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Ask Bish: Oral Sex Risks

Just how risky is a blowjob without a condom?

How risky is giving a guy a blowjob without using a condom? We are in a committed relationship and have been for 2 years now, although since we are only 15 have not yet been tested for STI’s. I know we shouldn’t be doing this at this age but we will do this whether or not we are reminded that we shouldn’t. I would rather know and be safe than carry on with this not knowing, thank you for any help in advance 🙂


The risks of STIs for oral sex (licking or sucking a penis, balls, clitoris or vagina) are generally much lower than for unprotected penis in vagina or penis in anus sex. Lots of people choose not to use condoms or dams when having oral sex and only a minority of them catch an STI.

You can only catch an STI from someone who has an STI. Someone is more likely to have an STI if they have had unprotected sex with other partners.

Most instances of STIs don’t have any symptoms or just have very mild symptoms. All STIs are treatable and the most common are curable. Oral sex on a female is generally less risky than oral sex on a man. It’s possible to catch an STI from both giving and receiving oral sex.

Using condoms or dams can dramatically reduce the risks from oral sex but to reduce the risks even further: avoid getting semen in your mouth, avoid brushing your teeth or flossing before hand and avoid giving oral sex if you have a coldsore (or the beginnings of a coldsore – Herpes type 1).

If you guys haven’t had sex with anyone else, and you don’t get coldsores, then most people will think that’s pretty safe. But if you have concerns then go to your nearest sexual health service: they are free and confidential.

I’m not telling you whether it is definitely safe and I’m not going to tell you whether it is wrong or not: your call. Remember that sex under the age of 16 is illegal in the UK, though this law is not intended for consenting couples of roughly the same age (which you are).

Hope this helps!