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Ask Bish – Lying To Get Laid

Is it ok to lie about your age to someone? Eg to pretend to be older than you actually are.

Hi, thanks for your question. I can’t really give you a yes/no answer as I think this a moral question really. IE what you think is right or wrong. It also depends on what you think about lying.

First if you’re under 16 or 18 then the other person may be breaking the law, depending on what you’re doing (eg, sex, drinking, watching porn, making porn). If this is the case then I think you have a duty to tell the truth so that they can make an informed decision.

Perhaps you’re making an assumption that someone won’t fancy you because of your age? Maybe some people are a bit icky about seeing someone younger than them – but other people may not be. Others value other attributes more highly like maturity, sense of humour, how you look/present yourself or your honesty.

However if you do want to lie about your age, you face a quandry. What if you end up having a relationship? Can you keep up a lie? How would telling this person your real age go down if there were ‘feelings’? Telling them early may break the spell and stop them fancying you – buy leave it a few months when you’re both into each other and they may end up feeling cheated, lied to, a betrayal of trust and heartbroken. Your call!

We all present ourselves differently to different people. If you have your *pulling face* on you may be showing the very best of you with confidence and style. Can you also do this without lying? Is it better to be you at your best, or someone else?

Hope this helps