Be Satisfied With Your Penis Size

How you can feel more satisfied with your penis size, how you can make your penis feel a bit bigger and why having it’s not a biggie having a biggie.

Despite the fact the the vast majority of penises are around average size, many men worry about the length of their penis. This is usually because they learn a lot of bullshit from TV, magazines and porn that penis size makes someone a better lover and a ‘bigger man.’

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However, this piece is about trying to make people with penises (mostly men) more confident about their penis size. I’ll do this by using some FACTS, some practical ideas about making you feel bigger and also a rant about why it all really really doesn’t matter (this comes at the end).

Don’t compare yourself

People often see other penises in real life in changing rooms. Remember that penises vary a lot in size when soft (more on this below). Also penis size varies a lot due to temperature.

People also compare themselves with fellas they see in porn. Please remember this: if you were to apply for a job as a male actor in a porn film, one of the first things they will ask to see is your penis size – not your GCSE in Drama Studies. Porn actors need to have an above average penis size – usually above 6 inches or more…. DON’T COMPARE

Actual average penis size

Yes that’s right: the average length of an adult erect penis is around 5 1/2 inches long. The majority of penises are under 6 inches long when erect. Anyone telling you any different is wrong or lying.

Soft vs hard penis size

BISH penis size soft penises vary in size more than hard onesPenis sizes vary a lot more when they are soft than when they are hard. Look at this picture above. Dicks that look small when soft get a lot bigger when hard than dicks that look bigger when soft. As in this picture. Remember also that penis size can vary a LOT. The temperature, how turned on someone is feeling and even what time of day it is can all have a big effect on the size of a penis (and ball sac) at any one time.

So, the facts: penises are probably smaller than most people think and if you are reading this and you have a penis the chances are your dick is less than 6 inches.

If you still feel like your penis is too small …

The sneaky pube trim

BISH penis size trim pubes to make it look biggerSome people find that if they trim their pubes a bit then this can make their dicks look longer. This is something that porn actors do. They’re your pubes so you can do what you like with them: maybe even make a mohican! If you’re going for a very close trim then try to go with the direction of the hair to avoid getting an ingrown hair. Read this about pubic hair.

The mirror trick

BISH penis size look in a mirror to make it seem biggerWhen you look down on your piece it makes your penis look smaller because of perspective and stuff. But if you look at the full length of your dick in a mirror you’ll see that it looks longer: try it! Why does this help? When other people look at your penis (for example in a changing room) this is what they see, not what you can see from up there.

Give it a shake

If you’ve got a flaccid (soft) penis and you are conscious about making it look bigger then you could give it a bit of a shake! This can help stimulate blood flow to the penis which can make it look a little bit bigger. For instance if I was an actor in a film where I was required to get my penis out on camera I would certainly be doing this (Fassbender and McGregor – did you do this?)

Why penis size is not a biggie
For more tips on penis size, watch my video

Your penis is not you

If you think that having a big dick is an important factor in being good at sex or being a bloke, think again dong brain. Firstly basic biology lesson. If you are having penis in vagina sex you should know that most women (or those with vaginas – not all women have vaginas) can not have an orgasm or enjoy sex as much without the clitoris being touched, licked or caressed from the outside. This is true even for guys with big big penises. Most nerve endings in the vagina and the anus are near the opening, no further than two or three inches inside. Here’s more about why penis in vagina sex can be meh #glanswatch

Secondly, being good at sex is a hell of a lot more than having a penis at all. Being good at sex involves your brain: knowing how your body works, knowing how your partner’s body works, your ability to communicate what feels good, wanting to make your partner feel great, listening to what your partner likes, seeing your fingers,hands,tongue, breath as being just as important as genitals, knowing that kneecaps, earlobes, necks, backs, ankles, wrists, chests, nipples, mouths can all be as sexy as genitals….. read how to have amazing sex without having ‘sex’

I hope this helps some guys to be less concerned and focussed on their penis size.

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© Justin Hancock, 2018


40 thoughts on “Be Satisfied With Your Penis Size

  1. When you look at a girl’s boobs are you disappointed or do you think, wow, boobs! All penises are beautiful. Every single person’s junk, no matter gender, is different, just like our eyes or noses and we are all beautiful. It really is about the love. I love every penis I see . Vaginas are only a few inches long and most of the good feelings are on the outside and a couple inches in so…stop worrying and get it in.

  2. I’m average lenght but my girth is only 4 inches around 🙁
    ive heard a lot that girth is more important than lenght, especially for anal. I hope a penis pump or something works…

      1. Hi Justin, in my early 40’s here, lived most of adult life suppressing my size anxiety and recently it’s coming back to haunt me big time. I’m bone pressed about 5.9 inch about 5.2 NBP. Girth of 4.6. All I see is “average, average, average”.

        In your article here you say – “ if you are reading this and you have a penis the chances are your dick is less than 6 inches.”

        Now, I often wonder about the size of journalists who write these kind of articles. Being totally honest – do you fall into the sub-6 category of man who you are trying to reassure with your article?

        I totally agree with you that we need to change the culture and the way penis’ are represented in media and society in general. How do you think best to stop only bigger penis’ being in our faces in movies and on TV shows like Naked Attraction? We need to see more smaller flaccid penis’ if we are to truly believe the statistics that science puts out there to suggest the average really is 5.2-5.7ish.


        1. Hi L. I’m not a journalist and I’m also not going to tell you what my dick size is. There’s more about this here The Penis And yes, we need to have different size penises in culture, but it might also be useful for you to look at some older cultural artefacts too

          1. Thanks. I have spent lots of time reading articles like that, and, yes, I’m aware of the older cultural opinions – Ancient Greece, etc…. None of what you’ve just directed me toward is different to anything I’ve read or been told before. I’m at odds with the supposed averages when all I see is above and beyond that. You are right about the pressure that society places on men (me!) to have a bigger penis. I feel short changed and sometimes down right suicidal about it.
            Society needs to change. There needs to be a movement to normalise smaller penis’

          2. I still think you are cutting your audience short by not sharing whether you are one of the supposed majority of men with a length of sub 6”. If articles and conversations such as this are designed to put minds at rest, yet aren’t backed up with real, honest and open conversation about dick size then we will never truly normalise the sub 6 or settle minds like mine.
            Ultimately, whenever I read any article of this nature I’m instantly cynical – it’s like I’m being preached to by someone who is comfortable with their package, which means they must be larger than the reported “average”, thus it feels condescending and as if I’m just being told to shrug it off as if it doesn’t matter. Clearly, size does matter – it’s everywhere in society. I’m not talking necessarily about sexual pleasure, but in terms of aesthetics, appeal and confidence it matters hugely!

          3. I’m not telling you, or anyone else, my dick size. I’ve given you some really great, free, resources to help you feel better about your body. All evidence based and grounded in the very best practice in sex and relationships education and advice. A sex educator who tells people about their sex and relationships life is not a good or ethical sex educator. If you’re not happy with that I suggest you move along to another website.

  3. Nice information about my small penis and now i feel a little better about it. I read a reply someplace else where a female commented ” more concerned about who it is attached to

  4. I’m 63 & 72″ tall not overweight or a diabetic I,m barely 3″ erect & a 1/2″ flaccid & 11/2″ in circumference & yes I know what it is, but I like to call it a dainty penis ! It just sounds better to me , & I think it looks cool to me & I like being this small period. & I don’t let anyone shame me man or women ,even when they seen me naked ! I don’t cover my penis up but I talk to them & It’s something they don’t expect. I’m truly proud of my dainty penis.

    1. Good for you! People are so obsessed with the size and actually there are lots of other ways that we could describe a penis. I love dainty! Honestly men care way more about their own penis than anyone else does. If it works and feels good then it’s all great. If it’s dainty and pretty too, even better! Thanks for posting this

  5. I have been struggling with my size for my whole life and it has affected my sex life. There have been humiliating times where I was unable to get erect or stay erect just because I was thinking my partner was disappointed. Come to find out I’m actually a respectable size 6.5 ” long by 5.5″ in girth. Even with this knowledge I still feel inadequate and it still affects my ability to stay erect at times. What should I do? 33 years old

  6. Hi, I am 36 years old and I have a small penis. I was circumcised when I was about 4 or 5 years old because of tight foreskin. Could that have damaged any nerves that would have prevented my penis growth?
    Also, I orgasms very fast like within 2 to 3 mins. What can I do to go longer? My penis is very sensitive and I get erect very easily.

  7. I’m 17 and I have a 8 inch long penis.. It is really big and my best friend sucked it before… Am I gay?

    1. It’s up to you how you want to identify your sexuality. It has nothing to do with who sucks your penis (or how big it is).

  8. I find that a narrow penis makes my contract my kegal muscles aroundd it harder and that initiates orgasm. Fat cocks just make me feel stuffed!

    1. As a female, I would like to say the stupidity of this comments section is absolutely insane. How are there that many people talking about penis growth being stunted? You shouldn’t care that much, and why would it even have been stunted? Are you guys SO concerned with feeling “like a man” that you would make excuses as to why you don’t have a huge dick? I don’t know, maybe I can’t understand this because I am female, but seriously. Why?

      1. I know it sounds stupid, but the messages that men get about penis size are real and are a real source of shame. We should be changing the culture, not having a go at the men feeling ashamed. That’s all.

  9. I always worried that my penis was small: 8 inches long and 5.5 inches around, but now I realize it’s normal. Thanks!

    1. Rather than thinking about normal or not normal, maybe think about what works for you? Some people find that having a larger than average penis is a problem for them, so good for you that you are happy with yours.

  10. Hi I am in south Africa my penis size is 12cm when erected 5 cm if not I wish to have 20cm what kind of star I can use to make it big

  11. Yes! While fantasizing, I’ve measured exactly six at times depending on how turned on I got. It’s slightly bigger than that while with a woman. I guess measurements vary. I had two friends. Both were showers, flashed me and both lied about their “real” size… I stole their condoms bc I had a hottie and didn’t want the mood to die while driving to a pharmacy. I realized we used the same size, different brands. I learned most men b********* about their size. I never had one complaint and one ex bragged it was kinda big to my friends and hers. My phone rings off the hook sometimes, occasionally my FB blows up with female friend request and the most reserved women turn into animals while alone with me. Before this realization that I’m more than good in the size dept, I lacked the confidence to approach women although I’m built like a model with a youthful appearance. I was a loser in the game and now I’m hated with envy. Haha

  12. U dont have 2 be worried dude,you’ve got an average size.Im 18yrs and have the same size,you better stop worrying and start working with your gir friend.Learn the different sex positions,surely you can make your girl friend go mad.Oh don’t forget 2 stimulate the clitoris and engage in foreplay before havin sex.:-)peace 2 you bro!

  13. I know i have heard about there is no “normal” size of a penis, but I am 15 Years old, I am 5.5 inches long and 1 1/2 inches wide when hard and i am wondering if that is a good enough size or should i be worried?

    1. Hi Justin

      You’re within the average range of penis size there dude. If it works properly then you have nothing to worry about.


        1. The average is between 5.1 and 5.7, some are longer and some are shorter. It honestly doesn’t matter how long it is. Seriously.

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