about low risk sex and pregnancy worries

An open letter about low risk sex and pregnancy worries

tl;dr – pregnancy is very very unlikely from dry humping, wanking and sex with condoms.

Hey Bish Fans

My most frequently asked question is from people who are really worried about getting (or getting someone) pregnant from low risk sexual activity (mutual masturbation, dry humping, genital contact, penis in vagina sex with condoms). I’ve written a lot about this. There’s a guide here, and I’ve done some #AskBishes about it here, here and here.

I’ve also made one of my stupid videos with my boring voice going on and on and on and on and on about it.

If you’re in the middle of really stressing out about this remember that a) it’s extremely unlikely that pregnancy will happen from this and b) periods are late for lots and lots of different reasons.

One thing you could try if you worry about this a lot (if you’re the one with the vagina) is to try and keep a record of your menstrual cycle. If you get into the habit of doing this then you can start to learn more about your body and some of the signs for when you ovulate and when you’re about to get your period. This might help you be a bit less stressed about it.

Other than that, there isn’t anything more I can say that will make you feel better. I’m sorry. If you’re stressed, try some of your coping strategies for other kinds of stress that you deal with (like waiting for an important WhatsApp message, exam results, the global political situation). I’ve also got some help for you in the video above.

Hope you find this helpful


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7 thoughts on “An open letter about low risk sex and pregnancy worries

  1. Hey my boyfriend and I had our genitals in contact but he didn’t ejaculated neither was there penetration, after 14 days of this activity I got my period. Usually my periods last for 6 days, but this time they normal flow lasted for 4 days and after that it got very light and had been spotting, the spotting is on its 5th day, that’s almost 10 days of kind of periods. Could this be related to pregnancy or just my stress. I am guilty of popping 1-2 vitamin c supplement when my periods got 1 day late.

  2. Hi Bish,

    Please help me out, I am freaking out! My gf and I dryhumped each other with underwears on (both of us were wearing underwear and nothing else). At one point, I almost ejaculated but immediately moved away, and upon closer inspection, no sperm was leaked onto my underwear, this is because I am uncircumcised and the foreskin sort of covered the sperm from leaking. I am nevertheless extremely paranoid and fearful if there is a possibility of my gf being pregnant from such activities (especially if precum occured, which I am unsure about). Lastly, my girlfriend’s underwear was slightly wet from her being turned on, but not soaked, could this be a factor? Do you mind shedding some light!? Thank you!!!

    1. As I’ve said in this article, I can’t really tell anyone if they are pregnant or not. When you are feeling calm, read through this article again and maybe read a few of the other links on here too. Then read your question, pretend that someone else has written it and then answer it pretending you are me. How likely is it that this guy’s girlfriend is pregnant?

  3. hello everyone, i wanna say something & its really important so i need you to focus on it please.
    lets start, i’ve dry humped my boyfriend few times, and my period was late for 9 days. i kept freaking out and i’ve been stressed out for real. i got tired from stressing myself so i was like screw it ! whatever happens happens..
    i got my period after 9 days late, lemme say the truth its actually happened after i stopped stressing myself about it..
    girls, stress can delay your periods for real, you can’t get pregnant from dry humping, relax & chill, try to stop thinking please & you’ll get your period, trust me i’ve been in the same situation.
    good luck girls <3 !

    1. This comment actually helped me so much. It’s really scary to go to someone who personally knows you and ask them and then reading a million different things on the internet only adds to the stress and confusion. This comment seriously helped me to stop stressing and stop worrying. Thank you so so so much.

  4. Please help.
    We didnt have sex. I did not penetrate her neither did we toich our privates. We did touch our privates when she was wearing her panty that too after the make out session. My penis leaks fluid i dont know why. Other than that i didnt hover my penis anywhere near her vagina except when it was covered and i left a very little spot. Can she be pregnant?

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