"How can I make her squirt?"

How Can I Make Her Squirt?

The first in a series of frequently asked questions, answered with a pretty picture. First up “how can I make her squirt?”

Ask Bish how can I make her squirt

Some women squirt when they have sex. It comes out of the urethra and is thought to be a fluid a bit like semen or urine. There’s a lot of debate about this but really, some women squirt, end of.

People who can and do squirt have different feelings about it. Some are really into it, some find it really exciting because it might link to orgasm, others think it’s just a function of their body and other people don’t like it. So it’s important not to assume that everyone likes it and that you’re making them happy if you make them do it.

Also squirting is not proof that someone has had an orgasm and people who squirt don’t have better or bigger orgasms.

If she’s (remember it’s not just women who have vaginas) into the idea of squirting with you she want to show you how it works for her. Masturbation is often the easiest way to do this, maybe pressing on the upper wall of the vagina. But everyone is different.

The most important thing to remember is that it isn’t cool to try and make someone do something, even if you think they might like it. You need to make sure it’s cool with them by asking first (but not pestering). Consent, innit.

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