pressured into sex by everyone at school

I’m Getting Pressured Into Sex

Audio advice, from Justin, for someone getting pressured into sex from everyone at school.

I am 15 everyone at school is pressuring me to have sex with this girl I am dating plz help.

School is boring. So people rely on gossip and drama to get through their day and what is more juicy than a story about who is shagging who? (Or whom, I never get that right). Add to this all the pressure we get from society about how all relationships should be sexual and this gives us a whole lot of pressure.

Thing is many people regret sex if they felt like they were doing something they ‘should’ do. You and this girl might not be up for a sexual relationship at all.

Ideally everyone else would just STFU already and stop hassling other people into having sex. If you do that, please don’t do that. It’s well annoying and you’re causing harm. So stop it. Stttp.

So in this audio advice I have a rant about that and give some advice on saying no and stuff.

Here’s some other stuff about all this too


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