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I thought I’d share some feedback with you about what young people said about BISH in their recent responses to my survey. I’ve also got some nice quotes from other people who work sex and relationships advice, education and research. If you want to give your feedback about BISH you can do that here.

These are mostly positive quotes because 68% of people responding said the website was very helpful (with 16% saying it was helpful and just 10% saying it was very unhelpful).

What young people said about BISH

How did you find out about Bish?

school sex-ed

When my school had a SRE afternoon they mentioned websites we could check out. You were one of them and were the one with the most memorable name, hence I’ve checked the site out.

Did you find what you were looking for?

I think it helped me understand what might be going on a lot better than before i went on this site. oh but i found so much more! things that i didn’t know i needed/wanted to learn about. so yes. very much so.

More than I thought i needed

Yes – the least ‘gushy’ straight talking info and videos

Yes. It’s genuinely useful info and I’ve read up a lot on this stuff

What did you like about Bish?

Its very easy to find what you’re looking for, it also made me feel very comfortable with myself when reading a lot of stuff, i also love the clear dedication that is put into it, and specially, how you manage to write in a way that keeps me very interested in everything i read. Also updated information is very important, and some other sites still have outdated stuff regarding sex and genitalia, so the accuracy is awesome! thank you so much!!

It’s perfect for young people without being too cringe

It’s not rigid and it doesn’t spew the traditional sex ed phooey. Also you sound like a real person, with humor.

Variety of content. Articles have a nice spelling style. Easy to find what one is looking for. Sex educational content without using click-bait.

you are very informative and helpful

Articles about everything (things that are not often talked about), funny writing

The first person style, the detail, that it considers all orientations in explanations

The name. It’s great. And if appeals to teens, like myself. Idk why but it just seems a very open site and I like that.

Very clear and easy to find information


The way its written is refreshing and worthwhile. Down to Earth, practical, no-nonsense. Great stuff.

The modern and beautifully designed webpage and the info on a big variety of topics.

I love how professional the site is and how the creator does his best to reach out to the people in the comments asking questions. It’s great to see someone care so much about something as important as sexual education.

The variety of articles published here, and the openess about sex and sexuality

What could be improved?

I wish I could answer this, but I honestly have no idea. Simply continue writing and uploading this kind of content, that would be nice. Thank you 🙂

i think you’r awesome for dong this

Idk really, I like it like this. Keep these quizzes/questionnaires though. They are so fun to do!!

By continuing to publish more and more fantastic articles !

What stakeholders say

As well as asking young people what they think I also asked some peers of mine what they think about the website and why they might refer young people to BISH (I’ve taken their names off, but they are from real people).

“As an Agony Aunt I recommend BISH to readers who need advice on sex and relationships. Some of these are teenagers who are not receiving adequate sex education at school. Some are parents who want to talk to their children about relationships in supportive and consent-focused ways, but are not sure where to begin. Still more are adults who may be from anywhere in the world, but they have one thing in common. They missed out on sex education in school and very often are living in a culture or community where advice either isn’t available, or it is assumed they should ‘just know’ about sex and relationships issues so feel they cannot ask for help. I know when I link to information on BISH that it will be straightforward, reassuring, and give useful ideas that people can use to think about their situation and find out more should they need it. That includes talking to parents, partners, healthcare workers, teachers or others who might be able to advise them. It helps me to know there is somewhere reliable to turn to, where I know so much thought is given to ensure messages are clear, accurate and accessible to all.”

“As an academic researching sexuality and sex, people often ask me for resources for sexuality education. For many years, the Bish website has been where I refer people when they want help with sexuality education queries – for instance, I suggest teachers look there for ideas for lessons and for handling difficult questions, I send parents there when they want to know how to talk to their children about sex, and I also tell academic colleagues who want to know where to find the best resources. I send people to Bish because it’s trustworthy, nuanced, and covers all the important areas for sexuality and relationships education. The Bish website is easy to understand and well designed, with a focus on helping young people to think carefully about their sexual lives as well as providing essential information”

“The Bish website is one of the best available websites to educate young people about sexualities, sex, relationships, sexual health and happiness. We have signposted Bish website in our evidence-based schools relationships and sexuality programme as an excellent resource for young people. It’s accurate and it’s tone is upbeat, optimistic and empowering- encouraging young people to shape their own worlds safely and with confidence to be themselves.”

“Thank you BISHuk. It’s so good to be able to direct young people to a trusted website that covers the issues that really matter to young people. It’s kind, it’s a bit political, it’s inclusive and it’s funny. The section I use most is about ‘having sex’ for the first time. So many young people think it’s meant to hurt and it can have a lasting effect on their enjoyment of sex.”

“As someone who works facilitating workshops for 14+ teens around sexuality and relationships, and who trains young adults in working with teens and listening to their ideas / questions are these topics – I regularly recommend BISH as a great website to visit for more information: A place where young people can explore real questions and concepts, about themselves, their bodies and how they relate to others, in a way that  appreciates the connection between all these elements. After reading so many of the articles, I feel that I can trust the content and advice young people will find: it isn’t preachy, it is realistic and up to date, it is written in a fun, relatable way that is clear, without simplifying the nuances of these topics. It is also hugely inclusive, so I feel no matter what gender, ability, background, at whatever point in their sexual journey,  young people will feel spoken to and that this advice is for them.”

“Good guides to relationships, sexual health & wellbeing are hard to come by, but when one comes along we MUST support!”

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