How to make using condoms easier

Practical tips on how to avoid losing an erection when using condoms and how to make using condoms easier and sexier.


condom pro tip practiseThe problem with condoms is that the penis has to be hard in order to put them on. Erections are unreliable and can start to disappear in the time it takes to get the condom out of the packet. Also condoms can decrease the sensation a little bit so some people find it harder to stay hard and orgasm when using them. Practising on your own penis is the best way to overcome to deal with this because you get used to wearing them. We sex educators call this having a ‘posh wank.’ These other tips should also help you.

Getting it open

It can be very hard getting the condom open sometimes. It can be difficult to see in the dark (if you’ve got the lights off) and they can be difficult to tear with wet hands. So you can use your teeth to open it so long as (this is important) you push the condom down in the packet away from your teeth.

condom pro tips pre tearAlso, before you have sex, you can make a tiny tear in the condom packet so it’s easier to rip open when you have sex. Lastly as you and your partner are first getting down to it you could open the condom, put it on top of the packet (the right way up) and then when you are both ready for entry sex (and the penis is hard) it’s dead easy to reach over, pinch the top and roll it down.

Right condom and lube

Lots of people think condoms take away the sensitivity a bit – that it feels less like skin on skin contact. You can use condoms which are thinner than others so you feel more. You could also apply a small amount of lube or saliva to the tip of the penis before putting the condom on. This lubricates the end of the penis against the condom and feels really nice.

Keep it sexy

Putting a condom on is a two handed thing – so why not get your partner to lend you a hand.

You could squeeze and your partner could roll it down for instance. Or the other person could do it: masturbating the penis, making sure it’s really really hard and then slowly rolling it down and then continuing to masturbate. Stroking the penis with the condom (with some water based lube) before it’s unrolled can feel great too. Try to make putting a condom on less of a chore and more of an exciting event – you’re having sex, enjoy it!

Got any other tips?

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