Did I Consent?

A reader asks ‘did I consent’? It’s a complex story with a complex answer. There aren’t any graphic descriptions of any particular sexual activities here. […]

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I'm a lesbian but have feelings for my guy best friend

I’m a Lesbian but Have Feelings For My Guy Best Friend?

So i’m almost 100% certain i’m a lesbian but my guy best friend has been making me question it a bit i think he likes me but i’m not sure if i just feel romantic things or if it’s just platonic i cant see myself with a guy only with girls/nonbinary folk idk what to […]

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I can't orgasm with a partner

I Can’t Orgasm With My Partner

“Whenever I masturbate (about once a day), I usually orgasm within 5-10 minutes with no problem. However when a partner is giving me a ‘handjob’ or ‘blowjob’ or even having sex with me, I won’t orgasm.” […]

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what can i do when they lose their hard on. Advice on how to handle losing an erection when drunk

What Can I Do When They Lose Their Hard On?

“So, when boys i have gotten with have been drunk, I’ve noticed that they lose their hard on. Is there anything I can do in that situation to make it less awkward or to help them maintain their erection because a lot of the time they get embarrassed by it.” […]

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