am i ready for a relationship

Am I Ready for a Relationship?

Audio advice to a reader who is wondering whether, they are ready for a relationship, now they are in high school.

Hi there. I’m going to be going to high school soon, and I’ve been in a girls only school for junior high, so I don’t see many boys where I am. Now that I’m growing up and moving on, I’m wondering if I’ll be ready for a relationship or love or even sexual relations. I don’t want to rush anything of course, but how do I know if I’m old enough for a romantic relationship. Should I just wait and continue to focus all my time on studies? What do I do?

Here’s my recorded response, but here’s a summary in case you can’t be arsed to listen.

There’s probably a big pressure and expectation that you might get into sex, love and relationships when you go to high school, but why? Many people aren’t interested in sex or relationships at all (they might be asexual or aromantic) and some might be interested but later in life. Let’s not try to put pressure on people to do sex just because we think they should.

I think it’s probably best to see if someone comes along that we might want to click with. Relationships are a combination of something happening to us and us making something happen – so you could just be patient and wait for that. However …

What about friends? Friennnnnnnnnnnnnndddds? They aren’t just a nice option while you wait for the love of your life to turn up but just as important as any other kind of relationship. Because society is cool about you having more than one friendship it’s easy to have more than one, which puts less pressure on them, which means they can last for longer. They can give you so much of what you need in life and you can give your friends so much love too.

Here’s some other stuff for you to think about

More than one love – there’s more than just romantic relationships

Write your own love story – try not to listen to all the rubbish stories about love

Big up your own self – have a think about who you are and who you want in your life


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