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Ask Bish – Is There a Safe Way to Make My Penis a Bit Bigger?

You might have read about penis enlargement techniques. Surgery, jelqing, pills, devices are all explained here as well as tips on being happier with penis size.
I’m a college student and I have sex once in awhile. I was here to ask you if there is any safe way to make my penis a bit bigger?


There are some safe ways to make your penis (seem) a bit bigger, but first of all I’m going to ask whether you really need to. I’ll also tell you about some unsafe and not recommended ways that people try to make their penis bigger.

Do you really need to?

The size of your penis really doesn’t matter very much. I know that a lot of people say this and it might be difficult to believe but it really doesn’t make you more attractive, or more of a man (if that’s what you want to be). It also makes no difference to how ‘good’ you are at sex. a) you don’t need a penis to be good at sex b) having a big penis does not make a difference for most people.

Remember that the average erect penis length is between 5.1 and 5.8 inches. This is much less than a lot of people think, in part because of the way that penis extension treatments are marketed (often on porn sites).

Advice for if you have a small dick

Not recommended techniques

You may have seen lots of adverts for pills, treatments, creams and techniques for making your penis bigger. They often feature claims that bigger penises are always better and make people more anxious that their penis isn’t good enough. So as you can imagine I’m not a big fan of them.

The fact is that there are no scientifically proven methods of significantly and safely increasing penis size, apart from surgery. Even then many doctors are unwilling to perform surgery because it’s very complicated and is often not very successful. It can cause damage to the penis which can make getting erections more difficult and can sometimes even shorten penis size.

Pills, creams and cock rings

There is no evidence that creams or pills can increase penis size. Some of them are harmless but there are concerns that some of them may contain harmful ingredients. People often ask me about Viagra, thinking that this increases penis size and can help prevent premature ejaculation. Viagra only encourages hard ons, it doesn’t increase penis size. It’s probably not a great idea trying out pills or creams that haven’t been medically tested.

There are vacuum pumps and rings which are marketed as being able to increase penis size however, again, these are treatments to help people get hard ons rather than grow their penises. If not used correctly, or too much, they can cause damage of the blood vessels in the penis.


See also jelqing, which is a technique that people say has extended their penis size. It involves pulling on the penis when it is not erect (a bit like how people milk cows), hundreds of times per day over the course of some months. Some people say that this can make their penis a couple of centimetres longer. There are lots of jelqing videos and support forums where there are people who teach about how to jelq and how to jelq safely. However this method isn’t scientifically proven and there is a chance of damaging the penis. As with surgery, damaged blood vessels can actually reduce penis size and can be painful when you get an erection. Ask yourself – is it worth it?


There are a couple of penis extension devices which may increase the penis by a couple of centimetres. They have to be worn for several hours per day over the course of some months and they work by stretching the penis with a gradual increase in weights. Again you have to weigh up the pros and cons. They are expensive and although the manufacturers say they are safe you should think carefully about whether you want to wear something for several hours a day that is stretching your penis as, again, there is a risk of damaging it. Because of this they aren’t widely recommended at the moment. More on this here and here

Safer ways

You can trim your pubes or lose a bit of weight (if you are a bit overweight) because this will reveal some of the base of your penis which is there but you can’t actually see. You could also look at your penis in a mirror so you can see the full length of the penis. You could give it a shake. I’ve written more about this.

Love your penis

You could also give yourself and your penis some love. Lots of people who say that their penis has gotten a bit bigger (with for instance jelqing or extending devices) are spending a lot of time, effort and maybe money on their penis. Perhaps they are seeing an increase in their penis size because they really want to see a return on their investment. So perhaps they are really pushing the tape measure into their abdomen, or measuring from different parts of the penis.

Maybe also they are learning more about their penis. They are admiring it and learning how it works. They are noticing when they are pretty hard but also when they are super hard. They are thinking about what turns them on, what kind of touch they like to give themselves. They’re really at one with their penis. So my advice is to invest love, care, affection and attention to your penis (just not by stretching or pumping or milking).

How to feel better about your body - Bish

Admire your penis. Think about the pleasure it gives you. Think about how useful it is. Think about what an amazing organ it is. Look at the shape and how everything works. Think about all the blood rushing into sponges of blood vessels inside. Amaze yourself at how quickly that happens and how it can all rush out again so that you can go and pee in the morning. Hold it in a different hand or in a different way. Stroke it lightly or grip it at the base. Write poems to it. Send it flowers. Romance your penis. It’s the only one you’re going to have, so take care of it and enjoy it.

Most importantly remember that your penis is a very very small part of who you are: that’s true even for those with 11 inch penises.

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13 thoughts on “Ask Bish – Is There a Safe Way to Make My Penis a Bit Bigger?

  1. My dick it 2-3″ soft and over 6″ erect
    I’m a grower not a shower, I like when women suck it, it grows quit a bit….one thing I like is when a girl sticks one index finger while she give me head, win my ass.almost come within minutes…..

    he fingers m ass whole

    1. Yes some sperms (between 50 and 300 million) and some semen (about a teaspoon of watery liquid) may come out of your penis if you wank. People hit puberty at different ages and it’s usually a little bit older for boys than for girls. Also some people go through puberty quicker than others. So some might start at 10 and end at 18. Some might start at 16 and end at 20. It depends.

  2. My penis is quite larger than average. It get to be roughly 13 inches. Is there a way to shrink it? I always get it caught in my zipper when getting dressed.

    1. This post irritated me more than it helped me.. love your penis? I can never love my size.. 5 inches sucks. I rather never have sex than to have sex with a 5 inch penis.. fuck that.

  3. Hi, im 16 years old and last week i was at the hospital and the doctors told me that om threw the puberty, i have hair on my penis but it’s only 4-5 inches tall why?

    1. Hi Ahmed. Actually puberty lasts a bit longer than this, often until early 20s. However your penis might not get that much bigger. Justin

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  5. Hi, i am also having trouble with my penis thats why i want a better treatment from anywhere. For for ever. My penis is small, my one is only 4 inches and 4 centimeters. If you kindly help me with this way i will be very happy. Thanks.

    1. Haha I only have just over 5 and small when not erect, but I guarantee the foreplay I give 1st has always gone down aswel as needed, I moan about my size but never had 1 complaint even from older women who I would choose over any woman my own age. So it’s not always the size, my tongue is any woman’s kryptonite

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