […]

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dams how to make your own


Dams are a thin sheet of latex or plastic which are used when people have oral sex. Although a lot of people would like to use them they are getting very difficult to find. So here is a quick blog about why people use them, and how you can make your own. […]

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STI quiz

STI Quiz!

You are always telling me how much you love a quiz so here, have an STI quiz. You are very welcome. […]

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should you use a condom for oral

Should You Use a Condom for Oral

So we’ve all been taught that we should use condoms for vaginal or anal sex because sexually transmitted infections can be spread that way. But do we need to use a condom for oral? Or a dental dam (thin sheet of latex that you can lick through)? […]

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Sexual Health Services Bish

Sexual Health Services

Learn more about sexual health services for all ages in the UK. What they are, where they are, what they do and what going to a clinic is like. […]

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Non hormonal contraception - natural and barrier methods of birth control

Non Hormonal Contraception

Lots of people aren’t keen on hormonal contraception, but barrier methods such as condoms, diaphragm, IUD and ‘natural’ methods are popular and effective. […]

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HPV is a very very common infection which can be caught from having sex or skin on skin contact with someone. Although it sounds scary it only very rarely causes problems. […]

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Gonorrhoea is not that common. It’s easy to test for but is getting harder to treat. It’s more likely to have symptoms, particularly for penises, but often it doesn’t. […]

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Chlamydia is a very common STI. Often it has no symptoms so we can have it and not know. Tests and treatment are free, confidential and easy. […]

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HIV and AIDS get up to date on the facts


People can live reasonably healthily for HIV for many years now, but that doesn’t mean there is a cure: for either the virus or the stigma. […]

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Herpes - a chill and informative guide from BISH


Herpes is a treatable and often mild virus which isn’t as serious as it sounds.. […]

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