An 8 minute guide explaining what is love

What Is Love? – a video guide

Here I answer the big question, what is love?

There are a lot of theories trying to answer what love is. There is ‘a one’ and some kind of energy, or force. Or lightening strike will bring you together. That once you’ve finally found them (or when they’ve found you) then BOOM: happily ever after.

I don’t think love works like this. It’s a combination of it happening to you and you making it happen with other people. Remember also that it’s not what you say, but what you do that counts as love.

So, want me to explain this to you in a video? HERE YOU ARE!

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Finding The One – how there are no ‘ones’, why pressure to find ‘the one’ can make single people miserable and why the idea of ‘the one’ can make relationships really hard

Remember Love is Not Just About ????? – I know it’s corny and everyone is out here saying it, but there is more to love than just romantic or sexual love. You can be just as in love with friends, family, team mates, a community (online or offline), pets, the world. This is about how.

And There’s More Than One Way of Doing Relationships Too as well as there being many different kinds of love there are also many different kinds of relationships. Sex doesn’t have to mean love and love doesn’t have to mean sex.

How to Say I Love You

How to Love Yourself

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