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Ask Bish – Does Circumcision Affect Sensitivity?

I’m often asked by young men whether circumcision makes their penis less sensitive.

What is circumcision

Circumcision is the removal of some foreskin at the tip of the penis. This is foreskin.

Sexual body parts HOW FORESKIN WORKS


Circumcised penises still have a little bit of skin but for the most part the glans (which I usually just call the bell end, it’s not just an ‘Inbetweeners’ thing) is on show when soft as well as when it’s hard. So just imagine the picture above without foreskin and that’s what a circumcised penis looks like (ok! I’ll draw one another time).

The benefits of circumcision is that the penis is easier to clean, however it’s still pretty easy to clean a non circumcised penis too. More on that here.

Why people think it might be less sensitive without foreskin

The foreskin protects the bell end and keeps it sensitive. Some people think that when that skin isn’t there the constant rubbing and chaffing against pants and trousers can make the bell end feel a bit less sensitive. This means that some people feel their penis isn’t as sensitive as it could be when it comes to sexy time.

The answer

We don’t really know the answer. Most adult men who are circumcised had foreskin that was causing them problems and so not working properly. Most people who are circumcised without their foreskin causing problems did so for religious or cultural reasons (usually without their consent) when they were babies/children. There aren’t enough sexually active men who had functioning and normal foreskins and then had a circumcision who we can ask ‘which was better: sex with or without foreskin.’

So instead of a proper answer all I can say is that there are some people who are happy with their circumcised penis and others not.

What circumcised guys can do if they are worried

Guys with circumcised penises might benefit from using lubes when they masturbate (a lot of young men I work with call it ‘bashing cream’), this will moisturise the skin and prevent it from getting dry or sore. When having entry sex using a dab of lube on the bell end and then using a condom might feel good (particularly a condom with more space at the bell end, called a ‘flared’ shape).

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