Consent: Real Talk Among Yourselves

Are you sick of being lectured in your Sex Ed? Bish is here to help with these cards for you to share and have that consent real talk with your mates

I’ve been using cards like these in a school lately and they really got the discussion going. So I thought I’d share them with you so that you can download and post them wherever you chat online — WhatsApp groups, Instagram, Twitter, My Space, Bebo. Hopefully it will get a discussion going and you will feel well smug.

Who gets status and who gets stigma for having sex?

If you do this with a few close friends then it might be easier to manage but if you have a large social media following you might want to post a few rules of engagement. Like: try not to be offensive; no personal stories; try to disagree constructively; remember we don’t all get things right all the time; try to be kind and patient; remember everyone has different backgrounds, personalities and identities — that kind of thing.

Who should make the first move in sex and dating

Maybe you could post one at a time and ask a few follow up questions?

Seduction -- is it ever consensual?

Or you could do this in person and chat IRL. You could give each other a minute to chat about each one and then discuss what comes up.

what if someone says they want sex but they don't know what kind of sex they want?

Let me know in the comments below if you have any interesting chat (I moderate all comments). Or you could link to me on social media @BishSexEd on twitter and insta for example.

Is it consensual if no-one says yes or no?

If you’re a bit stuck you can of course hunt around for more information on here. It’s not like I haven’t written loads of stuff about consent (getting bored of my own voice tbh).

why is it harder for some people to ask for what they want than others?

Are You a Teacher?

If you want a killer activity you can use in your workshops based on the ideas in this blog, buy my new Consent Teaching Pack download over at Bish Training.

During sex how do people know what to do?
Which is better to learn consent from, Hollywood or porn films?
How can we be better at consent outside of sex?

Hope you like this!

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