#TalkForAMinute – Relationships

An idea so that it’s not just Bish talking for a change.

So here’s an idea – rather than me going on and on about sex, love, you and all that stuff – why don’t you have a go?

So I created this kind of challenge idea #TalkForAMinute. You choose one of these topics below (see the images at the bottom) and talk for a minute about them.

  • You could do a video like I’ve done below (you’re allowed to download this pics and stick them at the front of your video if you want)
  • You could do an audio one (you can just upload a blank video of you talking to YouTube)
  • You could just put it on your facebook status and get everyone chatting
  • You could do an audio recording through (eg) WhatsApp and send it to your mates
  • You could scribble your thoughts on a bit of paper
  • You could put your thoughts in the comments by each image below
  • Or just have a think about them in your head.

The idea is that you get to hear/see/read lots of different opinions about relationships which you might find interesting, but also might change your own view.


  • Speak for yourself. No referring to what other people have said please. Just speak for your own self. This includes in the comments below, or on social media
  • You can talk about yourself personally if you want, or be more general (like I did)
  • You can ask other people if they want to have a go at this, but don’t nominate. Consent, innit.
  • Choose whichever you feel confident talking about.
  • Tag it #TalkForAMinute (if you want)

Here’s my attempt – you can do better!

Being the first to say ‘I love you’

talkforaminute BISH being the first to say i love you

A relationship where they have different beliefs

talkforaminute BISH a relationship where people have different beliefs

Someone shagging someone they’ve known for hours

talkforaminute BISH someone having sex with someone they've known for hours

Where someone is always jealous

talkforaminute BISH where someone is always jealous

Mismatch of how much people want sex (in a relationship)

talkforaminute BISH mismatch of how much people want sex

Being friends with benefits

talkforaminute BISH being friends with benefits

Only having sex when it’s serious

talkforaminute BISH only having sex when it's serious

Going out with someone that others don’t like

talkforaminute BISH going out with someone others don't like

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