when do balls drop?

‘When do balls drop?’

Do you know when balls drop? A lot of people really don’t know the answer to this (but pretend that they do)

I am 13 and I realise that this website is for 14 and ups, but I don’t have a dad to ask, so I figured I’d ask here. When your balls drop is it one at a time, or both at once? This is probably a stupid question, but one of my balls is lower than the other (I haven’t started ejaculating yet, I’m pretty sure anyway) is this normal?

Hey there

Thanks for your question – it really isn’t a stupid question at all, in fact it’s a really good one so nice work for asking it. I hope I can give you a good answer.

Balls drop after birth

First of all some basic facts about balls dropping. They drop into the scrotum (ball bag) soon after birth. Sometimes one or both balls don’t drop into the ball bag straight away but they do eventually (sometimes with surgical help).

After that they slowly get bigger and heavier during puberty. Lots of boys and men (with balls) think that balls just kinda ‘drop’ again overnight during their teenage years. Balls don’t drop like that, it’s a gradual process. From what you say it sounds like your balls dropped after birth.

How low your balls are also changes due to temperature – because sperm has to be kept lower than body temperature they are in a bag outside the body. The scrotum lowers the balls away from the body when it’s warm and when it’s cold (or when you’ve just been swimming) the scrotum pulls them up to keep them warm.

Sometimes balls can actually pop up into the body, in a place called the inguinal canal, and then pop out again. This can happen in extreme cold, or if you get frightened, or even through laughing really hard. It’s also possible to tuck testicles up into the body too.

One is lower than the other

Next interesting fact you might like to know is that one ball is usually lower than the other. This is so they don’t clang into each other all the time and so they kinda sit next to each other when you’re sitting down.

Sounds to me like your balls are just like most people’s. So next time someone asks you whether your balls have dropped you can say – ‘yes like the majority of boys (with balls) my balls dropped after I was born.’

Guys aren’t that great at talking about this because they don’t really get taught this stuff very well and they are often afraid to admit that they don’t know something. So now I’ve taught you about your balls, maybe you can spread the word and teach someone about theirs.

Hope this helps


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