Join Team Bish, make this site better and get involved in some awesome Sex Ed.

‘Team Bish’ are a group of fantastic young people who help make this website better.

  • They give me advice on what to write about.
  • I ask them about stuff in the news.
  • I ask them about what they think young people need from Sex Ed.
  • They tell me what’s going on in the TV programmes and music videos I don’t watch.
  • They tell me about the funny/tragic/daft/silly/important/’epic’/wise things that celebrities I’ve never heard of say.
  • They tell me if what I’m producing is crap.
  • They also sometimes even write stuff, which you can see here. They are awesome.

We’re always looking for new members. So if you would like to get involved, have your say about what kind of Sex Ed you think people your age want and need this is the place for you. Interested? Message me via ‘Ask Bish.’ We chat via email (I Bcc everyone so no one can see each others names) at the moment but in the past we have had a closed facebook group.

Ideally you are 14 – 24 (if you are under 16 I’d like you to ask your parents about getting involved first). We welcome a diverse range of people. I won’t be asking you to do loads of stuff and I won’t be hassling you to get involved or produce stuff if you don’t feel like it. #consent

I can’t pay you yet sadly (unless we create content I can sell) but I wouldn’t be asking you to do very much and you can put it on your CV. I’ve written people references and helped them to get jobs as a result of them helping me out here. You’d be involved in one of the most read sex and relationships advice websites in the UK/world (thousands of hits per day) which our readers seem to really like.

If this sounds good to you it’d be great to hear from you.


2 thoughts on “Team BISH

  1. Hi, I only just found your website – after searching for sex education websites online for days, so think you need to improve your webs presence somehow. I am interested because I am planing a Sex Education for Disabled People website, to be written by both disabled people and those who provide them with sexual services. It was a disabled girl who is asexual who told me about ‘Taking the Cake’ which features you. I would like to think we can be allies and help each other without too much trouble! I am impressed you got funding from Durex, well done. Doubt they would sponsor me. By the way, I am over 18 – 71 actually!

    1. Sounds like a great website idea and much needed! I’ve been an admirer about your work for years and I’m thrilled that you found out about Bish.

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