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Ask Bish – Masturbation With A Marker Pen

Advice on why masturbation with an orange marker pen is perhaps not a great idea

Hi, so I’m only 13, and I wanted to explore masturbation. But I couldn’t find anything to use. I did something very silly and used an orange marker ( with the cap on of course) to masturbate. The marker is about 5 inches long but not very thick, and inserted almost the entire thing into my vagina, once I removed the marker, I noticed blood. I then used an old towel and wiped, just to check, and there was blood. I haven’t gotten my first period yet, but I’ve had discharge. I know ur not a medic, but I just wanted ur opinion. Please reply 🙂 thanks.

Hi there

Thanks for your question.

It’s totally fine for you to explore masturbation at 13 if , however you’ve probably already guessed that it’s not a great idea using a marker pen to do it. You probably haven’t damaged your vagina in a serious way but you really should probably use the pen for, you know, writing?

I’ve also answered this question more recently, with advice from a Doctor and in more detail here.

Masturbation is fine

Masturbation is totally fine and normal. I don’t know for sure when most people start masturbating but many young people do masturbate around your age. It’s exciting to explore how things feel, to find out more about your body and to learn what being turned on (or sexually aroused) feels like.

It doesn’t mean you’re ready to have sex *with* someone but as you say it was something you wanted to explore. This is fine to do even if you haven’t had your first period, but not everyone will feel the same. That’s cool. It’s not compulsory and everyone will have their own idea about when the right time to start masturbating is.

But only if you do it safely

Although masturbation is fine, it’s really important that you do it safely. Particularly when you are exploring masturbation inside the vagina. The walls of the vagina are very strong and stretchy (err childbirth) but they can be damaged by sharp things. Penises and sex toys which are designed to go inside the vagina are very very smooth. Orange marker pens are not. You could have very slightly cut yourself inside the vagina.

The vagina can get damaged

When the vagina is really turned on it gets wet, this is something you may well have felt. The wetness prevents friction by lubricating the walls of the vagina against anything that enters it during sex. When people insert things inside their vagina (things which are meant to go inside the vagina) they often add a bit more wetness such as water based lubricant (something we can buy from shops) or saliva. This can prevent damage or soreness.

Also at the opening to the vagina is the vaginal corona (this used to be called the hymen) which is thin folds of mucous membrane surrounding the opening. When someone puts something inside the vagina for the first time, if the vagina isn’t properly aroused (turned on) it can be less relaxed and a bit less wet which means that the corona can get damaged. This might cause a bit of blood.

So, what do I think?

As you say, I’m not a medic so what I’m about to say is a total guess. If it only bled after that one time then it may well have healed up and I think you’ll probably be fine.

However I do think it’s a good idea to talk to someone you know and trust in real life about this. Is there a parent or carer or wise looking relative/adult in your life you could talk to? It’s not easy talking to adults about masturbation when you’re 13 and whether you think you can depends on your parents. You could also see your school nurse, or even head to your local young people’s clinic if you wanted more re-assurance.

If you decide to masturbate again soon

If you feel like you want to give it another go please put the pen away. Maybe try not masturbating inside the vagina but on the outside. Touching the skin around the clitoris or the vaginal lips can feel really nice. If then you wanted to explore inside the vagina you could just use your fingers, but maybe trim your finger nails first.

If something feels painful or sore please stop. It may mean that you aren’t quite ready for inserting your fingers in your vagina yet.

Hope this helps!

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  1. What if I use a drawing stylus with a condom on it to masturbate? (I can’t really afford sex toys and share a room so I can’t get a vibrator either) (I’m 18 and a virgin)

    1. Well masturbation can’t cause pregnancy, if that’s what you’re worried about. Remember that periods can be late for all sorts of reasons, particularly if you are young

  2. So…if im 13 and haven’t really inserted a finger and im a little scared…how do I get myself to cum?

    1. It’s going to be fine the first time I did it just insert one finger and use something to make it slide in well (not water!!)

  3. simmilar to this ‘story’ i stuck an orange marker pen up there and when i pulled it out i had orange on my hands and im worried it leaked im only 14 what should i do

  4. I masturbated with a pen (I know stupid) and I’m kind of scared because all my friends got their period except for me?

  5. Hey so I’m 13 I use a highlighter to masturbate I haven’t bled or anything just wonder is that still ok to use? I can’t buy sex toys or anything. I know you’ll say that I shouldn’t do that like I said in the article. The highlight is not sharp and I use the opposite side of the cap so it won’t leak or anything. Please respond

  6. Hello, I am a young person and wondered what would happen if you got a pen lid stuck in your vagina and you couldn’t seek help? I have explored masturbation before, and understand what to and not to put in my vagina. So, what would help get a pen lid out of your vagina?

  7. Okay so I’ve been using a pen to do this and I’ve been doing it for quite a while, a long-ish period of time and now I’m scared. Is there now permanent damage down there? Will this effect the eggs and had this effected future pregnancy? I’m concerned now and don’t know what to do please help

  8. I used a pen with cap to rub against my vagina wall it didnt have aby sharp ebge and no blood is it still safe? Am i still a virgin? i am 14

    1. As I’ve explained a lot here, it’s not a good idea to use pens to masturbate. However, even if you put a pen inside a vagina you are still a virgin. Virginity is a story that humans have made up to shame and control women. You might want to read this Am I Still a Virgin?

    1. Yes so as I say in the article, it’s not a good idea to put a pen (or anything with sharp edges) in your thing (vagina). So please can you stop doing that. The reddish brown thing might be a little bit of blood from a period, or from a small cut. You can read a bit more about vaginas here Clitoris and Vagina

  9. Hey, I’m 15 and my parents are really strict and I can’t actually buy toys and stuff, I finger myself, but I want it to be even more fun… I want to feel good… What are some things I can use to pleasure myself?

    1. Have a read of all the masturbation and solo sex articles and see if you can find anything that might help you In my expert opinion, people focus too much on what they are doing to their body (eg techniques). You could try just doing what you do but allowing yourself to focus on how your body feels, where you feel tingles in your body, what happens to your breathing, what sounds you make, what you think about, how you feel after. Doing that is the key to learning how to enjoy sex more, not technique. I wrote this about it Solo Sex

    1. Hey! I’m 15 and I by default put the sharp object inside my vagina and I have done it before but back then there was only little blood.but now when I did second time It was like one spoon blood and now I’m really afraid. Please tell me is it OK or it will affect me in future 😭

  10. I decided to stick 3 markers in my vagina, after masturbating I pulled them out and saw blood and I am only 12… does this mean I am not a virgin anymore?

  11. So, my ‘story’ is similar to hers. I’m currently 13, and I personally wanted to experience masturbation. Since I obviously don’t have proper masturbation “toys” or “products” I used the end of a pen, or thought did. This may or may not be too much information, but later on when I pulled it out I realized I did NOT use the right end, I used the end which ink comes out of. Earlier I lost the cap of the pen, so the pen didn’t have a cap. I’m personally concerned if that was or was not a good or bright idea. Is it unhealthy? Did I do something wrong? Please reach out to me and let me know. 🙂

    1. So as I said in this article it’s not a good idea to insert anything in your vagina that isn’t intended to be inserted in your vagina. It’s safe to use fingers (ideally you might want to trim your nails and make sure your hands are clean).

  12. I used a marker too and i saw blood.does it mean i’m disvirgin cause the main reason i used it instead of a penis is to not get disvirgined because that’s unreversible

    1. You are still a virgin.. a virgin is not having sexual intercourse with another person. You might of broken your hymen… doesn’t mean your not a virgin. Hope I was helpful. Good luck.?

  13. What if I want to masturbate but my parents are strict and will not approve even thought it makes me feel better

  14. i had a question my friend told me that she has inserted pen inside her vagina but she inserted it fully now it is not removing and it is lost somewhere inside her vagina can u help her telling some advice or trick or the methods to remove it plz help her .

    1. I think she should see a doctor.. that can cause serious damage. Maybe have someone to help her. I think you should really see the parent about this. Even I she might feel embarrassed. Good luck.

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  16. Hey my name is Sam Herbert and I’m 13 years old and I am wondering how you have a swank with a pen, it must feel so good 😉 I tried before with a rubber but it didn’t feel right pleaseeee reply so can do it straight away xxxxxxxxxxx

    1. I wouldn’t suggest a rubber bc it can seriously damage the vagina and things could also get stuck in their maybe try using a electronic toothbrush

    2. Hi, Do not use a rubber. It can seriously damage your vagina. I am 14 and understand where you would want to experiment. I used to use a large Sharpie (omg it felt SO good I orgasmed SO much) but I later found out it wasn’t healthy. I suggest using your fingers, Toothbrush, Hairbrush handle, Sex toy, Etc; hope this helps!

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