I had sex with other girl when I was drunk

I Had Sex With This Other Girl When I Was Drunk

Audio advice for someone who has sex with someone else when drunk. 

me and my gf have been going out for a year and a bit and really like each other. However a couple weeks ago we was at a party, she went home early and i was proper smashed and ended up having sex with dis other girl. My gf is upset and i feel proper bad bout it but i don’t know how to make up with her about it and how to tell the other girl it was only a 1 time thing as she wants it to carry on.

Here’s some more talky talk advice about how to deal with making mistakes. I say some wise things like:

“it’s okay to make mistakes”

“sex and relationships are hard”

“don’t make your mistakes worse”

“own it and accept the consequences”

“your girlfriend might not want you to make it up to her”

“be honest with the other girl”

“try to have a conversation with your girlfriend about it (but have a conversation about what she might want to talk about first)”

“listen hard and accept her feelings”

“then have real talks about absolutely everything in the relationship. What do you do about seeing other people? What are your rules? What do you do about going to parties? What happens when you get drunk?”

“if you can talk about the specifics about your relationship more you can build trust”

“the one thing you need to do though is to be brave and try to address it.”

“good luck with that”

These links may also help

How’s Your Relationship? – use this to figure out how well it’s going

Booze and Sex – you don’t need me to tell you the problems with getting smashed and having sex

Basic Relationship Guide – a basic guide, not a basic guide to relationships …

There’s also a really great zine (not free, but only £2.50) that I made with my mate MJ over here that might help you


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