Legal stuff

BISH provides sex and relationships information and advice for use as information or for educational purposes. I do not warrant that information we provide will meet your health or medical requirements. It is up to you to contact a health professional if you are concerned about your health – in all of the advice I give I will encourage you to do this.

BISH gives general advice which I hope is helpful. However I do not give any diagnosis and I can’t tell you if you’re pregnant or not. I (or anyone writing at BISH) do not accept any responsibility for decisions you make based on advice on this website.

If you are a health professional or practitioner working with young people then you are encouraged to use BISH for general information purposes – for instance as a teaching aid. However, you should not solely rely on material included on BISH and I do not accept any responsibility if you do.

I've written "Can We Talk About Consent - A Book About freedom, choices, and agreement." It's about how to choose your perfect pizza, what to watch on TV, who plays in goal, politics, rights, and yeah also a bit about sex. The illustrations are beautiful and hilarious.

Out in January but please.....