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Ask Bish Mutual Masturbation in the Shower

About two weeks ago me and my boyfriend were taking a shower before going to dinner, we got a little carried away. It led to mutual masturbation, he didn’t ejaculate but he’s worried that some of his precum could have got inside. We were in the shower the entire time so I told him that it would have washed off his fingers. I started on my ovulation that day too…what’s the chance of me getting pregnant?

Hi and thanks for your question

It’s extraordinarily unlikely that you can get pregnant from this. I’ll explain why.

Firstly, if you were trying to get pregnant you would have to have penis in vagina sex with him ejaculating inside you. If you did this a number of times over the course of a year then it is likely that you will get pregnant. You can’t get pregnant every time you have penis in vagina sex – in fact it’s not even likely (however, don’t risk it. It can happen first time you have sex. If you want to have penis in vagina sex and not get pregnant you’ll need to use condoms or another form of contraception). You haven’t had penis in vagina sex, so the risk of pregnancy is much much lower than this (very very low).

Secondly, there is probably no sperm in pre-cum. ‘Pre-cum’ isn’t semen, it’s fluid from the Cowper’s Gland which cleans out the urethra in order to guarantee safe passage for ejaculation (this is why it appears at the tip of the penis when a penis gets hard). There could be some sperm in this fluid but only if someone has not urinated since the last time he ejaculated (urinating washes any sperm still in the urethra away). Even if he had not urinated there would be a lot fewer sperm in the Cowper’s fluid than when someone ejaculated.

So you’re pregnant from this I’ll eat my hat.


You mentioned that you started ovulating that day. You can only know that you are ovulating if you are monitoring the temperature of your vagina on a daily basis with a thermometer or have a very regular cycle which you are plotting on a calender (or are actually a female baboon and notice that your bottom has changed colour). Lots of women confuse the first day of their period with ovulation. They are not the same.

Hope this helps

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