Advice for if you are having a panic that you are pregnant

Am I Pregnant?

Frequently asked questions, answered with a pretty picture: “I am freaking out, am I pregnant?”

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I have no idea if you are pregnant

The most frequently asked question I get is “am I pregnant?” I can’t tell you if you are pregnant or not as I don’t have access to (and don’t want to have access to) your urine. I also don’t have any mind reading or Jedi skills at all. Sorry about that.

However I can tell you the risks. The risk of pregnancy from a penis ejaculating deep inside a vagina is 3.1% per time. Depending on when the sex happened the risk ranges from 0% to 9%. The risk of pregnancy from pre-cum being deep inside the vagina is between 0 and 1%. The risk of pregnancy from any other kind of sex (like humping or masturbating each other) where there was no ejaculation and no pre-cum inside the vagina is like 0%. The questions I get about this are usually from people who are in the latter camp.

If you’ve had penis in vagina sex

If you’ve had unprotected penis in vagina sex you can get emergency contraception which prevents pregnancy if used within 5 days of sex. If it’s after that you can just wait for your period to arrive. If it arrives, you’re not pregnant. If it doesn’t arrive you can take a test straight away (involves peeing on a stick). If you don’t know when your period was due you can just wait till 21 days after sex (each test is different, so check the packaging to see when you can take it).

Emergency contraception and pregnancy tests are available for free from your local sexual health service in the UK.

If you’ve had non penis in vagina sex

If you’ve had non penis in vagina sex, let’s face it, you’re probably not pregnant. However often people still worry about this even when I tell them that. So you might want to think about how you deal with worrying (because being told not to worry is often not very helpful). Try to remember that the ‘I’m definitely pregnant from ….’ is the anxiety part of your brain telling you a story. Our brains tell us lots of stories that aren’t true – but we don’t have to believe them. Try distancing yourself from the story.

Also seek support from mates, partners, parents or even a sexual health service who all might be able to help you stay calm and not get overwhelmed. I’ve written this article on how to deal with stress. You might also want to check out this page about anxiety and how to deal with it. It’s well good.

For more help about pregnancy panics

How to deal with stress

Self care – how to look after yourself when you’re feeling anxious or stressed.

Fertility – where you can read about just how hard it can be to get preggers

Dry humping – why it can be so good

Condoms – they help prevent pregnancy, amiright?

Contraception – if you want to be super sure you don’t get pregnant

Is your partner putting you at risk – what to do if your partner doesn’t care whether you get pregnant or not

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75 thoughts on “Am I Pregnant?

  1. You’ve been very patient, bish, and I really admire your dedication in replying to these comments. I just can’t fathom how stressed you may have been, answering these “am i pregnant” questions over and over. Thank you so much. You are such a good person for doing this.

    However, i know you might be very annoyed by now, and I might have read your replies to every single comment on your articles for 3 hours straight (it’s currently 2:30 am in the Philippines), but I want to vent here. I came from a very religious and conservative family and they know me as someone who will never be able to do this. I am really anxious right now, and I can’t sleep, for the love of god.

    First, i just want to say that I have PCOS. I have irregular periods, and I’m bad at tracking my periods, too so I’ve forgotten when I had the last one, but I’m pretty sure that I had my period more than 2 months ago.

    So here’s the dreadful story, me and my friend had fooled around. September 3, he put the tip in for like 30 seconds, there may have been pre-cum (which i know you will reply that it will be unlikely because ive really read your replies too much hahaha) but it did not go deep, and he said he didn’t come.

    But on september 15, we did it again. Tip only, maybe even half, but not fully, for about 30 seconds still. But I stopped it and just continued rubbing and humping each other naked without it fully entering. Our genitals were just rubbing. For both days, he also fingered me, and would occasionally touch his genital.

    Now, I am very very worried I might be pregnant, because on Sep 14, I vomited once. But it might just be because I got like an “ew” reaction to the apple I dipped a lil bit in salt (which i normally like btw), but I think that it’s just from the ew factor.

    There’s also no way for me to know when I’d be ovulating, because i forgot when I last had my period. I also dont know when I’m gonna have my next period, because for years, I’ve literally gone for like 4-5 months without blood flowing through my vagina.

    I am very anxious, and it would be a very great help if you could say something. I might get an EC though, if it’s available here in the Philippines. I have no one to talk to, and I really don’t want to get pregnant, I’m very stressed and depressed right now, too. I’m gonna repeat this, you are a very good person for doing this, for making a platform where we all could just share our worries and get an answer. Thank you. Just writing this down calms me a bit, too, so thank you so much, bish.

    1. Hi! Thanks for carefully reading everything that I’ve written and for the really kind words about me and the website.

      You can probably guess what my advice is going to be. I can’t tell you if you are pregnant or not, but I can tell you that it would be extremely unlikely to get pregnant from what you describe. Even if he fully ejaculated deep inside your vagina, the chance of pregnancy (on average) would be 3.1% each time. This is pretty low.

      If you asked for my advice on how to get pregnant I would say ‘you have to have regular penis in vagina sex (with full ejaculation inside the vagina) for a year and even then there is a 15% you won’t get pregnant.’

      I’m not saying that it’s a good idea for him to put his penis inside you. The tiny tiny risk of pregnancy (like 0.01%) is stressing you out, so that means he shouldn’t do that. Or he could do it with a condom.

      If you can get Emergency Contraception Emergency Contraception that might set your mind at rest (it works up to 5 days after sex), but I still think it’s very very very unlikely you are pregnant from what you describe. You could also try to speak to someone at a clinic local to you who might be able to set your mind at rest too. Try this service, it looks like they have a chat function (tell them I sent you)

      The other thing you should know is that of all the advice I’ve given here or on any of the other posts about it, no-one has ever come back and said that they were pregnant.

      Hope that helps!

      Justin (BISH)

      PS I’m going to try a little bit of salt when I have an apple next. I like peanut butter with apple so maybe that would be nice too?

    2. hi there. im from the PH as well. im glad someone from my country has found BISH. i used to be anxious as you are. if you need a friend, reach out to me. i can help you and we’ll get through this!

  2. Hi , I had sex with my girlfriend during her fertile period, I think I pulled it on time but i am scared that few drops of semen did went inside. Will she get pregnant , what are the chances.?

  3. I am most likely overthinking/stressing about this, but I want to ask anyway as I am inexperienced and want to be 100% safe when it comes to sexual interactions with my partner. Normally we do NOT do this sort of thing but yesterday we got caught up in the moment and I let him put the tip of his penis inside of me — not all the way, not even deep, and it was only for maybe a 2-3 minutes. He did not ejaculate inside me, and I don’t think there were any major amounts of pre-cum. I had him stop after those 2-3 minutes because I didn’t want to risk us going further than we intended, as an unplanned pregnancy is definitely NOT something we want.

    My question and fear is – is there a chance I can get pregnant this way? All the information I’ve been reading points to no as the % is very low but I wanted to ask anyway. We plan to use condoms or straight up refrain from any type of penis to vagina interaction just to be safe in the future and avoid anymore stress/scares.

    1. I have answered this in my article above pretty clearly. Even if there was pre-cum the risk is very very low, but you could get emergency contraception just to be on the extremely safe side.

  4. Hey Bish. I’ve commented on here before, and your advice and information has really really helped me in the past, so I thought Id comment to get your opinion. As of right now, I am 1 day “late” (day 30 of my cycle) for my period. I use a period tracking app and it has been very accurate for me. My boyfriend and I had sex 5 days before my ovulation day was supposed to happen, and it was with a condom, and pull out for extra protection (if that even helps). 3 days ago, we did a bit without protection, but stopped to ensure that we were being safe. Same thing the day after that. Im not sure if this would affect my period days, but I did have a mild yeast infection, which is mostly gone but I am still have discharge from. I don’t know if that can affect my period days or not but if so that could be it. I know that condom are super effective when used correctly, and we always check them, and they have not failed us in the past. I know there’s always a super small chance but I just don’t understand. My boyfriend and I are both worried but also confused on if or how this could possibly happen. I know I can wait out the next week and see, but i’m worried and confused.

    1. As I’ve said, and as others have said, periods and menstrual cycles are often random. They don’t always come at the same time for many many reasons. One of the main reasons for this is stress. So if you are stressed out about pregnancy then this might be delaying your period. If you used condoms and didn’t have internal ejaculation the chances of pregnancy are pretty much zero. If you had unprotected sex without ejaculation, and it was definitely after ovulation, then the chances of pregnancy are also pretty close to zero. However, ovulation doesn’t always happen at the same time and sometimes people can start to ejaculate before they realise. However, on the whole it sounds pretty unlikely that you are pregnant.

      I can’t keep doing this though. If you are this stressed about getting pregnant then I would suggest that you do different kinds of sex that have absolutely no risk of pregnancy. For example here Amazing Sex Without Having ‘Sex’ If your boyfriend is making you have this kind of sex and the risk of pregnancy isn’t scaring him then maybe you should read this Partner Putting You at Risk

      1. Hello Bish, first of all i would like to thankyou for such great article it really gave me relief when i was overthinking about all this stuff and secondly i wanna ask you that is pregnancy possible even if we had protected sex and the condom does not breaks or slips off.

        1. Condoms are thought to be 98.5% effective when they are used perfectly (so not breaking or slipping off). That means that if people use condoms over the course of a year of regular sex there is a 1.5% chance of pregnancy. If sperm does not get inside the vagina, a pregnancy can’t happen. If you had sex without condoms or another form of contraception, over the course of a year of regular sex, there is an 85% chance of pregnancy. Anxious About Getting Her Pregnant

          Remember also that condoms are tested very thoroughly. Each batch of condoms (look on the packet for the batch number) are tested. They take some random condoms out of the batch and test them (fill them with water, inflate them, stretch them with machines). If one of them fails then the whole batch gets destroyed. How To Use Condoms

  5. Hi, I also have a serious question since I’m still scared that I might be pregnant. I will explain everything in details. I hope you reply in details too.

    So my last period was March 9-16, we had sex (with condom) on March 18, but it only lasted for a few minutes and he wasn’t aroused and he didn’t even ejaculated. I just remove the condom and handjob him so he would came. We didn’t insert it in my vagina after.
    So again we had unprotected sex Last April 8 and 10. we only lasted for a few minutes and he didn’t inside me because we removed it more like 5 mins before he ejaculated. we even went to the bathroom where he would ejaculate. I was afraid of precum. and after that I washed my hands before washing my vagina. i peed after too. (and I think I might have ovulated that time too)

    Now I’m 5 days late, usually my cycle lasts 35-39 days. but it’s now day 44. haven’t my period yet and I’m having bloating, back aches, cramps. I didn’t have vaginal discharge for that 5 days late. it’s just like wet panty maybe from sweat, i don’t know. I took pregnancy test when I was 3 days late and this morning. both negatives.

    I also checked my cervix for that 5 days late and it’s low and hard. I’m having a bit nausea too maybe because I lack sleep since I’m always overthinking ang crying and praying for my period to come.

    1. It’s very unlikely that you are pregnant from what you describe. As I said above, there is an average of 3.1% chance of pregnancy (between 0 and 9%) for a single act of intercourse with ejaculation. Without ejaculation inside the vagina this is much much much lower. I think that you need to just wait for your period to arrive. They can be late for many reasons, including stress. How to Deal With Stress The main thing that I’m concerned about is that you are having this kind of sex when it stresses you out so much. It doesn’t sound like it’s very enjoyable to me. Perhaps you could think about having different kinds of sex that might be really exciting and pleasurable but not have any risks of pregnancy. For more see Amazing Sex Without Having ‘Sex’ and OMG Yes, No, Hmm: work out what kind of sex you like

  6. Hi, I had one penetration unprotected with my boyfriend, then we continued to have protected sex and he finished outside, all of this outside of my fertile window. my period is irregular but for the past months has been working like clockwork, now I’m one day late. I’ve had my premenstrual symptoms like breast pain and cramps however there’s no sign of bleeding. I know I’m stressed about work and about this which might be the reason for my delay but I still want to know if there’s any chance I might be pregnant from possible precum

  7. Hi so i am 16 and my boyfriend is 16 aswell. This was our 3rd time ever having sex and we did, but he didnt ejaculate in me or anything but im freaking out because im getting cramps and im not sure when my period starts. do you know if theres a chance i could be pregnant ?!

    1. I’ve explained about your chances of pregnancy above. The cramps might be an early sign of pregnancy. They could also be signs of ovulation (sometimes people get pain in the middle of their cycle, called mittelschmerz ). You could also just be a bit sore from having sex. When you have intercourse your body is in an unusual position and sometimes the muscles that you have been using for the first time can get a bit sore. You could also try other kinds of sex that have a very very low risk of pregnancy and might feel more comfortable Amazing Sex Without Having ‘Sex’

  8. Hi I’m on the contraceptive patch and have been for just over 2 years
    I’m using it perfectly fine and have never missed a week changing it.
    3 days ago me and my boyfriend had sex and he ejaculated inside me.
    Am I pregnant? What are the chances of this.

    1. The patch is a very very effective method of contraception and is over 99% effective. This means that if you have regular sex over the course of a year there is less than a 1% chance of pregnancy

  9. Hello, my girlfriend had her period on the 20th of February. We have never had sexual intercourse but she gave me a hand job and I cam on her hand I had dried her off and as when she got home 2-3 minutes after she had touched herself what are the chances of her being pregnant she is two days late and we are both sort of stressed. Can she be pregnant is there a chance that cum had survived after dry?

  10. Hey…I have been worried sick. So me and my guy had unprotected sex but he didn’t ejaculate inside 100% sure. According to my period tracker app, I’m in my ovulation period. Should I be worried? Is there any risk of pregnancy from precum and since I’m ovulating?

    1. I have answered this above. There is a very very small risk of pregnancy from some pre-cum being in the vagina. If you’re sure that he didn’t ejaculate then it’s very unlikely you’re pregnant. If you’re definitely in your ovulation period, that is the most likely time for pregnancy to happen, but only with full ejaculation inside you. If it’s within 5 days you can get Emergency Contraception

    1. Hello I am worried the thing is that I had sex with my boyfriend in the 16 day of my cycle. I was on top of him and we decided to change of position, we didn’t find the condom because it got stuck inside of me. We didn’t had sex after that and he didn’t ejaculate before (when we found out it was stuck) I took a morning afterpill. What’s the risk of getting pregnant with precum and by this situation?

      1. The risk of getting pregnant from pre-cum is close to zero. The morning after pill would make that risk even lower than that. So it’s very unlikely that you’re pregnant from this.

  11. About two weeks ago (around when my gf was ovulating) we were messing around. We have never done penetration only manual masturbation and stuff. I finished myself in the bathroom and washed/dried my hands and then fingered her again. Then another time about 10 days ago I finished on her chest/stomach (again no penetration). We then wiped it all off with a wet and then dry towel. Now she is 3 days late. Do you think it’s possible any cum or precum could’ve gotten her pregnant?

    1. What they don’t tell you at school is that if you have regular penis in vagina sex, with ejaculation inside the vagina, over the course of a year, the chances of pregnancy are 85%. It’s thought that the chance of pregnancy from one time penis in vagina sex with full ejaculation inside the vagina is 3.1%. So what do you think the chances are that you’ve got your girlfriend pregnant?

  12. so recently on saturday my bf and i were naked and he put his penis in between my boobs and i saw his precum, i licked it and then we dry humped without clothes, but i freaked out the moment i realized his had precum. i was already 2 days late for my period, now i’m 4 days late. and i know precum pregnancy is very rare and late periods are normal sometimes. but i’ve been having panic attacks and stressed to the core since i’ve been researching about all the pregnancy symptoms and how they can be similar to period symptoms. i’m scared his precum went in me. i’m scared i’m not getting my period, especially since i usually do have regular period cycles. should i be worried i’m pregnant.?! i’m really scared and stress.

      1. thank you for responding back. also, i forgot to mention something. when i was writing, after licking the precum off my bf’s penis, and we dry humped naked, he touched his tip of his penis somewhere around my vag area. will that still not cause a pregnancy or at least unlikely to.? since he didn’t put it in.?

  13. Hi..
    My boyfriend and i had anal sex on 31st November. After 14th day of my last period. Without protection. And then he rubbed penis to my vagina. After this I didn’t get my periods in this month. I am really scared. Tensed about precum. now I have little pain in lower abdomen (like cramping) Is this the sign of pregnancy? Plz answer

    1. I’m afraid I can’t tell you if you’re pregnant or not. I can say that anal sex has an extremely low risk of pregnancy (the sperm would have to exit the anus and then go right inside the vagina). If your boyfriend pushed the semen into your vagina with his penis then that increases the risk a little. However, from what you describe, there is a very low risk of pregnancy (as I explain in the article above). You might also want to speak to your boyfriend about him taking better care of his and your sexual health. Condoms (and lube) are recommended for anal sex. What Is Sex?

  14. Me and my boyfriend had sex around two weeks ago. My period had came early and stopped a few days before he got back. We’ve been doing stuff a lot, and he ejaculated in me once this whole entire time. I’ve been doing things to try and prevent a pregnancy. And I just started ovulating so I might start my period but I don’t know. But we aren’t ready for a baby and it was a bad idea.

  15. Hi!

    He came in me at least halfway and came outside for the rest of his ejaculation 8 days before my next period and 20 days since my period started. I felt like I ovulated 1 week before we did it but as far as I remember, my vag was not releasing as many discharge as the last week of when we did it. My cycle is usually 27-28 days. The past months I am 27 days long so I expected it to arrive on December 10 but now it’s my 29th day and I still got no period. Could I be pregnant?

    1. I’m afraid I can’t tell you if you’re pregnant or not. I have given you a lot of information in the article, so please just scroll up and look through it all. Then you tell me if it’s likely that you’re pregnant or not.

      1. It would be really useful if everyone replied to say that I was right and that there was no need to worry. No-one has every come back and said ‘Justin you were wrong, I got pregnant’

  16. Hey Bish, i just recently had an experience where the tip of my penis rubbed the out side of her vagina but was not pushed in. Would this fall in 0% chance of pregnancy category. Im stressed!

  17. me and my boyfriend had unprotected sex and he says he pulled out but i am not sure. i have been cramping and have white discharge the whole next day, could i be pregnant?

    1. The cramping and white discharge are unlikely to have anything to do with pregnancy. As I say on the page, there’s a 0 – 9% chance of pregnancy from one time penis in vagina sex with full ejaculation. If he didn’t come inside you then it is close to zero. I’m worried that your boyfriend isn’t giving you much choice though? Partner Putting You at Risk

  18. So I’ve been having sex unprotected for the whole month of October and he’s been nutting in me . My period came after but we started doing it again right after it was over . He continues nuttin in me until about the 14th of November . I just got my period but it was a little later then expected . I need help

  19. I am 16 my boyfriend is 18.. two weeks ago we had about 10 minutes of unprotected sex. He did not cum in me he finished himself off with a hand Job and came then. I am suppose to get my period Friday but I haven’t felt normal I am super scared I could get pregnant by pre cum. I have sticky white mucus and some days not any discharge at all. Please answer I can’t stop getting panic attacks.

    1. It’s unlikely that you are pregnant from sex if he did not come inside you. As I say in the article, the risk of one time penis in vagina sex with ejaculation causing pregnancy is between 0% and 9%. The risks of pre-cum causing a pregnancy are close to 0%.

  20. My boyfriend and I decided to try to have sex for the first but it didn’t work out. Even when we are doing oral, we always using protection just in case. Better to be safe than sorry. But my boyfriend had a condom on and stuck some of his penis (just the tip) but didn’t fully push inside of me and he never ejaculated in me at all. I am 9 days late. I’ve had this issue back in January and had taken some pills Provera back in February as I had also taken the double the pills. I don’t feel sick or whatever but I am worried about this. I took 3 test and they all came out negative. My cycle is usually about 35 days or so. Should I even be worried?

  21. Hi,
    I dry humped my boyfriend naked. Before we did that I gave him two blow jobs. The app I track my period on says I wasn’t ovulating. My cycle is on average 34 days. We did this six days before my period was supposed to start. I’m now 9 days late. I took a test and it says negative but I’m just worried that there may have been traces of sperm or pre-cum that got transferred when we rubbed against each other. I know stress delays periods, and I have been stressing a lot. Borderline panic attacks. I’m just worried. Thank you.

    1. I know that you’re stressed out, so first of all let’s deal with that. Sit in a chair or lie down on the floor and have ten breaths. Just focus on breathing. Notice your belly expanding as you breathe in and how it contracts as you breathe out. Feel a bit heavier each time you breathe out. After that, go back through the article note down the really important information. Imagine you are me giving you advice: what would you say?


  22. Hi,
    My girlfriend gave me a blowjob(I didn’t ejaculate) then i kissed her and the i went down on her. All this happened on the 9 the day after the first day of her period. That month she had her period(after the incident) but she didn’t have her period the following month but she had a lot of changes in her schedule like she took up exercises and there were exams that month. Can she be pregnant?

    1. She can’t be pregnant from what you describe. As I said in the article above, it’s an average of 3.1% chance of pregnancy from a penis fully ejaculating inside a vagina once. The chance of pregnancy from pre-cum deep inside the vagina is closer to zero. What do you think the chance of pre-cum being in her mouth, her transferring that pre-cum into your mouth, and then you transferring that pre-cum deep into her vagina?

  23. Maybe I was thinking I am having cramps coz I lift heavy objects everyday like 60kilogram. Though we dry humped and rubbed to feel our genitals parts but never remove the undies and 2 cycling am o going to get pregnant of this? Promise this is the last question answer me asap

    1. I’ve already answered your question. If he ejaculated inside your vagina there is a 3.1% chance of pregnancy. Penis in vagina sex without ejaculating inside is close to 0%. Dry humping with pants on can’t get you pregnant.

  24. Hi me and my boyfriend dry humped on the last day of my period. I am wearing underwear and 2 cycling while he was wearing brief and 1 cycling. I became wet and I saw my panty has yellow on it. A day after our dry humped my period was finished but I felt a little bit cramps. I asked him many times if he precum or ejaculated but he says no. I’m really worried coz this is the first time having cramps after my mens period.

        1. I’ve got no idea what that is. Discharge from vaginas is normal. It changes colour and consistency throughout the menstrual cycle. I’m afraid I’m not a doctor so I can’t diagnose why your discharge is that colour or why you have abdominal cramps. All I can say us that the sex that you describe couldn’t have resulted in pregnancy.

          1. Hi good morning. I’m going through a very difficult time right now because I think I’m pregnant. About a week ago I had a pre sex (I like to call it that). He was at my opening he didn’t fully go in. He was there for like 4-5 mins a couple of times but he didn’t ejaculate in me, though I don’t know about precum. I asked him and he said he didn’t cum or precum. Right now,I’m on my period but I still think I’m pregnant. Is there a chance that might be true? I don’t know if I was ovulating or not coz I don’t really track it.
            Can I be pregnant

  25. Hi! I am 21 so I understand that I am responsible for my actions with the opposite sex. I went on a date with my boyfriend and we decided to have sex for the first time together but alcohol was involved. I was on my period, but the downside about that is my period only lasts 3 to 4 days, and it was a spur of the moment decision so we didn’t have a condom. I haven’t had sex previously in maybe 2 years so it was very uncomfortable for me so after a few tries we stopped. He didn’t come and I am still bleeding so I’m Thinking im okay. I just would like a little clarification on how possible it is for me to get pregnant. Pre- ejaculation is my worry. And the lack of ability to get contraception. So I will have no choice but to wait it out.

    1. I think I’ve explained that pretty well in the article above. Your chances of pregnancy are much much lower if he didn’t ejaculate inside you. Sex during your period might have a lower risk of pregnancy if you usually have a long menstrual cycle (like 28 days). But if you have a shorter menstrual cycle (under 20 days) then you might be at a higher risk. There’s more about this at my page about fertility Fertility Explained – chances of getting pregnant

  26. Hi Bish, so if I sucked my boyfriend’s penis for a few seconds (he didn’t ejaculate) and *if* he touched the tip of his dick then fingered me a few seconds later- what are my chances of pregnancy? Thanks Justin

    1. Pretty much zero I would say. As I say above, it’s 3.1% for full ejaculation fully inside the vagina, less than 1% for pre-cum fully inside the vagina, so even if there was pre-cum on the tip of his penis this would be pretty much zero. Hope that helps! Justin

      (PS please tell your friends about BISH!)

  27. I dry humped my boyfriend without clothes, he didn’t ejaculate anything and neither did anytime his penis buried inside me, but I’m not sure if there was precum. Even if it was there then it would have been in the outside region of my vagina. Should I be worried?

    1. No I don’t think you should be worried and if you have a look at the graphic above you can see the estimated risk of pregnancy from what you describe (it’s very very low).

      1. Does pre cum by itself cause pregnancy I’ve been searching for almost 10 days after the thingy happens and I’m really stressed about it well me and my gf are messing around that night with our clothes on when we suddenly think of doing anal se* but accidentally I slide by pen*s on it’s v*gina with pre cum present on it I use shampoo as a lubrication although there’s no penetration or ejaculation happen and her last period was on Dec 13 and we did that thing on Dec 18 and I study I lil bit about ovulation the approximate ovulation based on the ovulation calculator is Dec 26 but I read some online that precum can cause pregnancy and I’m really stress thinking about it does this mean my girlfriend is pregnant?

  28. hello everyone, i wanna say something & its really important so i need you to focus on it please.
    lets start, i’ve dry humped my boyfriend few times, and my period was late for 9 days. i kept freaking out and i’ve been stressed out for real. i got tired from stressing myself so i was like screw it ! whatever happens happens..
    i got my period after 9 days late, lemme say the truth its actually happened after i stopped stressing myself about it..
    girls, stress can delay your periods for real, you can’t get pregnant from dry humping, relax & chill, try to stop thinking please & you’ll get your period, trust me i’ve been in the same situation.
    good luck girls <3 !

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can you help bish

Can you support BISH?