Advice for if you are having a panic that you are pregnant

Am I Pregnant?

Frequently asked questions, answered with a pretty picture: “I am freaking out, am I pregnant?”

I had sex I'm worried I'm pregnant

I have no idea if you are pregnant

The most frequently asked question I get is “am I pregnant?” I can’t tell you if you are pregnant or not as I don’t have access to (and don’t want to have access to) your urine. I also don’t have any mind reading or Jedi skills at all. Sorry about that.

However I can tell you the risks. The risk of pregnancy from a penis ejaculating deep inside a vagina is 3.1% per time. You can read more about how fertility works here. Depending on when the sex happened the risk ranges from 0% to 9%. The risk of pregnancy from pre-cum being deep inside the vagina is between 0 and 1%. The risk of pregnancy from any other kind of sex (like humping or masturbating each other) where there was no ejaculation and no pre-cum inside the vagina is like 0%. The questions I get about this are usually from people who are in the latter camp.

If you’ve had penis in vagina sex

If you’ve had unprotected penis in vagina sex you can get emergency contraception which prevents pregnancy if used within 5 days of sex. If it’s after that you can just wait for your period to arrive. If it arrives, you’re not pregnant. If it doesn’t arrive you can take a test straight away (involves peeing on a stick). If you don’t know when your period was due you can just wait till 21 days after sex (each test is different, so check the packaging to see when you can take it).

Emergency contraception and pregnancy tests are available for free from your local sexual health service in the UK.

If you’ve had non penis in vagina sex

If you’ve had non penis in vagina sex, let’s face it, you’re probably not pregnant. However often people still worry about this even when I tell them that. So you might want to think about how you deal with worrying (because being told not to worry is often not very helpful). Try to remember that the ‘I’m definitely pregnant from ….’ is the anxiety part of your brain telling you a story. Our brains tell us lots of stories that aren’t true – but we don’t have to believe them. Try distancing yourself from the story.

Also seek support from mates, partners, parents or even a sexual health service who all might be able to help you stay calm and not get overwhelmed. I’ve written this article on how to deal with stress. You might also want to check out this page about anxiety and how to deal with it. It’s well good.

For more help about pregnancy panics

How to deal with stress

Self care – how to look after yourself when you’re feeling anxious or stressed.

Fertility – where you can read about just how hard it can be to get preggers

Dry humping – why it can be so good

Condoms – they help prevent pregnancy, amiright?

Contraception – if you want to be super sure you don’t get pregnant

Is your partner putting you at risk – what to do if your partner doesn’t care whether you get pregnant or not

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265 thoughts on “Am I Pregnant?

  1. Hi! So me and my girlfriends tried having sex, we first masturbated each other and then we proceed to try having intercourse.
    My penis can’t fit and won’t enter her so we just stopped trying. I don’t know if any pre cum got into contact in the entrance of her vagina and has a possibility of her having pregnant. this was 3 days after her period.

      1. Hi Justin! Me and my girlfriend had sex after her period on march 29th. I used a condom and didn’t ejaculate inside her, we did it for a few minutes and stopped because she was worried about getting pregnant. After a few minutes of comforting her, we went back on doing oral sex. What im worried about is after she gave me a bj she always wants to make out with me and we did make out after that i fingered her and licked my fingers before inserting it into her vagina and i also ate her (i didn’t cum all throughout the day and before we did that i didn’t ejaculate for a few days, and I also peed a lot during that time). so my question is, is there a possibility of her getting pregnant from precum through those actions? she had a pregnancy test 4 weeks after our intercourse and it came out negative, im really worried because until now she hasn’t got her period but there was no sign of pregnancy occuring. im sorry for asking this question and yes i’ve read the article but im just worried about her period for not coming this long. i hope you’ll reply to this. thank u Justin!

        1. There’s a pretty much zero chance of pregnancy occurring from what you describe. Periods are late for lots and lots of different reasons, including stress about periods being late. So please try not to worry

  2. Hello Bish! I hope you’re doing well. So my girlfriend gave me a blow job and then I ejaculated inside her mouth and she continued to suck. After that, when we were both naked, we stood up and hugged. I think my penis (there might have been some cum left) touched her vagina. Is she likely to get pregnant from this?

  3. Hii, me and my girlfriend didnt have sex, we dont want sex yet but we are touching eachother.
    Well a few weeks back we had our moment. I was really honry and didnt think, it was really stupid of me. But im worried and ive been overthinking it.
    Well i was fingering her, than i touched my dick and stroked it a bit. Then i fingered her again and i thing i went in her with my finger.
    Im not sure but i think there was a really just a little bit of pre cum on my dick and maybe on my hand, again in not sure if there was. And it was just a little bit i think not much im sure of that. Im worried that it might got her pregnant. I need answers.
    Thank you

  4. Hii doctor Justin!! Im nervous because me and my gf have sex 3 days straight April 24,25,26 it was unprotected and each sex was 2 rounds and now it was only 1 round and i didn’t ejaculate inside her but im seeking for answer coming from an expert like you, is there a chance that she will be pregnant?

    1. (I’m not a doctor) hi! If you didn’t fully ejaculate inside her then it’s very unlikely that she’s pregnant. However what you are doing isn’t risk free (what you are doing is called the withdrawal method) so it’s important to chat with your partner about your safer sex options. Don’t be like one of these guys. Hope this is helpful! Justin

  5. hi. i recently suffered from delayed ejaculation and my penis accidentally entered my partner’s vagina for a couple of seconds after a bj without ejaculation. i’m scared that what if my penis released pre-cum inside of her and there is sperm mixed in with the pre-cum. this happened 1-2 days after her period and a week later her boobs started to hurt and starter to show signs of pms. idk if pms symptoms can start as early as a week after her period. could she be pregnant?

      1. Hi i’m really freaking out right now. I don’t know if I’m pregnant, I’ve searching online and have been stressing ever since I’ve read that precum can be a cause of pregnancy. Me and my boyfriend didn’t fully did it like, he put a little bit past the tip inside me before it started hurting, it was only for a few seconds before we just stopped completely. Once was with protection and the we tried without it. We tried doing it on ovulation which in my calendar it said it was low chance of getting pregnant but I’m five days late now (even though i’m usually late) but i’m stressing out a lot. yesterday he did put it in without protection, just the tip but took it out when i started bleeding, it wasn’t my period. I’m extremely worried and don’t want to be pregnant bc i’m barely 17..

        1. Pre-cum is incredibly unlikely to cause pregnancy, as I explain in the article. There’s also more here Even when people produce sperm in their pre-cum it would be too small an amount (and not in great shape) to start a pregnancy.

          I’m just wondering whether the sex you’ve been having has been good for you in any way? What would a really good sexual experience look like for you? You may find this resource about making first time sex really good useful.

  6. Hey Justin, If the female performs oral sex on male and precum is present. then they kiss. then the male performs oral sex on the female. Can the kissing transfer precum from mouth to mouth and then to the Vagina to cause pregnancy? I had asked a similar question before but I’m not sure if the question got posted so sorry for spamming. Please do reply if possible.

  7. Hey Justin, i hope you’re well, your website has been really useful in my times of crisis. I’ve read some of your articles dozens of times and they’ve always helped me calm down. I want to Thank you so much for existing. I have a bit of a dumb question today but please do reply if you can, During the oral sex, after blow job by girl what if she kiss her partner and without cleaning his mouth if the boy licks her vagina, is there a chance of pregnancy? Can sperm travel through mouth into the vagina?

    1. Awwww that’s very kind, thank you! So in answer to your question, sperm can’t travel from the mouth into the vagina. Even if it could (it can’t) it wouldn’t survive the journey.

  8. hi im 17 and I’m a girl i gave my boyfriend a hand job and he came while my clothes were on and he wiped himself with a tissue with both of his hands and he says he wiped his hands on his pants as well, then 2mins after i licked his index finger and middle finger as he was about to “finger” me. He fingered me but didn’t go as low as to reaching the vaginal opening (where the penis gets in) because I’m virgin anyway, so we’re stressed about myself possibly being pregnant maybe from the littlest amount of microscopic sperm that could been in his or around his fingernails that in my thoughts could’ve survived from the moisture of my saliva and swam in as the fingers went in my vagina (the upper part above the vaginal opening).

  9. Hi Bish,
    Me and my partner did not have penis in vagina sex. She was giving me a blow job and then I ejaculated. While whipping away the cum, I may have some of it on my fingers. And then I touched her clitoris. This happened about a week after her period.
    What are the chances of her being pregnant?
    Thank you so much.

  10. Hi, I am generally a very anxious person and thus, I think sometimes my brain tends to blow things out of proportion. I would still like to have some clarity on questions that have been bugging me. My partner and I used a condom and the withdrawal method together during sex. No ejaculate made its way inside or anywhere close to the vagina. What I’m worried about is dirty hands – say, hands touching places during foreplay and all. Articles on the internet about precum have me second guessing sex and making me utterly anxious. What is the likelihood of pregnancy if there may have been some amount of precum, as a result of putting the condom on and not really washing hands before doing it, on the outside of the condom? I’d have not worried had it been on days outside my fertile window, but we’d sex on the last day of my ovulation – with a condom and withdrawal methods of contraception combined – but the precum thing has me on the edge.

    1. I have explained this in the article I think, but I’ll try and give you a super detailed answer. If your partner fully ejaculated inside your vagina without a condom, the average risk of pregnancy would be 3.1% (depending on the cycle between 0 – 9%) for one time sex. The risk of pregnancy from actual ejaculate being outside or near the vagina is pretty much zero. If your partner ejaculated fully on their fingers and then directly put their fingers inside your vagina then the risk of pregnancy would be higher, but still nowhere near 3.1%.

      If your partner pre-cummed (released pre-ejaculatory fluid) inside your vagina without a condom it’s pretty close to 0% risk of pregnancy per time. This study (the best study on pre-cum that’s been done) found that even when men released sperm into their pre-ejaculatory fluid the most number of sperm they released was 23 million, which sounds like a lot but is actually really not a lot and is very unlikely to cause pregnancy. Men with that level of sperm accounted for only 2.5% of pregnancies. So the risk of pregnancy from pre-cum being released from the tip of the penis deep inside the vagina, is either 0% or very close to 0%, every time you have sex. Sometimes men confuse pre-ejaculation with actual ejaculation, because ejaculation can begin from the penis before they realise it’s happening. This may have happened in the above study about this (as the authors say).

      So pre-cum directly from the penis inside the vagina is very unlikely to cause pregnancy. Pre-cum on your hands, or on the outside of the condom, is a near impossible way to start a pregnancy.

      You are using condoms. Condoms have a protection rate of around 98%. This means that if you have sex 2 or 3 times a week, with full ejaculation inside the condom, inside the vagina, if you use the condom perfectly every time, then the risk of pregnancy over a course of a year is 2%. So 2 people in a 100, having lots of sex, over the course of a year, ejaculating inside the condom inside the vagina every time, will get pregnant.

      You are also practising the withdrawal method which, if you did it perfectly every time, over the course of a year of regular penis in vagina sex has a 4% chance of pregnancy. You are doing this with condoms, which makes the risk of pregnancy pretty much zero.

      A lot of sex education is bad. It often comes from untrained people who don’t do the research. Or it comes from people who think that they should scare young people into not having sex by telling them that ‘you will get pregnant if you have sex’ or that ‘you only need one sperm to fertilise an egg’ or ‘pre-cum can get someone pregnant do don’t even go near them’. If you don’t believe me, look up sex education for adults who are trying to have a baby. It won’t say ‘oh it’s really easy to get pregnant’ or ‘pre-cum can get you pregnant’, it will say ‘you should have regular penis in vagina sex with full ejaculation inside the vagina, if you keep doing that then there’s an 85% chance of pregnancy within a year’. See the difference?

      So this bad sex education creates anxiety (scroll down to see all the other anxious readers who also didn’t get pregnant), so only trust good sources of information and advice, like this one!

      But also, if this kind of sex is making you anxious, you could maybe try some different kinds of sex. It doesn’t matter why a particular kind of sex makes you anxious, but if it does and you’re not enjoying it, you could just try doing something else. The good news is that often people much prefer having non-penetrative kinds of sex. Here’s an article about this which also has links to other articles you might find useful Amazing Sex Without Having ‘Sex’

  11. Hi,

    My partner and I had sex a week after her period. Not sure if she was ovulating.

    It was mostly oral and just rubbing. But while doing so I accidentally went in her 2-3 times, for less than half a second each time. I didn’t cum, but possible some pre-cum may have got in her though I can’t be certain.

    She wasn’t on birth control, and her period is now late by about 2-3 days. What are the chances that this is actually pregnancy?

    1. If you did fully ejaculate inside her then (assuming this was leading up to ovulation, which a week after a period ends might be the case) the chance of pregnancy is 4 – 9%. As you didn’t ejaculate then the chance of pregnancy is much closer to 0%. Which means I think it’s very unlikely she’s pregnant but that you might want to use a condom next time your penis goes near her vagina just in case. These are the kinds of things you could be talking about together too. There are lots of resources on here to help you do both these things. Check out the safer sex section

  12. Hi justin, me and my gf had non penis to vagina sex , and she handjob me, i ejaculated on the condom, and afterwards i washed hands, then gettin on a new condom on my finger then proceed to finger her with a condom on, two days later she had her period, this is last month, and this month we expected her to get her period by MARCH 22 which is 32 days later the same with her period on January , we took a pregnancy test on MARCH 19 and it shows negative, im kinda anxious because her period might be late, until now she hasnt got her period, should i be worried?

  13. hi justin. me and my partner had unprotected sex towards the end of my cycle (around 4-5 days before I expected my next period) so I was in my luteal phase. he didnt cum in me. I’m sure I remember ovulating before due to the discharge. im now 2 days late for my period, I took a pregnancy test yesterday and it came out negative – I took it on the day after I was expecting my period so the first day of my missed period and it came out as negative. im thinking of taking another one in 3 days again to reassure myself. I know the chances of pregnancy are low in my case as I had sex towards the end of my cycle but I just wanted some reassurance from you I guess. what do you think? im now waiting for my period to come but its hard to stay calm as the constant thought of wanting my period to come consumes me. im going to use protection next time to save myself the stress. thank you

    1. If he didn’t ejaculate inside you then it’s very very unlikely that you are pregnant. The average risk of pregnancy in the part of your cycle you describe is close to zero (for one time sex) even if he fully ejaculated inside you. So I would just try to deal with the stress and allow your period to start How to Deal With Stress

  14. hey I hope you’re still replying because I’m EXTREMELY anxious me and my bf were just messing around and we had oral sex further more he fingered me and I gave him a handjob he said that he didn’t touch his thing while fingering me but I’m scared that if he touched it and some of it may have gotten in me (this was on the 7th day of my period) and I haven’t been sleeping at all and been so stressed about it and now I’m late

  15. Hi Bish. Not sure if you check this regularly but I thought it would be worth a shot. I have fairly sound knowledge of the menstrual cycle, ovulation and my cycle generally but stress seems to get the best of me at times so your reassurance is appreciated! I had unprotected sex with my boyfriend on the 26th day of my cycle (my cycle is usually 30-32 days long) so we had unprotected sex towards the end of my cycle as my period is due in 4-5 days. He didn’t ejaculate inside me but pulled out and then we proceeded to have oral sex and then he ejaculated. My fertile window was about a week before and I’m pretty sure I remember having the fertile discharge during my fertile window, that was about a week ago. I know that my chances of pregnancy on the 26th day of my cycle are very low because ovulation has passed and even then an egg only lasts for 12-24 hours. So in my case it’s not possible to get pregnant on the 26th day of my cycle when my fertile window is over right? What are your thoughts? I highly appreciate it, thanks Bish!

    1. It’s highly unlikely to get pregnant from what you describe. You’re practising two forms of contraception here, the natural method and withdrawal. Neither of them are quite as reliable as hormonal or barrier methods of contraception, but when done properly they are really effective, particularly when you do them both together. For more about that try this article What’s the Best Contraception For You?

    2. I thought I would come back to give an update but I got my period! to anyone that’s stressing or worried, don’t be because stress can delay your period further!! Thank you so much Justin for being so kind and understanding, you are a godsend!

  16. Did any of these girls end up pregnant? Those that used the pullout method or those whose bf went in for few seconds only?

  17. Hi Justin, I would just like to ask you a question. My partner and I had dry hump and I was wearing shorts and underwear but she’s not wearing anything and her vulva is rubbing my shorts while I’m erected. After dry humping, I didn’t ejaculate but I there is a precum in my underwear and shorts. Is it possible for her to get pregnant?

  18. Hey Justin. My boyfriend fingered me, did oral sex and then I did the same on him I’m pretty sure no cum went inside me from his fingers. After we finished, we showered together. 5 days later I got my period and it didn’t feel too abundant, however into day 2 of my period I had abundant red bleeding and blood clots. Is this a sign I’m NOT pregnant at all? I’ve read implantation bleeding is a thing!

    I know it sounds dumb, but my mind is playing tricks on me – I feel anxious every moment and I have nausea from it. I’ve attented to therapy but I still would like to get a negative test now that my period is over.

      1. Hey justin, my girlfriend and I had sex (third week of January). She had her last period around January 5. My penis didn’t fully entered hers and didn’t cum. We had sex for about 2mins. Now, she missed her period last month (February) and up until now, we are still waiting for her period. No symptoms at all though but that just doesn’t make us relieved from stress.

        1. If you definitely didn’t cum then it’s very unlikely that she’s pregnant. You might want to get a pregnancy test to set your minds at rest. But also periods can be missed for lots of different reasons (including stress).

  19. Hi Bish, me and gf had sex on her period ( Feb 1 ) I’ve used a condom and also used the pull out method. after that we had non penetrative sex In different occasions (Feb 4 and Feb 14) the thing is she had a slight bleeding on 16-17 I’m just worried if it’s what they call implantation bleeding. Is there a chance that she would beb pregnant

  20. Hi Justin, so my girlfriend was giving me a handjob and I ejaculated in my stomach, I made sure that her hands and my hands were dry before proceeding to finger her cooch. It was roughly about 5 minutes before I fingered her after I ejaculated. I double checked my hands before fingering her and there were no more seen and it has all dried up. Is pregnancy still a possibility? This happened at her ovulation window

  21. Hello everyone! you may notice that I may have grammatical errors since English is my second language. So, anyways, I would like to share my story. So me and my bf got heated up and we decided to put his thing inside me but only it’s head! He didn’t put it all inside because we were both scared, and he didn’t put a condom on. This happened last January 25. Then after a few tries of putting it in, when I put it out he suddenly came but didn’t come inside me but OUTSIDE. After that, I quickly washed my thighs and even my cooch. Now it’s February 14 and I still don’t have my menstruation yet. I have this app called “Flo”, this app helps me track my menstruation. Now It says that I’m late. I am stressed about it I don’t know what to do anymore. Is it possible that I’m pregnant?

    1. Hi. As I say in the article, if he didn’t ejaculate inside then it’s very unlikely that you’re pregnant. Periods can be late for lots of different reasons. If it continues to be late you could get a pregnancy test to be sure.

  22. Hi, I hope you are still answering. And I am sorry if I use the wrong usage since English is my second language. So, my boyfriend and I have sex using pull out method. I understand that this is not the safest way to have sex. Now, I am concerning about getting pregnant. It’s been already 8 days that we had sex. For the first round, I am 100% sure that he didn’t cum inside me. He pulled out way ahead and I gave him handjobs and he came outside. After that, we wanna go for second round. So, We make sure to clean it up and I gave him blowjob( sorry for the language) to suck out his cum. But still, I am worried that what if there are some sperms left and we did it during my ovulation window. I am very stressful about getting pregnant. My boyfriend says that he is very positive that I am not pregnant and I took the test yesterday and it’s negative. But I still want the answer from the expert like you.

    1. I can’t say if you are pregnant or not but, it’s very very unlikely that you are pregnant from what you describe. If he didn’t ejaculate (cum) inside your vagina then your chances of pregnancy are very very low indeed. Also, your pregnancy test result was negative (though it might have been a bit early, depending on the kind of pregnancy test you took. The advice is usually to wait till after the period is late). So try not to worry.

      Pulling out works if you do it right every time. The difficulty is making sure that the penis gets pulled out properly every time. There’s more on that here Is it safe to pull out? rel=”nofollow ugc”> If you do it with condoms then it’s super super safe. Hope that helps!

  23. Hi Justin, so me and my gf was getting into oral sex and hands and I ejaculated for 1-2 times on a towel then went to sleep and then in the morning we get naughty and I inserted my penis without condom for 20 secs and hump her then i removed it and ejaculate till I release. Is it a possibility that she is pregnant?

  24. Hi, so me and my boyfriend didn’t have sex, but he was rubbing himself between my buttocks, he was really wet, i assume that’s precum, and the precum got to my vagina. I think that was around the time of ovulation. Should i be worried about pregnancy?

    1. No I don’t think that this is likely to cause pregnancy. There’s not the same amount of mobile sperm in pre-cum and even then it would have to be deep inside the vagina to have any chance at all of causing pregnancy (even then the risk would be near zero).

  25. hi justin, sorry for my english as it is not my first language, my gf gave me a handjob but with a condom, and i ejaculated, afterwards we removed the condom and i got to the bathroom to throw it out. and later on we got back to cuddling and dry humping, did a lot of things and, i fingered her on her jeans then procceed later on the inside but not that deep, it just like rubbing the outside tho. then i dont remember if i had cum on my fingers or hand. im kinda anxious but two days later she got her period, will she ever get pregnant?

    1. Thanks for your message, I understand it pretty well I think! She won’t be able to get pregnant from what you describe. Also she got her period, which means she’s not pregnant. At some point she might get pregnant, but not from this.

        1. If she got her period then she’s not pregnant. Periods are the lining of the uterus being released through the vagina, along with any unfertilised eggs and a little bit of blood. If someone gets a period that means they aren’t pregnant

          1. Hi justin so yeah, quick update : we did this on JAN 17, then she got period on JAN 19 and lasted for almost 5 days, which started from THURSDAY morning and ended on MONDAY, we took an PT on FEB 3 twice with different brands, and resulted to negative, and took again on FEB 13, also negative, sooo that means shes not pregnant right? thankk you so much justin

          2. Hi Justin im back again, so yeah im kinda worried today because on FEB 17 we did the same thing ive said on what happen on January, but on FEB 19 she got her period, and we never did it again, supposedly she should get her period by now but she hasnt yet , we took PT on MARCH 19, and its negative, should i be worried on any pregnancy risk ?

          3. yep, the whole thing we did is just the same on what happen on january, but i fingered her with a condom on my fingers

  26. Hi Justin, me and my boyfriend had sex today and he pulled out in time and ejaculated on my stomach am I in the clear?? I know having sex without protection is quite foolish but it was in the moment you know. I looked on two of my period calculators and they said my fertile window starts January 28 and the other says it starts January 30. I just want to know that I don’t have to stress about this because I’m a person that likes to stress a lot.

      1. So my boyfriend and I tried to have penis in vagina sex 2 weeks ago. It was on the first day of my ovulation period (on my period tracking app) I’ve been nervous. He didn’t fully ejaculate inside me but I’ve just been really scared. Could you give me some peace of mind.

        1. If he didn’t fully ejaculate inside you then the risk of pregnancy is much less likely. However, if he ejaculated a bit then there is some risk. It was 2 weeks ago so the only thing you can do is to wait for your period or seek out a pregnancy test if you want to be sure. There’s more detail on sexual health services here Sexual Health Services

          1. Thank you for responding. He didn’t ejaculate in me at all. He was still hard. We only did it for like 5 seconds. My period is coming next week. Thank you for your help. Any other information you can give me?

  27. me and my boyfriend had sex for the first time today. he pulled out and a little after he pulled out he ejaculated. what are the chances of pregnancy??

  28. Hi Justin, so me and my boyfriend didn’t have sex, but he was rubbing himself between my buttocks, he was really wet, and the wetness got to my vagina. Is there a possible pregnancy from this?

    1. As I say in the article, if he didn’t ejaculate inside your vagina then it’s incredibly unlikely you are pregnant. If you’re worried you can take the advice I give above about emergency contraception

  29. hi justin so me and my boyfriend tried to have sex for the first time today (it was unprotected) but he didn’t ejaculate at all because it was hurting. My period ended Saturday, what are the chances of pregnancy

    1. Well if he didn’t ejaculate inside you then it’s incredibly unlikely that you’re pregnant. It’s good that you stopped when it hurt, sex shouldn’t hurt, please have a read of this article on that Painful sex – how to have penis in vagina sex without pain also, he could (and maybe should) wear a condom. If you’re worried about pregnancy then he should care that you are worried and so should be taking steps to reduce the risk of pregnancy. If I’m wrong and he does care, fair enough, but please have a read of this to check Partner Putting You at Risk

  30. bish I’m really worried, so last november 29, 2022 me and my girlfriend were doing the thing she gave me a blowjob and I touched my penis I was scared if there was precum there but later that day she had a little bit of bleeding and then the day after that she had a full period, and then on december 23 2022 we did it again first I fingered her and then we were dry humping she was wearing shorts and underwear, and then I ejaculated on her mouth and then she fingered herself about 3 hours later, I was so scared that I got here pregnant until december 31st 2022 she had her period it lasted for 6 days and she had heavy bleeding and severe cramping, but now I’m still concerned because I read that women still have heavy bleeding on their first trimester, thanks!

      1. Hi there bish, I’m still very worried that she got pregnant because I saw people on quora talking about how they got normal periods for months until they found out their already on their 2nd trimester, is it really possible to have a period while pregnant, also I messed on my first comment I meant to say I had precum on my hands and then fingered her. thanks.

        1. The activities you described above can’t start a pregnancy. Occasionally it is possible for women to experience ‘a bleed’ in early pregnancy that isn’t a period. But if she got her period then she’s not pregnant. Is she as worried as you are about this?

          1. nope I am the only one worrying so much, but is it possible for a pregnant woman to have a period until the second trimester?

          2. but have you talked to someone or heard it from other people women getting pregnant from fingering with semen/precum?

          3. I have never heard of this. I’ve been a sex educator since 1999 and have worked with thousands of young people in person in sexual health clinics and schools and millions of young people via here. Now I think it’s a good idea for you to talk with someone IRL about this. Justin

  31. I had unprotected sex one single time with someone and I pulled out and came and then put it back in and kept going for a few more seconds, are the chances of that low? Being that I didn’t fully finish inside of her?

    1. The chances are a lot lower, because you didn’t fully ejaculate inside her. It’s not really a recommended method of contraception / birth control because it’s hard to do this reliably every time (and sometimes we don’t know that we have ejaculated or not). There’s more about this here Is it safe to pull out? (so you might want to think about trying condoms next time How To Use Condoms )

    2. Ok,I will DEF be safer next time. Would you think it’s unlikely she is pregnant from this since there may not have been as many sperm inside to reach the egg if she was ovulating (not sure if she was or not)

      1. Yes exactly. It’s always unlikely that someone is pregnant from one single act of intercourse with full ejaculation anyway (as I explain above). With no full ejaculation it’s much much lower risk. But that doesn’t mean relying on pulling out is a good method of contraception. Hope that makes sense

  32. Hi so I’m wondering if I’m pregnant because my boyfriend and I had sex with a condom he came in me with the condom and we checked after to see if it broke or anything it didn’t but my period is 3 weeks late for some reason and I’m scared

    1. I can’t tell you if you’re pregnant or not, but I can tell you about how effective condoms are. When used perfectly, they are estimated to be 98.5% effective. That means, if you use condoms over the course of a year and have regular sex over that time (around 100 / 150 times), each time ejaculating inside the condom, there’s a 1.5% chance of pregnancy for the whole year. So it’s very very unlikely that you’re pregnant. Having said that, you could get a pregnancy test to check. You might want to visit a local sexual health service to ask them about it too Sexual Health Services

  33. So today me and my boyfriend tried to have sex for the first time, he went in and did only three strokes but I stopped him because it hurted a lot. We proceeded to just hump each other but it wasn’t directly on his penis just on the side and he fingered me afterwards then later on I gave him oral sex. After we were done he lifted me up and kissed me and I’m not sure if his penis touched my vagina when he lifted me because he ejaculated but I don’t remember if when he did that there were any on it. My period is in like 8 or 9 days and I’m really nervous if this could get me pregnant. I’m gonna try to stay calm because I learned that stress can also delay your period and I do not want to be wondering if I’m pregnant.

      1. Thanks Justin, have you ever heard of an example (personally or through mutual friends) where someone has become pregnant through fingering, and no penis in vagina contact? Thanks

        1. I’ve been a sex educator since 1999. I’ve worked with thousands of young people in person and a few million via this website. I’ve worked in clinics, schools, youth centres, with hundreds of different colleagues of many different professions. I’ve never heard of anyone who has got pregnant this way.

          1. Thanks Justin, can’t tell you how much of a huge relief that is to hear! If you could emphasise that on your mutual masturbating/fingering FAQ page, that would be great. So essentially when you say it’s “sooo unlikely” or “very very very very unlikely” it’s basically a next to 0 chance as you’ve never heard of it happening in all your experience? I get your hesitation in not giving absolutes of course.

      2. My period still isn’t here and it’s the last day of the month but I have been feeling bloated, my breasts are kind of tender and I’ve been doing the number 2 since I woke up this morning. So I’m guessing it’s coming later on tonight

  34. Hi Bish, I was with my friend and she gave me oral sex and I fingered her vagina for a few minutes. I didn’t ejaculate, and as far as I’m aware did not touch any pre-cum on my fingers when fingering her as the pre-cum was only slightly on the tip of my penis which I did nly touch. Guessing the odds will be very low, however just an anxious wait until her next due period (2 weeks from now). She was towards the end of her ovulation period, but guessing that is inconsequential when it comes to the “fingering with potential traces of pre-cum” kind of scenario. We did not engage in any penetrative PIV sex, nor did they come into contact at any time.

      1. Thanks Justin, just to add, I’m guessing you’ve never heard of an example where someone is pregnant from fingering? Even accounting for the fact that they may have trace precum on their fingers/cycle point of the female etc? I myself have never heard of it but get scared reading various forums and anecdotal stories.

          1. Thanks, that does me give me a lot of reassurance. I think it’s seeing on various medical sites that say yes it’s technically possible if some precum was on the finger and then transferred to the vagina, pregnancy is possible. However from what you say and Scarleteen says, the risk is theoretical and in reality, it does not happen. If in your vast experience in this field you have never heard of a single example where this fingering/masturbating each other has not lead to pregnancy, that’s great to hear! Relieved that there was no direct contact between the penis and vagina for sure!

          2. Great! If you read the academic paper that I mention in the article that will give you even more reassurance. Also remember that the average risk of pregnancy for one time penis in vagina sex with full internal ejaculation is 3.1%

          3. Thank you – curious as to why so many medical sites say that fingering can potentially cause pregnancy when according to yourself/Scarleteen it’s essentially a 0% chance. Is it due to how fingers can’t transmit sperm the way a penis does, or how rarely does one fully ejaculate on their hand and then immediately place it in someone’s vagina?

          4. I think the answer is both. BISH and Scarleteen are two of the most respected and best sex ed websites out there, we do the research and try and explain it as best as we can!

          5. Many thanks. So fingering (even with potential pre cum etc) only represents a very very low STI risk, not a pregnancy risk at all?

          6. She got her period as expected, (12 days after it happened) Thanks for your advice Justin, any need to do a pregnancy test just for confirmation or all good?

  35. Hey
    please i and my boyfriend had non penetrative sex
    but i am scared of getting pregnant.
    and i dont know if he ejaculated or not
    please i need your help

  36. Hi I had sex like a week after my period ended, there wasnt a condom and he certainly did not finish in me. it was for like one minute but now my period is late and it had never ever ever been late for the past 3 years so I am concerned. Do you think its possible that im pregnant from precum?

    1. It’s very very unlikely to get pregnant from precum (as I explained above) and so very very unlikely that you are pregnant from what you describe. If your period continues to be late you could seek out a pregnancy test or go to a sexual health service Sexual Health Services to make you less concerned.

  37. I was having sex with my Girlfriend with a condom on I immediately pulled out during ejaculation my problem is I went to the shower washed everything from my penius that was left over and dried up and stuck my penius inside her for two seconds to see how it felt without a condom what are the chances of her getting pregnant if you don’t mind me asking because i have been worried.

    1. It’s extremely unlikely that she’s pregnant from this. Maybe you didn’t meant to say it like this (for a lot of people here, English is not their first language) but the way you phrase what happened after your shower does worry me a little. Of course you were doing this with your girlfriend’s consent weren’t you?

    2. Of course professor Hancock there was consent I was just wondering because I have been worried these past two weeks and wanted to know the chances of pregnancy I didn’t mean to word it like that.

  38. Hey Bish,
    Im scared i got my gf pregnant. About 18 days ago we almost had sex. My penis touched her vagina and the tip was almost inserted. I did not cum and I never inserted my penis in her. Her period is now 12 days late and were extremely worried. she’s getting a test tomorrow and we’ll know fs. do you think there’s a chance that precum got her pregnant. Her periods are pretty irregular but its still a long time to go without getting it. Also, I hadn’t ejaculated in over 48-72 hours and I had gone pee many times in those hours. Should I be worried.

  39. Hello, first of all im going crazy. I am not thinking straight, i have WAY too much stress on me and i need your help. I “kind” of had sex with my girlfriend yesterday. She is a virgin, but it didnt go all the way in, id say less then half went in. For the past 24 hours ive been searching through the internet the percentages and chances of getting pregnant with precum and stuff like that and i just cannot find a concrete answer.

    I am freaking out, if she gets pregnant it will be VERY bad. Im worried that she might get pregnant with precum, like i said, i didnt go all the way in, and she is still technically a virgin, because i am VERY sure i didnt tear her hymen.

    I need to know what you think about this

    1. Hello. Well it’s not possible to give you a concrete answer because it depends on how many sperm are in your precum (and if you actually produce any precum). As I said in the article (and found the scientific research on precum, see above) some men have some sperm in their precum, but it most likely wouldn’t be enough to start a pregnancy. So, from what you describe, there’s an almost zero chance of pregnancy. If you ejaculated fully in her vagina there would be (on average) a 3.1% chance of pregnancy.

      Some people would see these as very small risks, others would see them as very high risks. Obviously that depends on just how bad it would be if someone got pregnant. That is usually to do with the social and political situation you’re in (whether abortion is available for example), how a family might react to this, ideas about ‘virginity’, and the nature of the relationship. All I can do is tell you what the risk is.

      If you are this worried about it, I think it’s important to take more care next time you have sex. You haven’t mentioned whether your girlfriend is stressed, but it is her body that you’ve put at risk, not yours. So if you don’t want to get this stressed again, it might be a good idea to put a condom on if you want to put your penis near her vagina again. Even better would be for you to spend some time reading some other articles here (this is one of the top sex ed websites online) about how to have safer sex or different kinds of sex that don’t involve your penis going in her vagina. A good place to start would be this article How To Have Sex or this one Have the Best First Time Sex

      You could also do some more reading about what you describe as the hymen, we now call it the corona Clitoris and Vagina Also virginity is something that you might want to think about a bit more critically because different people have different views about it

      As for the stress you’re feeling, you could read this article about it How to Deal With Stress. Another thing you could do is to reflect on what you’ve been doing that has helped you. You came and found a really good website, you asked for my advice, what else have you been doing that helped? What else? Come up with a list of 10 things that you’ve done that have helped you. Then try for another 5…

  40. Hi Bish,

    So I’ve read this blog but I just wanted to make sure. My partner and I, during her period (Not sure which day of her period, but for sure she was on her period) were humping without clothes on and my penis came into contact with her clitoris area (I’m not 100% sure, but I know for sure I didn’t insert it into her vagina so it was probably the area above) for about a minute or so of humping. After that, we stopped. I didn’t ejaculate at all, and the last time I masturbated was two days ago so I’d have peed many times since then so the chances of precum having come into contact with her is low right? I definitely didn’t insert it into her vagina, and I definitely didn’t ejaculate at all that night.


  41. Hi Bish,
    About a week ago me and my boyfriend had sex using a condom, I took the morning after pill (ella one) because straight after we where messing about and he put his penis in me with no condom on. He didn’t cum in me as it was literally in a and out.
    4 days after me taking the morning after pill we had sex again using a condom, he came.
    We took the condom off and about 20 mins later had sex again without using a condom, he didn’t cum. Is there a chance of me getting pregnant? My next period is due in 6 days.

    1. Hey bishh

      My gf was giving me handjob I didn’t cum but I had precum and there was some precum on my finger and I started fingering her I can’t fully remember if it was fully dried or not what are the chances of her getting pregnant or is it even possible to get pregnant like that

  42. Hey Bish/Justin!
    So my boyfriend ejaculated on my breasts after a handjob . I was on my period and was wearing an underwear , a sanitary pad and jeans during the entire process . He rinsed my chest right after the act all while i wore the above mentioned. And later dried it with a cloth . After about 30 minutes i went to the washroom to pee and may have touched myself (i don’t remember if I washed my hands before but they were dry ) . And then I took a hot shower with soap lathered around by breasts . Can I be pregnant? I’m sorry, I know the question sounds stupid but i have no one else to talk to and my anxiety won’t let me sleep .

      1. Hey Bish/Justin !
        Just a follow up to the comment above . Just like you predicted, I’m not pregnant. But my period was late , i had sudden sharp abdominal pain and i was diagnosed with an ovarian cyst. And it was the reason for my irregular period. I just wanted to thank you for helping me out.

        1. I hope you’re doing okay. Well done for getting that diagnosed. Thanks for letting me know, it’s great when people come back to say that they aren’t pregnant (no-one has come back to say that they are).

  43. Hi bish I had my period earlier this month, it had clots, lasted for the five days and everything like my normal period flow, and afterwards everything went back to normal. Since august 27 I’ve noticed this excessive discharge and the sudden urge to pee. Up until now I’m having this excessive discharge and I’m sure I could not be pregnant because the last sexual activity I had was June 17. Do you think this could be a sign of pregnancy?? Please answer bish my period is due September 8, and I’m scared I’m pregnant how am I gonna tell my mother. I’m only 17.

    1. I very much doubt this is a sign of pregnancy because you have had a period (and it felt like your regular period). I can’t tell you what else is happening, so you may want to think about visiting a doctor.

    2. This is the same thing that’s happening to me I don’t know what’s the issue. I’m just having this constant urge to pee and I’m scared this could mean I’m pregnant when I haven’t done anything since june, and had periods after that. I’m scared if I go to the doctor and they say I’m pregnant I don’t know what I would do or how my mom would react, I’m so scared.

  44. Hi Bish,

    Me and my gf was dry humping, i was in my underwear and she was naked. i think some of my pre-cum touched her vagina, can this resulted in pregnancy? she is now 8 days late and i am starting to get anxious. please help.

  45. Hi Bish,
    I and my boyfriend had sex last night, Mayb 15h ago. What we have done is non penis in vagina sex. He told me that his semen didn’t leak and his penis didn’t touch my vagina area as well. But still I’m so worry right now ‘cos it’s my 1st day to conceive. I need ur advice, is there any chance I could be pregnant? And should I take the emergency pill?

  46. I feel you have answered this but I would be grateful for your opinion on my specific story as I’m sick to my stomach and literally so anxious I can barely function. I do have an underlying anxiety disorder. I am smack in the middle of ovulation. I track and I’m regular and had all the signs. In between birth control methods right now .Because of that we opted for Forplay only. His rubbed himself quit a bit and then touched me. About 5-10 mins later he ejaculated on his own stomach.
    So precum on fingers then fingers inside me during ovulation. Statistic? I cannot get emergency contraception due to my spiritual beliefs so now I’m on the waiting game hell… please help

    1. It’s very very unlikely that this will cause pregnancy. If he had actual ejaculate on his hand (rather than pre-cum), and put his fingers inside you, then the chances are a little higher but still much much lower than for penis in vagina sex which is already pretty low (even if you are ovulating). As for the anxiety, I know that’s hard to deal with but you might want to remind yourself of how to do some self care when you’re stressed. You could try the advice I have about how to deal with stress and how to worry

  47. if my boyfriend touched the tip of his penis and there was supposedly precum there and he fingered me deeply; is there a possibility of me getting pregnant

    1. It’s pretty unlikely. As I said in the article and in this article It’s a pretty low risk of pregnancy from precum even if his penis was inside your vagina (and sometimes zero risk). So from what you describe it’s even lower than that.

  48. So yesterday my girlfriend and I were doing dry humping in our underwear and after that mutual masturbation on the day after her period ended. We had our underwear on, and for a few seconds I reached into her panties and rubbed the outside/upper part of her vagina, and it is possible that I had a bit or precum on my hand, and probably it was dried. We had a similar scare last month so after a few seconds I immediately realized and went to wash my hands twice just to be sure. After that we continued and I went lower but my fingers never entered her and she finished me off. She is telling that I have nothing to worry about and this is nothing, but I can’t seem to stop stressing and I also wanted to ask here. What would you say the chances are of getting pregnant from this?

    1. Hi. I’m pretty sure that I’ve covered this in the article, but the chances of pregnancy from this are pretty much zero. Even if you had viable sperm in your pre-cum (not everyone does) there are usually not enough sperm to reliably start a pregnancy and even then the sperm in the pre-cum would need to be deposited from the penis fully inside the vagina, and even then the risk of pregnancy would be pretty close to zero. If you are stressing about this then I have advice for you about how to deal with stress and how to worry If your girlfriend is telling you that there’s nothing to worry about then it might be wise for you to listen to her too.

  49. Good day bish..
    I’m a 16 year old boy..I really need your opinion..So my girlfriend was giving me a oral and I ejaculated in her mouth..And right after that I tried to put it in…I think the tip got in…I’m really anxious if she’s pregnant or not…Please reply🥺

    1. It’s very unlikely that she’s pregnant from this. As I explain above, even if you ejaculated fully inside her vagina there is a maximum 9% risk of pregnancy (average risk is 3.1%). So there may only have been small numbers of sperm on your penis and they would still have a long way to travel from the tip to the fallopian tubes. If you’re worried you could try speaking with a sexual health service near you. I know in your other post you said that ‘we tried to put the tip in’ so as you know it’s important that both people try to make sex as safe and consensual as possible.

      1. I just came back to say that my gf period just came and I am very relieve…She’s not pregnant…We also talked about ways to have safe sex…And I just want to thank you bish for the advice…I just want to tell anyone going through with a pregnancy scare that consult people who are knowledgeable and reliable…To avoid unnecessary worries❤️

  50. Hi Justin,

    Wanted your thoughts on this scenario:

    Girlfriend gave a handjob and some of the ejaculate accidentally landed on the outside of her vagina. She was on Day 13 of her cycle, and normally has a regular 28-day cycle. To be safe, 8 hours later she took Plan B.

    I believe the odds of pregnancy are very low as there was no penetration of any kind, but it would help if I could make a comparison to another risk I understand.

    For example, do you think the odds are comparable to full PIV intercourse when the woman is properly taking birth control (e.g. less than 0.5%)? If you think my example is comparable to having sex with birth control it would give me a good reference and put my mind at ease.

    We are considering a copper IUD over the next few days, but want to make sure we’re framing the risk correctly.

    1. Hiya

      Really there’s zero risk of pregnancy from this. Day 13 of a 28 day cycle is the most fertile time of the cycle, even then there’s a 9% risk of pregnancy *if* you ejaculated deep inside the vagina. A hand job outside the vagina isn’t going to get someone pregnant. So try not to worry.

      IUDs are extremely reliable and effective (you might want to do something nice for her afterwards because they can be a bit uncomfortable to fit).

  51. 2 days before I met my gf, we didn’t had sex but while my hand comes in contact with the precum and I did fingering. Is there any possibility that she will get pregnant. She had her last period 10 june.

    1. my last period was june 10 as well, when me and boyfriend was kissing i noticed he started to touch himself but i started to do it for him so i doubt he could of produce pre-cum that quick but i’m sure he didn’t touch the tip of his penis and after he fingered me; can i get pregnant by this?

      1. It’s very very unlikely that you can get pregnant by this. As I explain in the article, even if he had viable sperm in his pre-cum (not everyone does) there are usually not enough sperm to reliably start a pregnancy and even then the sperm in the pre-cum would need to be deposited from the penis fully inside the vagina, and even then the risk of pregnancy would be pretty close to zero.

  52. Your stats are great, but I personally know at least 2 people who got pregnant “accidentally” from only one time Penis in vagina sex, first is my ex husband and second is my ex boyfriend. I’m not a doctor, but most people I know didn’t plan children, they all got pregnant stupidly just because they were either drunk or/and don’t know how to use protection (you would think they would by their 25-35y.o). So I wouldn’t be that optimistic about percentages. Whereas I’ve struggled with infertility for years (2 cycles of ivf). So you know when people tell me “it’s really hard to get pregnant from having unprotected sex just once”, I tell them it’s not true because everybody around me seems to get pregnant this way. So I would encourage people to use protection every single time regardless because children should be planned, otherwise all these “unlikely” pregnancies end up in divorces and single mothers.

    1. I think you’ve proved my point about this and it sounds like we agree with each other. The risk of one time penis in vagina sex leading to pregnancy is on average 3.1%. So if you know a lot of people, 2 people having experienced this is likely. Sex ed tells young people ‘if you have sex you will definitely get pregnant’ which is not really accurate. What it should say is ‘if you have sex there is a likelihood of pregnancy every time, so if you don’t want to get pregnant you should use a method of contraception.

  53. Hi I was wondering, because the chance of pregnancy increases from 3.1% to 9% when ejaculation happens … most likely because of the fertile window I presume.

    Does the same apply for the precum chances as in it goes from 0 – 1% to 0 – 3%
    When the girl is in her fertile window ?

    1. Good question. The answer is no. The research that I quoted in the article said that the chances of precum causing pregnancy are probably less than 1% in total, which depends on how much sperm there was in the precum, how mobile it was, and when it happened in the cycle.

      1. Thank you, I am also wondering what are the chances of pregnancy from fingering if there was precum in my fingers ?

        1. I think the issue with precum is that people often can’t tell the difference between pre-cum and cum cum. But even if it was cum cum, the chances of pregnancy would be a lot lower than for penis in vagina ejaculation (which is already quite low).

  54. Hey bish, my gf and i went a little further than we wanted and i rubbed my d to her clit and there was definitely no ejaculation but her cycle is messed up because she took birth control for 2 days about a month before and got sick so stopped… anyways without having taken birth control her period would have been the week after the occurrence but it hasn’t come yet and she is having cramps and aches but she has been so stressed the whole week. I know above you said that the probability of pre is almost 0 percent even if we did have penetration but we didn’t so the likelihood is basically zero percent but she is having these symptoms and is very nervous. Is it really possible that she is pregnant or is this much more likely caused by something else? any help goes a long way thanks!!

    1. The risk of pregnancy from this is pretty much zero. But it sounds like your GF might want to go and speak to the doctor who gave her birth control to talk about whether this is the best method for her. You could put a condom on too.

  55. Hi, hope you’re well. I’ve read through the article and your responses multiple times and although they put me at ease, I’m experiencing what google claims to be pregnancy like symptoms. I haven’t had penetrative sex but my bf and I had our genitals touching at the opening with pre cum. I wanted to know what the chances of pregnancy were/if there are any? I’m hoping it’s just stress but im a couple days late but I also tend to have long cycles but I just can’t tell as im cramping a lot, feeling fatigue and nauseous. Thanks!

  56. I have never came in my girlfriend and had unprotected sex three times this month she just started a new birth control two months ago now she is having crazy cramps and is a day late (also stressing) any help

  57. You’ve been very patient, bish, and I really admire your dedication in replying to these comments. I just can’t fathom how stressed you may have been, answering these “am i pregnant” questions over and over. Thank you so much. You are such a good person for doing this.

    However, i know you might be very annoyed by now, and I might have read your replies to every single comment on your articles for 3 hours straight (it’s currently 2:30 am in the Philippines), but I want to vent here. I came from a very religious and conservative family and they know me as someone who will never be able to do this. I am really anxious right now, and I can’t sleep, for the love of god.

    First, i just want to say that I have PCOS. I have irregular periods, and I’m bad at tracking my periods, too so I’ve forgotten when I had the last one, but I’m pretty sure that I had my period more than 2 months ago.

    So here’s the dreadful story, me and my friend had fooled around. September 3, he put the tip in for like 30 seconds, there may have been pre-cum (which i know you will reply that it will be unlikely because ive really read your replies too much hahaha) but it did not go deep, and he said he didn’t come.

    But on september 15, we did it again. Tip only, maybe even half, but not fully, for about 30 seconds still. But I stopped it and just continued rubbing and humping each other naked without it fully entering. Our genitals were just rubbing. For both days, he also fingered me, and would occasionally touch his genital.

    Now, I am very very worried I might be pregnant, because on Sep 14, I vomited once. But it might just be because I got like an “ew” reaction to the apple I dipped a lil bit in salt (which i normally like btw), but I think that it’s just from the ew factor.

    There’s also no way for me to know when I’d be ovulating, because i forgot when I last had my period. I also dont know when I’m gonna have my next period, because for years, I’ve literally gone for like 4-5 months without blood flowing through my vagina.

    I am very anxious, and it would be a very great help if you could say something. I might get an EC though, if it’s available here in the Philippines. I have no one to talk to, and I really don’t want to get pregnant, I’m very stressed and depressed right now, too. I’m gonna repeat this, you are a very good person for doing this, for making a platform where we all could just share our worries and get an answer. Thank you. Just writing this down calms me a bit, too, so thank you so much, bish.

    1. Hi! Thanks for carefully reading everything that I’ve written and for the really kind words about me and the website.

      You can probably guess what my advice is going to be. I can’t tell you if you are pregnant or not, but I can tell you that it would be extremely unlikely to get pregnant from what you describe. Even if he fully ejaculated deep inside your vagina, the chance of pregnancy (on average) would be 3.1% each time. This is pretty low.

      If you asked for my advice on how to get pregnant I would say ‘you have to have regular penis in vagina sex (with full ejaculation inside the vagina) for a year and even then there is a 15% you won’t get pregnant.’

      I’m not saying that it’s a good idea for him to put his penis inside you. The tiny tiny risk of pregnancy (like 0.01%) is stressing you out, so that means he shouldn’t do that. Or he could do it with a condom.

      If you can get Emergency Contraception Emergency Contraception that might set your mind at rest (it works up to 5 days after sex), but I still think it’s very very very unlikely you are pregnant from what you describe. You could also try to speak to someone at a clinic local to you who might be able to set your mind at rest too. Try this service, it looks like they have a chat function (tell them I sent you)

      The other thing you should know is that of all the advice I’ve given here or on any of the other posts about it, no-one has ever come back and said that they were pregnant.

      Hope that helps!

      Justin (BISH)

      PS I’m going to try a little bit of salt when I have an apple next. I like peanut butter with apple so maybe that would be nice too?

    2. hi there. im from the PH as well. im glad someone from my country has found BISH. i used to be anxious as you are. if you need a friend, reach out to me. i can help you and we’ll get through this!

        1. My boyfriend and I had sex after my ovulation he didn’t cum and he pulled out whilst using a condom too it was my first time therefore it wasn’t that long, I’m worried as my periods 3 days late I may be pregnant we literally put all precautions into place and it didn’t break either!

          1. It’s very unlikely you got pregnant from this. If 100 couples had regular sex with condoms every time over the course of a year (so 100/200 times) then it’s estimated that between 1 and 2 couples would get pregnant.

  58. Hi , I had sex with my girlfriend during her fertile period, I think I pulled it on time but i am scared that few drops of semen did went inside. Will she get pregnant , what are the chances.?

  59. I am most likely overthinking/stressing about this, but I want to ask anyway as I am inexperienced and want to be 100% safe when it comes to sexual interactions with my partner. Normally we do NOT do this sort of thing but yesterday we got caught up in the moment and I let him put the tip of his penis inside of me — not all the way, not even deep, and it was only for maybe a 2-3 minutes. He did not ejaculate inside me, and I don’t think there were any major amounts of pre-cum. I had him stop after those 2-3 minutes because I didn’t want to risk us going further than we intended, as an unplanned pregnancy is definitely NOT something we want.

    My question and fear is – is there a chance I can get pregnant this way? All the information I’ve been reading points to no as the % is very low but I wanted to ask anyway. We plan to use condoms or straight up refrain from any type of penis to vagina interaction just to be safe in the future and avoid anymore stress/scares.

    1. I have answered this in my article above pretty clearly. Even if there was pre-cum the risk is very very low, but you could get emergency contraception just to be on the extremely safe side.

  60. Hey Bish. I’ve commented on here before, and your advice and information has really really helped me in the past, so I thought Id comment to get your opinion. As of right now, I am 1 day “late” (day 30 of my cycle) for my period. I use a period tracking app and it has been very accurate for me. My boyfriend and I had sex 5 days before my ovulation day was supposed to happen, and it was with a condom, and pull out for extra protection (if that even helps). 3 days ago, we did a bit without protection, but stopped to ensure that we were being safe. Same thing the day after that. Im not sure if this would affect my period days, but I did have a mild yeast infection, which is mostly gone but I am still have discharge from. I don’t know if that can affect my period days or not but if so that could be it. I know that condom are super effective when used correctly, and we always check them, and they have not failed us in the past. I know there’s always a super small chance but I just don’t understand. My boyfriend and I are both worried but also confused on if or how this could possibly happen. I know I can wait out the next week and see, but i’m worried and confused.

    1. As I’ve said, and as others have said, periods and menstrual cycles are often random. They don’t always come at the same time for many many reasons. One of the main reasons for this is stress. So if you are stressed out about pregnancy then this might be delaying your period. If you used condoms and didn’t have internal ejaculation the chances of pregnancy are pretty much zero. If you had unprotected sex without ejaculation, and it was definitely after ovulation, then the chances of pregnancy are also pretty close to zero. However, ovulation doesn’t always happen at the same time and sometimes people can start to ejaculate before they realise. However, on the whole it sounds pretty unlikely that you are pregnant.

      I can’t keep doing this though. If you are this stressed about getting pregnant then I would suggest that you do different kinds of sex that have absolutely no risk of pregnancy. For example here Amazing Sex Without Having ‘Sex’ If your boyfriend is making you have this kind of sex and the risk of pregnancy isn’t scaring him then maybe you should read this Partner Putting You at Risk

      1. Hello Bish, first of all i would like to thankyou for such great article it really gave me relief when i was overthinking about all this stuff and secondly i wanna ask you that is pregnancy possible even if we had protected sex and the condom does not breaks or slips off.

        1. Condoms are thought to be 98.5% effective when they are used perfectly (so not breaking or slipping off). That means that if people use condoms over the course of a year of regular sex there is a 1.5% chance of pregnancy. If sperm does not get inside the vagina, a pregnancy can’t happen. If you had sex without condoms or another form of contraception, over the course of a year of regular sex, there is an 85% chance of pregnancy. Anxious About Getting Her Pregnant

          Remember also that condoms are tested very thoroughly. Each batch of condoms (look on the packet for the batch number) are tested. They take some random condoms out of the batch and test them (fill them with water, inflate them, stretch them with machines). If one of them fails then the whole batch gets destroyed. How To Use Condoms

  61. Hi, I also have a serious question since I’m still scared that I might be pregnant. I will explain everything in details. I hope you reply in details too.

    So my last period was March 9-16, we had sex (with condom) on March 18, but it only lasted for a few minutes and he wasn’t aroused and he didn’t even ejaculated. I just remove the condom and handjob him so he would came. We didn’t insert it in my vagina after.
    So again we had unprotected sex Last April 8 and 10. we only lasted for a few minutes and he didn’t inside me because we removed it more like 5 mins before he ejaculated. we even went to the bathroom where he would ejaculate. I was afraid of precum. and after that I washed my hands before washing my vagina. i peed after too. (and I think I might have ovulated that time too)

    Now I’m 5 days late, usually my cycle lasts 35-39 days. but it’s now day 44. haven’t my period yet and I’m having bloating, back aches, cramps. I didn’t have vaginal discharge for that 5 days late. it’s just like wet panty maybe from sweat, i don’t know. I took pregnancy test when I was 3 days late and this morning. both negatives.

    I also checked my cervix for that 5 days late and it’s low and hard. I’m having a bit nausea too maybe because I lack sleep since I’m always overthinking ang crying and praying for my period to come.

    1. It’s very unlikely that you are pregnant from what you describe. As I said above, there is an average of 3.1% chance of pregnancy (between 0 and 9%) for a single act of intercourse with ejaculation. Without ejaculation inside the vagina this is much much much lower. I think that you need to just wait for your period to arrive. They can be late for many reasons, including stress. How to Deal With Stress The main thing that I’m concerned about is that you are having this kind of sex when it stresses you out so much. It doesn’t sound like it’s very enjoyable to me. Perhaps you could think about having different kinds of sex that might be really exciting and pleasurable but not have any risks of pregnancy. For more see Amazing Sex Without Having ‘Sex’ and OMG Yes, No, Hmm: work out what kind of sex you like

  62. Hi, I had one penetration unprotected with my boyfriend, then we continued to have protected sex and he finished outside, all of this outside of my fertile window. my period is irregular but for the past months has been working like clockwork, now I’m one day late. I’ve had my premenstrual symptoms like breast pain and cramps however there’s no sign of bleeding. I know I’m stressed about work and about this which might be the reason for my delay but I still want to know if there’s any chance I might be pregnant from possible precum

  63. Hi so i am 16 and my boyfriend is 16 aswell. This was our 3rd time ever having sex and we did, but he didnt ejaculate in me or anything but im freaking out because im getting cramps and im not sure when my period starts. do you know if theres a chance i could be pregnant ?!

    1. I’ve explained about your chances of pregnancy above. The cramps might be an early sign of pregnancy. They could also be signs of ovulation (sometimes people get pain in the middle of their cycle, called mittelschmerz ). You could also just be a bit sore from having sex. When you have intercourse your body is in an unusual position and sometimes the muscles that you have been using for the first time can get a bit sore. You could also try other kinds of sex that have a very very low risk of pregnancy and might feel more comfortable Amazing Sex Without Having ‘Sex’

  64. Hi I’m on the contraceptive patch and have been for just over 2 years
    I’m using it perfectly fine and have never missed a week changing it.
    3 days ago me and my boyfriend had sex and he ejaculated inside me.
    Am I pregnant? What are the chances of this.

    1. The patch is a very very effective method of contraception and is over 99% effective. This means that if you have regular sex over the course of a year there is less than a 1% chance of pregnancy

  65. Hello, my girlfriend had her period on the 20th of February. We have never had sexual intercourse but she gave me a hand job and I cam on her hand I had dried her off and as when she got home 2-3 minutes after she had touched herself what are the chances of her being pregnant she is two days late and we are both sort of stressed. Can she be pregnant is there a chance that cum had survived after dry?

  66. Hey…I have been worried sick. So me and my guy had unprotected sex but he didn’t ejaculate inside 100% sure. According to my period tracker app, I’m in my ovulation period. Should I be worried? Is there any risk of pregnancy from precum and since I’m ovulating?

    1. I have answered this above. There is a very very small risk of pregnancy from some pre-cum being in the vagina. If you’re sure that he didn’t ejaculate then it’s very unlikely you’re pregnant. If you’re definitely in your ovulation period, that is the most likely time for pregnancy to happen, but only with full ejaculation inside you. If it’s within 5 days you can get Emergency Contraception

    1. Hello I am worried the thing is that I had sex with my boyfriend in the 16 day of my cycle. I was on top of him and we decided to change of position, we didn’t find the condom because it got stuck inside of me. We didn’t had sex after that and he didn’t ejaculate before (when we found out it was stuck) I took a morning afterpill. What’s the risk of getting pregnant with precum and by this situation?

      1. The risk of getting pregnant from pre-cum is close to zero. The morning after pill would make that risk even lower than that. So it’s very unlikely that you’re pregnant from this.

  67. About two weeks ago (around when my gf was ovulating) we were messing around. We have never done penetration only manual masturbation and stuff. I finished myself in the bathroom and washed/dried my hands and then fingered her again. Then another time about 10 days ago I finished on her chest/stomach (again no penetration). We then wiped it all off with a wet and then dry towel. Now she is 3 days late. Do you think it’s possible any cum or precum could’ve gotten her pregnant?

    1. What they don’t tell you at school is that if you have regular penis in vagina sex, with ejaculation inside the vagina, over the course of a year, the chances of pregnancy are 85%. It’s thought that the chance of pregnancy from one time penis in vagina sex with full ejaculation inside the vagina is 3.1%. So what do you think the chances are that you’ve got your girlfriend pregnant?

  68. so recently on saturday my bf and i were naked and he put his penis in between my boobs and i saw his precum, i licked it and then we dry humped without clothes, but i freaked out the moment i realized his had precum. i was already 2 days late for my period, now i’m 4 days late. and i know precum pregnancy is very rare and late periods are normal sometimes. but i’ve been having panic attacks and stressed to the core since i’ve been researching about all the pregnancy symptoms and how they can be similar to period symptoms. i’m scared his precum went in me. i’m scared i’m not getting my period, especially since i usually do have regular period cycles. should i be worried i’m pregnant.?! i’m really scared and stress.

      1. thank you for responding back. also, i forgot to mention something. when i was writing, after licking the precum off my bf’s penis, and we dry humped naked, he touched his tip of his penis somewhere around my vag area. will that still not cause a pregnancy or at least unlikely to.? since he didn’t put it in.?

  69. Hi..
    My boyfriend and i had anal sex on 31st November. After 14th day of my last period. Without protection. And then he rubbed penis to my vagina. After this I didn’t get my periods in this month. I am really scared. Tensed about precum. now I have little pain in lower abdomen (like cramping) Is this the sign of pregnancy? Plz answer

    1. I’m afraid I can’t tell you if you’re pregnant or not. I can say that anal sex has an extremely low risk of pregnancy (the sperm would have to exit the anus and then go right inside the vagina). If your boyfriend pushed the semen into your vagina with his penis then that increases the risk a little. However, from what you describe, there is a very low risk of pregnancy (as I explain in the article above). You might also want to speak to your boyfriend about him taking better care of his and your sexual health. Condoms (and lube) are recommended for anal sex. What Is Sex?

  70. Me and my boyfriend had sex around two weeks ago. My period had came early and stopped a few days before he got back. We’ve been doing stuff a lot, and he ejaculated in me once this whole entire time. I’ve been doing things to try and prevent a pregnancy. And I just started ovulating so I might start my period but I don’t know. But we aren’t ready for a baby and it was a bad idea.

  71. Hi!

    He came in me at least halfway and came outside for the rest of his ejaculation 8 days before my next period and 20 days since my period started. I felt like I ovulated 1 week before we did it but as far as I remember, my vag was not releasing as many discharge as the last week of when we did it. My cycle is usually 27-28 days. The past months I am 27 days long so I expected it to arrive on December 10 but now it’s my 29th day and I still got no period. Could I be pregnant?

    1. I’m afraid I can’t tell you if you’re pregnant or not. I have given you a lot of information in the article, so please just scroll up and look through it all. Then you tell me if it’s likely that you’re pregnant or not.

      1. It would be really useful if everyone replied to say that I was right and that there was no need to worry. No-one has every come back and said ‘Justin you were wrong, I got pregnant’

  72. Hey Bish, i just recently had an experience where the tip of my penis rubbed the out side of her vagina but was not pushed in. Would this fall in 0% chance of pregnancy category. Im stressed!

  73. me and my boyfriend had unprotected sex and he says he pulled out but i am not sure. i have been cramping and have white discharge the whole next day, could i be pregnant?

    1. The cramping and white discharge are unlikely to have anything to do with pregnancy. As I say on the page, there’s a 0 – 9% chance of pregnancy from one time penis in vagina sex with full ejaculation. If he didn’t come inside you then it is close to zero. I’m worried that your boyfriend isn’t giving you much choice though? Partner Putting You at Risk

  74. So I’ve been having sex unprotected for the whole month of October and he’s been nutting in me . My period came after but we started doing it again right after it was over . He continues nuttin in me until about the 14th of November . I just got my period but it was a little later then expected . I need help

  75. I am 16 my boyfriend is 18.. two weeks ago we had about 10 minutes of unprotected sex. He did not cum in me he finished himself off with a hand Job and came then. I am suppose to get my period Friday but I haven’t felt normal I am super scared I could get pregnant by pre cum. I have sticky white mucus and some days not any discharge at all. Please answer I can’t stop getting panic attacks.

    1. It’s unlikely that you are pregnant from sex if he did not come inside you. As I say in the article, the risk of one time penis in vagina sex with ejaculation causing pregnancy is between 0% and 9%. The risks of pre-cum causing a pregnancy are close to 0%.

  76. My boyfriend and I decided to try to have sex for the first but it didn’t work out. Even when we are doing oral, we always using protection just in case. Better to be safe than sorry. But my boyfriend had a condom on and stuck some of his penis (just the tip) but didn’t fully push inside of me and he never ejaculated in me at all. I am 9 days late. I’ve had this issue back in January and had taken some pills Provera back in February as I had also taken the double the pills. I don’t feel sick or whatever but I am worried about this. I took 3 test and they all came out negative. My cycle is usually about 35 days or so. Should I even be worried?

  77. Hi,
    I dry humped my boyfriend naked. Before we did that I gave him two blow jobs. The app I track my period on says I wasn’t ovulating. My cycle is on average 34 days. We did this six days before my period was supposed to start. I’m now 9 days late. I took a test and it says negative but I’m just worried that there may have been traces of sperm or pre-cum that got transferred when we rubbed against each other. I know stress delays periods, and I have been stressing a lot. Borderline panic attacks. I’m just worried. Thank you.

    1. I know that you’re stressed out, so first of all let’s deal with that. Sit in a chair or lie down on the floor and have ten breaths. Just focus on breathing. Notice your belly expanding as you breathe in and how it contracts as you breathe out. Feel a bit heavier each time you breathe out. After that, go back through the article note down the really important information. Imagine you are me giving you advice: what would you say?


  78. Hi,
    My girlfriend gave me a blowjob(I didn’t ejaculate) then i kissed her and the i went down on her. All this happened on the 9 the day after the first day of her period. That month she had her period(after the incident) but she didn’t have her period the following month but she had a lot of changes in her schedule like she took up exercises and there were exams that month. Can she be pregnant?

    1. She can’t be pregnant from what you describe. As I said in the article above, it’s an average of 3.1% chance of pregnancy from a penis fully ejaculating inside a vagina once. The chance of pregnancy from pre-cum deep inside the vagina is closer to zero. What do you think the chance of pre-cum being in her mouth, her transferring that pre-cum into your mouth, and then you transferring that pre-cum deep into her vagina?

  79. Maybe I was thinking I am having cramps coz I lift heavy objects everyday like 60kilogram. Though we dry humped and rubbed to feel our genitals parts but never remove the undies and 2 cycling am o going to get pregnant of this? Promise this is the last question answer me asap

    1. I’ve already answered your question. If he ejaculated inside your vagina there is a 3.1% chance of pregnancy. Penis in vagina sex without ejaculating inside is close to 0%. Dry humping with pants on can’t get you pregnant.

  80. Hi me and my boyfriend dry humped on the last day of my period. I am wearing underwear and 2 cycling while he was wearing brief and 1 cycling. I became wet and I saw my panty has yellow on it. A day after our dry humped my period was finished but I felt a little bit cramps. I asked him many times if he precum or ejaculated but he says no. I’m really worried coz this is the first time having cramps after my mens period.

        1. I’ve got no idea what that is. Discharge from vaginas is normal. It changes colour and consistency throughout the menstrual cycle. I’m afraid I’m not a doctor so I can’t diagnose why your discharge is that colour or why you have abdominal cramps. All I can say us that the sex that you describe couldn’t have resulted in pregnancy.

          1. Hi good morning. I’m going through a very difficult time right now because I think I’m pregnant. About a week ago I had a pre sex (I like to call it that). He was at my opening he didn’t fully go in. He was there for like 4-5 mins a couple of times but he didn’t ejaculate in me, though I don’t know about precum. I asked him and he said he didn’t cum or precum. Right now,I’m on my period but I still think I’m pregnant. Is there a chance that might be true? I don’t know if I was ovulating or not coz I don’t really track it.
            Can I be pregnant

  81. Hi! I am 21 so I understand that I am responsible for my actions with the opposite sex. I went on a date with my boyfriend and we decided to have sex for the first time together but alcohol was involved. I was on my period, but the downside about that is my period only lasts 3 to 4 days, and it was a spur of the moment decision so we didn’t have a condom. I haven’t had sex previously in maybe 2 years so it was very uncomfortable for me so after a few tries we stopped. He didn’t come and I am still bleeding so I’m Thinking im okay. I just would like a little clarification on how possible it is for me to get pregnant. Pre- ejaculation is my worry. And the lack of ability to get contraception. So I will have no choice but to wait it out.

    1. I think I’ve explained that pretty well in the article above. Your chances of pregnancy are much much lower if he didn’t ejaculate inside you. Sex during your period might have a lower risk of pregnancy if you usually have a long menstrual cycle (like 28 days). But if you have a shorter menstrual cycle (under 20 days) then you might be at a higher risk. There’s more about this at my page about fertility Fertility Explained – chances of getting pregnant

  82. Hi Bish, so if I sucked my boyfriend’s penis for a few seconds (he didn’t ejaculate) and *if* he touched the tip of his dick then fingered me a few seconds later- what are my chances of pregnancy? Thanks Justin

    1. Pretty much zero I would say. As I say above, it’s 3.1% for full ejaculation fully inside the vagina, less than 1% for pre-cum fully inside the vagina, so even if there was pre-cum on the tip of his penis this would be pretty much zero. Hope that helps! Justin

      (PS please tell your friends about BISH!)

  83. I dry humped my boyfriend without clothes, he didn’t ejaculate anything and neither did anytime his penis buried inside me, but I’m not sure if there was precum. Even if it was there then it would have been in the outside region of my vagina. Should I be worried?

    1. No I don’t think you should be worried and if you have a look at the graphic above you can see the estimated risk of pregnancy from what you describe (it’s very very low).

      1. Does pre cum by itself cause pregnancy I’ve been searching for almost 10 days after the thingy happens and I’m really stressed about it well me and my gf are messing around that night with our clothes on when we suddenly think of doing anal se* but accidentally I slide by pen*s on it’s v*gina with pre cum present on it I use shampoo as a lubrication although there’s no penetration or ejaculation happen and her last period was on Dec 13 and we did that thing on Dec 18 and I study I lil bit about ovulation the approximate ovulation based on the ovulation calculator is Dec 26 but I read some online that precum can cause pregnancy and I’m really stress thinking about it does this mean my girlfriend is pregnant?

  84. hello everyone, i wanna say something & its really important so i need you to focus on it please.
    lets start, i’ve dry humped my boyfriend few times, and my period was late for 9 days. i kept freaking out and i’ve been stressed out for real. i got tired from stressing myself so i was like screw it ! whatever happens happens..
    i got my period after 9 days late, lemme say the truth its actually happened after i stopped stressing myself about it..
    girls, stress can delay your periods for real, you can’t get pregnant from dry humping, relax & chill, try to stop thinking please & you’ll get your period, trust me i’ve been in the same situation.
    good luck girls <3 !

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