I can't orgasm with a partner

I Can’t Orgasm With My Partner

“Whenever I masturbate (about once a day), I usually orgasm within 5-10 minutes with no problem. However when a partner is giving me a ‘handjob’ or ‘blowjob’ or even having sex with me, I won’t orgasm.” […]

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what can i do when they lose their hard on. Advice on how to handle losing an erection when drunk

What Can I Do When They Lose Their Hard On?

“So, when boys i have gotten with have been drunk, I’ve noticed that they lose their hard on. Is there anything I can do in that situation to make it less awkward or to help them maintain their erection because a lot of the time they get embarrassed by it.” […]

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about people not enjoying piv

About People Not Enjoying PiV

“Hey Bish, I do like how you bring attention to how some people don’t enjoy penetration or PiV that much. Is this based on people you have spoken to personally or any studies that you have found? […]

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can i be pregnant from pre-cum

Can I Be Pregnant From Pre-Cum?

Here’s a question from a reader who is worried she is pregnant from pre-cum, but I have other worries. This post contains references to sexual assault and non-consent, so be careful before you read any further.  […]

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lack of pleasure from sex

Lack of Pleasure from Sex

We might think that everyone else is enjoying sex more than us, but they’re not. Many people have a lack of pleasure from sex, even if they like solo sex. […]

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How Do I Go On Top?

How Do I Go On Top?

To go on top without hurting their penis a) make sure it’s hard, b) guide it in, c) move slowly at first, d) check in during sex. Click for more tips. […]

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stretch marks from my growth spurt

Stretch Marks From My Growth Spurt

I’m 14 and I got stretch marks on my back from my growth spurt and I don’t know how people will react. None of the other guys have stretch marks is there a way of reducing their visibility? […]

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can you help bish

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