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Ask Bish – Where Can I Go For an STI Check Up?

Where to go for a check up for STIs?

I just got back from my first term at Uni (I live in SW London) and was keen to get a full STI check up (not that I was particularly naughty, just as a ‘just in case’ kind of thing). Is it possible for me to do this? I know that Chlamydia tests are free and easy etc but what about more full ones? I apologise if this info is already on the website but got really confused as to what it is actually possible to get done?

Firstly. Shout out to my SW London massive! #street #noonesaysthat

If you or your partner(s) used condoms for entry sex (oral, vaginal, anal sex) every time you had entry sex and all the way through then you are at a very very low risk of catching an STI. If you didn’t have entry sex at all then you are at an even lower risk of catching an STI.

As chlamydia is the most common STI (that we can test for – HPV is the most common) then you could just get one of those if you want. However if you want more (or more advice) you can visit a sexual health service.They will give you advice and recommendations about what tests you can have – it’s kind of up to you really.

Usually a health adviser will ask you about the kind of sex you have, with whom, how often, whether you use condoms (when needed). They’re also great at listening or offering advice, so you can take a bit of time to ask them questions if you want. They will recommend some tests that they think you might want to take – it’s totally up to you whether you take them or not. Tests may involve urine tests, blood tests, someone looking at your genitals, vaginal swabs and very occasionally maybe a swab from the tip of the penis. You can say no, that’s fine (consent, innit).

Whatever tests you take they will tell you what is involved before it happens. They’ll tell you what to do about finding out your results. If you need treatment they will explain this, what and how to take (it’s all free). They can also help you with telling people you’ve had sex with if they need to get a check up, or treatment.

As you’re in the SW London massive I can actually recommend some places.

The POINT Battersea on Mondays and Thursdays (though you *may* be over the age limit for Thursdays) are amazing and lovely people (I worked there on a project called BAM for 91/2 years till last September, I miss them *sobs*). The waiting room is often a bit warm but they have Kiss FM on the radio, so swings and roundabouts.

You could try The POINT Tooting on a Wednesday or their adult clinics all week at the Courtyard Clinic in Tooting Broadway. They’re ace. The POINT Roehampton are also great, they’re on a Monday. Tell them Justin from Bish sent you. I’ve trained staff at all the above to work with young people, so they should all be super cool.

If none of those floats your boat you could try the gettingiton website for the SW London massive.

Hope that helps!

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  1. hey i just turned 16 and me and my girlfriend had inter course and she is 15 and ive asked for consent but idk if she will get pregnant im scared. if i will go to jail and how long would i go for.

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