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Help me to help the thousands of young people visiting every day for inclusive, accurate, evidence based and kind advice about relationships and sex.

I have enough funding for me to work on BISH for a couple of days per week but I would like to be able to do more. By becoming a Patron you can help me:

  • Create posters for schools to promote BISH
  • Make the BISH Activity Zine free to all readers
  • Pay for website development and SEO advice stuff
  • Pay someone to help with social media
  • Be able to offer young writers a fee for writing content
  • Eventually turn this into the equivalent of at least one full time job

Most of my readers are young people (hi), this is not for you, don’t worry. Everything you get on here will be free and always will be. However I know that there are a lot of adults (with £) who want websites like this to be around, often they work in a related field (other sex educators, teachers, clinicians, advice workers, and a lot of sex workers and porn producers), and often they are parents who want a website like this for their kids. This is aimed at you.

By becoming a Patron you will be helping me to build up different funding sources in order to keep BISH going for the future. There are tiers but I’ll be treating all Patrons in the same way by sending out a report 4 times per year about how BISH is doing and what your funding is helping me to do – just like I would with any other project I’ve worked on in the past.

So if you can help that would be really great for me (Justin) but also I hope that you will also feel part of BISH and feel like you are supporting something that is really worthwhile and really working.

Become a Patron!

Remember that this is what young people and professionals say about the website

You can also read this post at my Patreon page about what I’m trying to do with BISH (the underlying principles)

Many thanks for reading and even if you can’t support the website financially could you share the link, or even find out other ways to help.

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