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As the uprising in America, and solidarity protests around the world continue I thought I’d put together a few podcasts, books, TV shows, and documentaries about racism. As you know this website is aimed at everyone over 14s so I’ll try to make these appropriate for the same age group.

There are so many and obviously I’ve not listened / watched / read everything, but here are some suggestions for things I’ve found interesting and valuable over the last week and also the last few years. Feel free to comment below with any that you have found really interesting too.



The first half of this Stadio football podcast is really powerful. It’s really powerful personal stories about racism and the pain that black people are experiencing at the moment. Musa’s story about how he had no option to be a shy teenager when he was racially profiled from the age of 13 really struck me. I also really value how they talk about solidarity and how we can use our power and clout to look out for and support others. 

The Burner

This episode of The Burner presented by Ash Sarkar reported from the Black Lives Matter protest that happened this week in London on Wednesday 3rd 2020. It included the really powerful speech that John Boyega gave at the rally. 

The protests around the world are in solidarity with the killings of George Floyd, Breona Taylor and many many others but it’s also important to remember that as well as standing with uprisings in American the protests here also shine a light on the racism that we have in the UK too. Ash also talks about protesting when there’s a pandemic on.

Pod Save the People

One of the leading podcasts from Black Lives Matter in the US is Pod Save the People. This episode was a really informative break down of what’s happening, the statistics to back up what is happening, and some hope for what the protests can achieve.

Hear the Bern

This old episode of Hear the Bern (produced by the Bernie Sanders campaign) featuring Keeanga-Yamahtta Taylor was really interesting. It’s all about what solidarity means and why we use our privilege to stand up for others. Also they really neatly explain about intersectionality and they deal with the way that racists misuse that term. If you’re not that political give this one a try because it’s interesting but also is a good 101 for this stuff. I’ve been writing about this kind of thing lately.

TV, Film, Documentaries

There are a ton of TV shows, films and documentaries about racism. So obviously these came out a while ago, but it’s been a long struggle for black people and their allies. 

Boyz N The Hood 

Is a fantastic film that is on Netflix now.  https://www.netflix.com/gb/title/328438

m.A.A.d., 2014

If you want something more arty check out this by Kahlil Joseph (I first saw this here, it was amazing #review). It’s meant to be on two screens at the same time but I found this version on YouTube. It features music from Kendrick Lamar’s amazing ‘Good Kid Maad City’ album (no ‘BISH doesn’t come from Ya Bish). Also while we’re talking music I really like Flohio, she’s great.

Dear White People 

A TV series on Netflix and also a film. I’ve seen the first series and I enjoyed it. It’s about racism on a university campus and also relationships. https://www.netflix.com/gb/title/80095698


This is about the 13th amendment to the US constitution in the US which abolished slavery except as a punishment for a crime. The documentary explains how this led to the disproportionate imprisonment of black people.  https://www.netflix.com/gb/title/80091741

Fruitvale Station

I haven’t seen this but I’m told it’s really good and it has Michael B. Jordan in it. https://www.netflix.com/gb/title/70267488

Black British History

There seem to be a lot more TV and films black history in the US than there is about black history in the UK. There are some ‘Alt History’ films on YouTube made by BBC Stories featuring David Olusoga. He makes the point that we leave out stories of black people when we talk about UK history, which isn’t cool. He’s also got an interesting series coming out later this month called Black and British a Forgotten History. 


Why I’m No Longer Talking to White People About Race by Reni-Eddo Lodge is a really important book about racism, and the history of racism, in the UK. I learnt loads from reading it, as well as loads of history which I really think should be taught in schools, and not just as an optional add-on for Black History Month either. She also has an excellent podcast called About Race. She also doesn’t just write about race but also writes brilliantly about other stuff too.

Sister Outsider by is a collection of really powerful essays from black feminist Audre Lorde. I also really like The Good Immigrant, which is a collection of essays from Black, Asian, and Minority Ethnic voices in the UK. I’ve not read it yet, but I bet Natives by Akala is amazing because every time I see him interviewed he’s spot on. 

Ice Cream

Ben and Jerry’s show that even if you are a huge multi million dollar brand you can still do activism and I just love their ice cream okay. Check out this amazing thread on their twitter. 

Social Media

I’ve been using the BISH twitter handle to retweet and promote people and organisations doing the hard work of anti-racism. Here are a few of the threads that RTd I think are important

Examples of racism in the UK

Kids of Colour

A thread from Kids of Colour where young people talk about their experience of unfair treatment from Police

The Black Curriculum campaign

This viral tweet about examples of UK racism

Self-care and social media

There’s some harrowing content on social media from the uprising and protests we are seeing across America. Seeing people being assaulted, or killed, by violent cops is incredibly hard to watch whilst also being incredibly important to be aware of.

Please take care if you are watching these clips. It will stress you out or traumatise you to watch these clips or to hear about what happened. So remember to take breaks and allow your body to recover. It’s okay not to watch the videos too, but please try to also be aware of what is happening. Read more about how to deal with stress.

While you’re there also read more about the world and stress and stress and the people around you. I wrote those with Covid-19 in mind but they are relevant for the uprisings and violent Police repression too.

Here’s a really good video on Instagram on how to look after your stress levels during a protest.

Stay safe and take care of each other. If you want advice or want to ask a question you can via here.

Please leave a (nice) comment below if you like or ask me a question here.

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