freedoms and covid

Freedoms and COVID

If you’re a fan of BISH then you’ll know that we are all about consent. And consent is about freedom and choices and agreement. But because of COVID we are all being asked (or forced) to do things that we haven’t agreed to, which restrict our freedom to choose. […]

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Don't share your phone password with your partner - finger on phone password with a cross over it

Don’t Share Your Phone Password With Your Partner

You know how in these articles I say things like, ‘on the one hand this’, ‘perhaps consider this’, and ‘it’s more complicated than that’. Well not today dear BISH fan, today I’m going to tell you what to do, or more accurately what not to do. Don’t share your phone password with your partner. […]

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How to Say I Love You (and some tips on how not to say it) BISH sex, love and you for over 14s

How to Say ‘I Love You’

So it’s that time of year again when we’re supposed to wash, put on our best pants, light a fancy candle, drink cans of fanta out of plastic champagne glasses (just me then?) and say ‘I love you’ to someone. Great, but how? […]

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Define the Relationship to help prevent heartache and STIs.

Define The Relationship

One of the big reasons for problems in relationships is when people haven’t had the define the relationship chat. Here are some ideas about how to do it. […]

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gaslighting in relationships

Gaslighting in Relationships

Gaslighting in relationships is when someone manipulates someone so that they doubt their own mental health. It’s one of the many possible signs of an abusive relationship.  […]

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Talking about talking - a worksheet to help you to communicate in relationships

Talking About Talking

One of the most basic bits of relationships advice that literally everyone will give you is that communication is vital. :slow handclaps emoji: […]

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How to be attractive. Good and nice advice if you are an incel or struggling with this generally

How To Be Attractive

Here’s some advice for anyone who is struggling with feeling attractive, which includes any incel readers I may have. Don’t worry, I’m not going to yell at you or give you a bollocking. Here’s my best advice instead. (Sidenote — this stuff is not easy. I know that many of you have tried some of […]

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Being Friends Board Game Bish

Being Friends Board Game

Play the Being Friends Board Game on your phones with your pals and learn how to be a good and nice friend along the way (whilst also showing that you are better than them). […]

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How To Seduce Someone

For hundreds of years people have been looking for advice on how to seduce someone. There are hundreds of people who make money teaching people how to do it. Here’s my expert and free advice […]

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Mates before dates. The Bish guide for not putting romantic relationships before friendships

Mates Before Dates

You might be familiar with the idea of mates before dates but you probs call it something else (yeah I’m not using those terms). But basically it’s a reminder to a friend (mate) that they are spending too much time with a romantic person (date) and not enough with them. I think this is actually really […]

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How Do I Get Over Them?

You can and will get over them but it takes time and tears. You need to feel the feelings, think about how you can do you and see your mates more. […]

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Guide to relationships. Drawings of diverse range of young people in front of a heart

Guide to Relationships

In this guide to relationships: we’ll look at what we mean by relationships, limits, how you should be treated, romance, trust and break ups. […]

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BISH how to be romantic on a budget

How to be romantic on a budget

Want to do something romantic for someone on Valentine’s Day but don’t have much cash? Here are a few ideas for affordable romantic things and cheap dates that are thoughtful and creative. […]

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How to Date

Tips on how to have a good first date. Look fresh. Be you and forget games and rules. Try to enjoy it rather than think ‘am I going to get laid/snog/second date’. Pay attention. […]

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Chemistry and love

‘Chemistry’ between people is actually biology. Here’s what happens when we feel the spark or a click with someone. […]

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Rom-Com Love

Just like porn is not great at teaching us about sex, romantic comedies are not great at teaching us about love. […]

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